Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My Interview With: Annie (the "Thunder" trilogy)

LM: To finish, here are the questions and answers from Annie.

Q: Do you miss Earth? And if so, what do you miss the most?

Annie: I miss everything! I miss the food the most, but I also miss the holidays. I miss ice cream and peaches. I miss corn on the cob dripping with butter. I miss the smell of apple pies cooling on the window sills, and the taste of cold apple cider fresh from the press. I miss having fried chicken on Sundays, and fresh, churned butter on bread I just took out of the oven. I miss celebrating Christmas, singing carols, decorating the tree, and going into town to see the lights strung down main street. I could go on and on, but I think that's enough for now.

Q: Is there something you would like one of the warrior angels to bring back the next time they come through the rifts?

Annie: A dog. Maybe a little shepherd or a collie. Or even a mixed breed. I don't care. I grew up around dogs, and I would love for Kerr to be able to have a dog to play with and grow up with, too.

Q: What is the best thing about your new home, your new world?

Annie: Other than Rion and our son, Chloe and Vadon. The weather here is wonderful, too. The temperatures usually hover between fifty and eighty degrees Fahrenheit, from what I could decipher from their temperature guides. Snow is rare, unless you want to go up into the mountains. The down side are the storms, but they're brief, and I'm getting used to them. And you should see our sunrises and sunsets!

Q: If you could change one thing about your life with Rion, what would it be?

Annie: I would repair his wings, and make him able to fly the rifts again. Even though Rion has told me he would never walk those pathways again because he feared not being able to come back to me, I would be much happier if he was as healthy now as he was before he landed in Montana.

Q: Have you tried to introduce some traditions at your new home?

Annie: We celebrate Christmas now. And anniversaries. That's pretty much it.

Q: To close, is there anything you want your readers to know about your life and what we can expect in WINGS OF THUNDER?

Annie: Only that everyone's greatest fear comes true. Other than that, I'll leave you hanging.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Interview With: Rion (the "Thunder" trilogy)

LM: I am thrilled to have received letters from both Rion and Annie. So today I will read from the letter the questions I sent, and the answers Rion returned regarding him and Annie, from LORD OF THUNDER, PASSION OF THUNDER, and WINGS OF THUNDER, which will debut on December 15th.

Q: Thank you for allowing us this chance to have you as our guest. My first question has to do with your wings. Is there any chance you will be able to fly the rifts again?

Rion: Thank you for asking. I know Annie is thrilled to have this opportunity to converse with someone from her world. To answer your question, no. The damage caused by the bullet, and subsequent catastrophes, which I will leave for the readers to discover, have weakened my main muscles at the base of my wings, at my shoulders. Fortunately, I am still able to fly, for which I am very grateful, but they cannot withstand the strain of flying another mission.

Q: Let's talk about Kerr for a moment. How is the baby doing? And do you see much of yourself or Annie in him?

Rion: Kerr is thriving. Although he looks like a miniature of myself, his temperament and all are very much like Annie. Especially when it comes to our food. He is also very curious, which is not a trait of mine.

Q: Do you foresee any problems with Kerr becoming the next lord of your house of thunder?

Rion: None, whatsoever. Physically, I mean. However, there may be some dissatisfied people here on my world who will resent him taking the title and position of Grand Lord, simply because of his breeding. That should not pose any problem, though, to his accepting the chaster.

Q: What has been the biggest difficulty to overcome? I'm asking first about you suddenly being a husband, and soon thereafter becoming a father?

Rion: My biggest difficulty was accepting the possibility of having someone who loves me as much as Annie does. And the miracle of Kerr continues to astound me. I was all prepared to die while on a mission. I had no no reason to hope for a future. Annie not only turned all of that around, but now I am finding myself looking forward to each new day with her. I have happiness in my life, and that is an emotion I have not felt in years.

Q: The second half of my previous question is this. What has been the biggest difficulty to overcome since you no longer fly the rifts, and have had to give up taking missions to Earth?

Rion: To be honest, there has been no difficulty in this regard. If I were to be told by the Council that I had to walk the pathways again, and take another mission, I would refuse. I cannot take the risk of being away and something happening to Annie or Kerr. Or going over and not being able to return.

Q: Finally, if you could have one wish, one desire, what would it be?

Rion: My one wish would be for there to be an easier way for Annie to get news of her home world. As it is right now, her only connection is the correspondence and whatever news, newspapers, or whatever the angels can manage to bring back with them from their missions.

Q: Thank you for your time, Rion. May you and Annie have many blessed and happy years together!

Rion: Thank you. You could even say that is my greatest wish for myself.

Monday, September 28, 2009

PASSION OF THUNDER Gets a Recommended Read from FAR!

Passion of Thunder continues the story of Annie and Rion from where Lord of Thunder left off, with their tumultuous trip through an inter-dimensional rift between Earth and Rion's home world of Parra.

On Parra, iridescent flowers color the pristine land and orange lightning splits the storm clouds. Crystalline and obsidian towers soar majestically into an orange sky dominated by a red giant and a smaller glowing white sun very much like Earth's. Although the people are enlightened and the society advanced, the angel-like people of Parra possess no cars, electricity or telephones. They fly or walk wherever they go. They communicate using messengers and light their world with candles and lanterns. Parra is an environmentalist's dream, it's residents progressive, free-thinking and tolerant. Most are fascinated by Annie, Rion's "wingless wonder," but there are those who refuse to accept an "otherworlder" residing among them. They resent Annie and conspire to destroy her marriage to Rion, devastate their lives and ruin their children's futures. It will take all the strength and determination Rion and Annie posses to confront the hurdles raised before them and to battle the jealousy and hatred that will ultimately drive an angel to murder.

While Passion of Thunder could be considered a stand-alone novel, I highly recommend reading Lord of Thunder first as a lead-in to the beginning of this book. Passion begins a bit slow and without the impetus of book one, the reader could very well make the huge mistake of putting this book down before the plot picks up pace. And believe me, it does, flowing as smoothly as warm butter from one chapter to the next and from one situation to another. Throughout the story, I felt as if I were in a symbiotic relationship with Annie, enjoying her good times and suffering along with her through the bad. The powerful and sensual sex scenes between Annie and Rion add a deep, abounding passion to their devoted relationship. Rion's commitment to Annie drew me to him more than any fictional hero ever has. I will be waiting anxiously for the December 15th release of Wings of Thunder, the third and final book in this exceptional one-of-a-kind series by Linda Mooney.

Reviewed by: Merrylee

Sunday, September 27, 2009

My Interview With: Challa Scott (RUNNER'S MOON: CHALLA)

LM: Today we're getting to meet Challa, from RUNNER'S MOON: CHALLA, book four of the "Runner's Moon" series. Hello, Challa! Thank you for joining us!

CS: Hello, Linda. Forgive me. I'm nervous.

LM: That's understandable. Don't worry. The readers just want to learn a bit about you before your book comes out on March 15th next year. Now, your back history is a bit different from the other Ruinos we've met. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

CS: Well, I was born on the Arra ship. I have no memories of Barandat. My parents were taken prisoners by the Arra. Actually, they were not mates when they were kidnapped. It wasn't until the Arra began to force all the unmated Ruinos to have sex that my mother and father found each other.

LM: And you were not their first born, am I correct?

CS: That is right. I don't know what happened to my first two siblings. At least, Jebaral told me I was Heela and Doon's third child. After I was born, the Arra took me away from them, so I never got to meet them before they died.

LM: I'm sorry to hear that. That's so sad! So, not only have you never seen your home world, you've never gotten to know your parents either!

CS: But I have Jebaral, and Tiron, and Simolif, and their life mates. They are my family now.

LM: (laughs) And we'll leave the reveal about you and the other Ruinos for the readers to find out in the next book! Thank you, Challa, for allowing us to get to know you better.

CS: You are very welcome. I've enjoyed it.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

My Interview With: Compton Scott (RUNNER'S MOON: CHALLA)

LM: This is a special treat! I'm getting to interview two new people--the next hero and heroine from my Runner's Moon series. Today we're getting to meet Compton Scott, from RUNNER'S MOON: CHALLA, book four. Hello, Compton! This is quite a surprise and a pleasure!

CS: Hi, Linda! We're more than happy to be here!

LM: Okay, since readers haven't been introduced to you yet, we have to be careful not to spoil anything. But we can give out the facts that you're an Army veteran, and Challa is Ruinos.

CS: That's right. I was wounded in action overseas and given a medical discharge. I live in a small town over on the east coast, and that's where I met Challa.

LM: (laughs) A small town that's not Tumbril Harbor.

CS: Right. It's called Cooper. And it's more inland. Not right on the coast.

LM: You're a small town boy, born and bred, who entered the military right out of high school, right?

CS: Exactly. My folks were farmers before Dad died. Mom passed away when I was stationed overseas.

LM: And as of this interview, you and Challa have made a home for yourselves. But I'm sure the readers won't be surprised to learn that.

CS: No. But I'm sure they're gonna get a kick out of our story, and all the problems we had.

LM: Especially when the Arra showed up.

CS: Oh, shit, that was some scary stuff, that's for certain!

LM: I heard Challa loves the homestead, even though it's surrounded by farmland rather than forest.

CS: There's not a governmentally protected forest like Flatlock, but there's miles and miles of undeveloped land. Lots of natural land and trees and all for her to run in. Plus the house is a few miles from town, so the isolation gives her that added protection.

LM: She doesn't have a job at this time, does she?

CS: No. After she got away from the carnival, I convinced her to stay home and get to know the place first. Get to know the town and the people in it. After all, I grew up there and I know everybody. Once she feels settled enough, if she decides she wants to work somewhere, that's okay.

LM: What do the town folk think about her? Of course, no one in Cooper knows she's an alien.

CS: You're correct. Word got out she used to be with the carnival, but that's all. With her accent, she's obviously a foreigner. (laughs) But she's winning over the folks here.

LM: Well, Compton, I want to thank you again for letting us get a taste of who you are, and what Runner's Moon: Challa is about. I know the readers are anxious to read your story.

CS: Thank you for having us, Linda.

Runner's Moon: Challa, book 4 of the "Runner's Moon" series, will debut on March 15, 2010.

Friday, September 25, 2009

My Interview With: John "Talon" Eagletalon (AEQUANA)

LM: Hello? John? Are you there? Can you hear me? Everyone, my guest today is John Eagletalon, also known by his code name "Talon", from the book AEQUANA.

JE: Hello. Yes, I can hear you quite clearly. That's part of the problem with living in the Colorado mountains. Sometimes reception can be iffy. How are you doing?

LM: I'm doing great! How about you? How's married life, you once confirmed bachelor?

JE: It's incredible. Of course, not many men can say they're married to a mermaid.

LM: Makes for some pretty strange moments, eh?

JE: That's putting it mildly. (chuckle) Just when I think I have this woman figured out, she ups and does something that throws me for a loop.

LM: Such as? Give us an example.

JE: Well, we just got back from a job up in Seattle where we were hired to find a yacht this guy was suspected of deliberately sinking. Maja found the boat in about three hundred feet of water, too deep for a regular diver to find, but not for her. But its location told us the guy had plotted out where to sink the boat. Anyway, Maja went inside the cabins to see if she could spot anything unusual, or maybe find a clue that could pin the crime on the suspect. What she found was appalling.

LM: What was it?

JE: A body. A young man. Maybe late teens or early twenties. I'd already radioed the Coast Guard the location. The discovery really shook Maja up. I mean, she was pale and shaking, but she said she had to go back down into the boat.

LM: Why?

JE: She didn't tell me. I figured she needed to check out a few more things. Instead, about twenty minutes later, she reappeared on the surface with the body!

LM: Oh, my gosh! No!

JE: I was shocked, too. She'd wrapped it in a sheet and dragged it up to the surface, rather than leave it down there. The body was in pretty sad shape anyway, and she was afraid that by leaving it down there any longer, it would fall completely apart and make any identification that much harder, if not impossible.

LM: I interviewed Maja yesterday, and she never mentioned the job. She did say, however, that she's enthusiastic about the new company.

JE: Yeah, well, what she did took a lot of guts. I'm very, very proud of her.

LM: Speaking of the company, is business pretty steady?

JE: Business couldn't be better. Buck, my grandfather, had to hire extra help to run the emporium because he wanted to handle the job offers personally. You know, screen the calls, schedule the jobs, and make sure that there's no major danger involved for me or Maja.

LM: He also runs the website for the company, right?

JE: Yeah, and he does a damn good job of it, considering he's in his late sixties. (laughs)

LM: How long do you think the company will remain open? Think you'll be doing this kind of work for the next twenty or so years?

JE: There's no telling. I do know that if and when we have children, we'll have to severely curtail the number of jobs we take. I don't know, Linda. Fortunately, money won't be an issue.

LM: That's good to hear. You are one very lucky man.

JE: That I am. No argument with you there.

LM: Thank you again for being here today, John. I wish you and Maja every happiness.

JE: Thanks again, Linda. It's been our pleasure.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Interview With: Maja Eagletalon (AEQUANA)

ME: Am I late? I'm sorry! I just got here!

LM: Hello, Maja! No, you're not late. Thanks for coming!

ME: Hold on... okay. There. Hi, Linda!

LM: You ready now?

ME: Yeah. Sorry about that. I'm trying to be more punctual, but just when it looks like I'm running on time, something happens. Like today I got stuck at a railroad crossing, and the train must've had a hundred cars. (laughs)

LM: Don't worry about it. Everyone, please welcome Maja Eagletalon, also known as AEquana. I understand you just got back from a job near Seattle. How's the business going?

ME: It's great! John is very careful which jobs he accepts, and how long each one lasts, so I won't exhaust myself, or feel overloaded.

LM: Business is booming then, eh?

ME: (giggles) Definitely!

LM: By the way, did you ever get John to build you a pool at your home up in the mountains?

ME: No. No pool, but he did buy us this humongous hot tub. He built a deck behind the house for it. I swear that thing can hold a dozen people!

LM: So you don't miss having a pool?

ME: No. (whispers) You have no idea how romantic a hot tub can be on a snowy night. With the steaming water, and snow covering the porch, just the two of us in the tub with our mugs of hot chocolate. Mmm...

LM: (laughs) Wow. What a mental image! And you don't get cold?

ME: Not until you climb out of the tub. (laughs)

LM: Maja, your gills and your ability to breath underwater are natural for you. You were born that way. Do you think there's any chance that if you and John have children that they may be equally blessed?

ME: It's something we've discussed. If such a thing happens, it happens. The good thing is that I'll be able to help our children adjust to their ability.

LM: Any plans to have children in the near future?

ME: John and I aren't using any precautions, if that's what you're asking. If it happens, it happens. (giggles) Personally, I can't wait to be a mother.

LM: Well, I want to wish you all the luck, and hope your wishes come true.

ME: Thank you!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My Interview With: Sah'Reena (THE GIFTED)

LM: Please help me welcome one of the most powerful and beautiful women I've ever met. Hello, Sah'Reena! How are you doing?

SD: Hello, Linda. I am doing very well. Thank you for inviting me.

LM: You are called a Gifted on your world. In fact, you were banished from your world because you refused to follow the edicts of your government.

SD: Yes. They wanted to use my powers to destroy people and other worlds. But I could not do that. I could not kill just because my leaders told me to. And because I refused, they had me tortured, then sent away.

LM: You were placed in a tiny lifeboat and shot into outer space, without food or water or extra air. My god, I can't even begin to imagine what kind of terrors you faced. But now that you are with Robin, and your powers have increased tremendously, would you ever consider going back to Murall? I mean, if you could, would you?

SD: No. Never.

LM: May I ask why?

SD: It is not because I fear for myself. It is because I fear for Robin. I fear they may get to him and threaten him in order to get me to do what they want.

LM: It sounds like you may have shared your fears with Robin.

SD: I have. He tells me I have nothing to worry about, but I still worry. (nervous laugh)

LM: I notice you're wearing glasses!

SD: I must. The florescent lights inside the buildings are hard on my eyes. The glasses help. I do not need them outside.

LM: I also heard that some of the scientists over at the Johnson Space Center have set up a series of tests, like an obstacle course, to keep you in peak condition and training.

SD: (merry laugh) That is true! Every morning before I report to my office, I go for my run on the premises. I never know what tests they will have set up for me. Robin says they get a big kick out of designing them.

LM: Sree, your life is filled now with love and contentment. Do you and Robin have any plans or expectations for the future? Aside from having a new home built?

SD: Oh, you found out about the house? Have you seen the plans? It will represent both our worlds. I am very excited about it.

LM: Is there anything else you would like to do, or you plan to do?

SD: No. There is nothing else. I have found a man who loves me, who fills me and completes me. I want nothing more than to spend the rest of my life being with him, sharing whatever joys and sorrows that come along.

LM: Well, I have to admit, I am in awe of what you've survived. I wish you many wonderful years of happiness. Take care, Sah'Reena, and thank you again for spending some time with us.

SD: You are most welcome.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Interview With: Dr. Robin Dickenson (THE GIFTED)

LM: Today I'm honored to be hosting Dr. Robin Dickenson, the hero from my book THE GIFTED. Hello, Robin! Thank you for taking the day off from work to meet with me!

RD: Hi, Linda! Thanks for having me. Actually, I took today off for two reasons. One, for this interview, and the other was to look at some property.

LM: Property? Like, to build a house on?

RD: Exactly. Sree and I have been working with an architect on designing a house that constitutes a lot of things that will make Sree feel comfortable. You know, to make her feel more at home.

LM: Is that where your picture was taken? The one you emailed me from your phone?

RD: Yes. That's part of the fencing lining the road. This place is way out in the middle of nowhere. (laughs)

LM: So you're wanting a home outside the city limits?

RD: Yes, but still within reasonable distance from the Space Center.

LM: I noticed you're not wearing your glasses. Did you finally get contacts?

RD: No. Just took the glasses off for a moment.

LM: So, is the property pretty much a done deal?

RD: Looks that way. It's around ninety acres. We'll have the house built at the top of the small crest, away from the main road.

LM: How long do you think it'll take before you can move in?

RD: Funny you should ask. Initially, the contractor gave us a ballpark estimate of three months to clear the land, and have the water well dug, and the septic tank and sewer system installed. Once Sah'Reena showed him how she planned to help in their digging efforts, he changed his estimate to two weeks. (laughs)

LM: Two weeks? Oh, my gosh!

RD: Hey, what can I say when the missus has the ability to dig a pit the size of a Mack truck in less than ten seconds? With a bit of good weather, we might be in our new home in about four months.

LM: That's remarkable! By the way, any further backlash or developments regarding Sah'Reena's position over at the Space Center?

RD: No. None whatsoever. And get this, Sree's had two universities offer to give her honorary doctorate degrees in Interplanetary Studies and Astronomy.

LM: What did Sah'Reena say?

RD: Oh, she's flabbergasted. But I think she'll take them up on their offers, just because she has that need to be accepted. To be herself and not be afraid of what others might try to do to her because of that tremendous power she has.

LM: And you'll be right there by her side to support her, as always.

RD: You can count on it.

LM: Well, Robin, I'm happy to hear how well things are working out for you and Sah'Reena. I was at Hobby Airport the other day, and I saw the huge sign.

RD: You mean the one that has her opening her eyes, and underneath it says, "These eyes have seen other worlds."?

LM: Yes, that one. It's very striking, especially when you see her irises shrink down into little stars.

RD: Personally, I like it, too. (chuckles) Oh, I'm getting a wave from Sree. Guess it's time to close this down. Thanks for having me, Linda. Frankly, ninety-nine percent of the time when there's an interview to be done, it's with my wife instead of me.

LM: Hey, I feel you're just as important in her being here and alive. Thank you for the insight and news about the new construction.

RD: When it's finally finished, why don't you come down to visit?

LM: I'd love to! Thanks for the invitation.

RD: Super! All right, I'm off. Sree will be getting in touch with you soon to do her stint.

LM: Okay! Thanks again, Robin. It's been fun.

RD: You're welcome!

Monday, September 21, 2009


Coming in 2010!
From Whiskey Creek Press Torrid!

A sci-fi/apocalyptic/futuristic erotic romance novel.

The Apocalypse.

It didn't come because of man's inhumanity to man. It didn't come from bombs, or plague, or even from aliens descending from outer space. In fact, no one knows what triggered it. And even if they did, there was no way to turn back time.

Only one thing was certain. One evening the sun had grown unexpectedly bigger and hotter, and heat and radiation unlike anything ever experienced washed over the Earth, bathing it in searing rays that devoured over three-quarters of the world's population.

Now the sun is smaller, and it doesn't radiate as much heat as it used to. The world is colder. Food is scarce, and people are fighting to stay alive.

Andrew Michael Tollson, aka "The Silent Wraith", was a man who roamed from settlement to outpost to city, offering his protection from scavengers and renegades. Years ago, right before the sun had exploded, when he had been a boy growing up in a small Texas town, he had felt his first crush for the little tomboy he knew as Jo. Now, as a grown man, he has finally made his way back to his boyhood home to see if Jo is still alive, or if she has been a victim of the Apocalypse. He has to know if the dreams and memories he has harbored were mere fantasies, or if the infatuation he'd felt then has grown into something else, something stronger and more tangible.

JoBeth Wythe was a member of The Triad, three leaders who protected their little settlement, and tried to recall the carefree days before the Apocalypse. All they wanted was the chance at a decent life, with enough food, some shared warmth, and a little
hope for the future. She had never forgotten the pudgy little kid who had followed her around when she was growing up, the little boy she called Mikey. Every time she thought of him, it only brought back pain and a wistfulness for a past that no longer existed.

For Drew and Jo, it was only a matter of time before they would be reunited to fight together. To survive together. And to discover that the innocent kisses they had shared as children had grown into a love that would overwhelm them with desire.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

My Interview With: Tiron "Roni" DeGrassi (RUNNER'S MOON: TIRON)

LM: Please welcome Tiron "Roni" DeGrassi, our guest today! Hello, Roni! Thank you for taking a day off from work to be with us. How do you like being a forest ranger?

RD: Hello, Linda! I love it. I feel... there are days I wonder how I got so lucky to end up with a mate like Thom, and live in a place as beautiful as Tumbril Harbor. The job is an added bonus. I keep thinking I'm going to wake up and discover it was all a dream.

LM: Well, I hate to be the bearer of good news, but it's not a dream, Roni."

RD: I know. Isn't it great?

LM: Have there been any repercussions from the events tha happened in Crescent City?

RD: What kind of repercussions? You mean, with Cowven?

LM: Or the girls you used to work with.

RD: I had to give my deposition to the courts. When his trial comes up, I'll need to go back to testify.

LM: But you don't see any problems?

RD: Are you asking me if there's a chance the man won't be spending the rest of his life in prison? No, not a chance.

LM: Once he's sentenced, you can put that whole episode, and everything that's happened in Crescent City, and finally leave it behind.

RD: Finally, thank goodness.

LM: Is there anything about your home world that you miss? That Earth cannot provide for you?

RD: (pause) Well, other than the fact that the plants and food on our world is different from yours, there's nothing that I miss to the point that I would want to go back there.

LM: If there was ever a chance that you and the other Ruinos could return to your world, would you?

RD: Oooh, that's a hard one. Let's just say that if that option ever came available, or a necessity, I would go only if Thom could be with me.

LM: Could he survive there, do you think?

RD: Gosh, why are you giving me the hard questions? (laughs) I don't know. I don't think he could, unless he could adapt to the source of nouishments we have there. We breathe oxygen, and the gravity is heavier, but that shouldn't pose any problems. (laughs) Now you got me curious. Next time the family gets together, I'll bring this up.

LM: I'd love to hear your thoughts on the matter. It should be interesting!

RD: I'll give you a call and tell you what we decided.

LM: It's a deal! Thank you again for a very interesting conversation, Roni. And here's wishing you many, many happy years.

RD: Thank you!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

It's a Book Signing! Come By And Say "Hi!"

I'll be signing copies of my newest release at The Book Basket, 913 Main, in Bastrop, TX, from 11:00 - 4:00! The BB is next to Baxter's on the Oyster Bar side of Main Street. (Towards Wells Fargo, but not past it.)

Come by and say, "Hi!"!

Friday, September 18, 2009

My Interview With: Thom DeGrassi (RUNNER'S MOON: TIRON)

LM: All right, ladies. Time to get out your smelling salts, ice, and fans. My guest today is Thom DeGrassi from RUNNER'S MOON: TIRON. Welcome, Thom! Thanks for coming!

TG: Thank you for the invite.

LM: I've been dying to ask you this question. Let's pretend you never met Tiron, or Roni, as we call her. How do you think your life would have been, say, five years in the future? Or further, if you wish to travel that far.

TG: Well, for one thing, I'd probably be the most sexually suppressed male on the planet. (deep laugh). I'd also be single, no doubt about it.

LM: What about your work as a cop? Think you'd still be a cop?

TG: Oh, yeah. That much I'm certain about. Law Enforcement's in my blood.

LM: Do you ever miss the more frantic pace of the big city?

TG: As a cop? Or living there?

LM: Both.

TG: God, no. When I left Tumbril Harbor when I was fresh out of high school, I thought that living in the big city was all I wanted in life. You know, the typical dreams of a kid who'd been raised by relatives in a small town. And to be honest, in the beginning it was all it was hyped up to be.

LM: When did the silver lining start to tarnish for you?

TG: Umm, there wasn't any one defining moment. It think it came about after several months of working homicide. Seeing the depths of depravity inflicted on other human beings. (pause) I guess that's one of the many reasons why I was drawn to Roni.

LM: Because of the fact that she'd been treated horrendously by the Arra before she escaped?

TG: That, and the way her life continued to go downhill until I busted her.

LM: A little green bird informed me that you're teaching your adopted brothers-in-law how to blend in with other males. I heard you took them fishing.

TG: (chuckles) True.

LM: And how to play dominoes?

TG: (hearty laugh) Guilty as charged!

LM: Next thing you know, you'll be telling me you're giving them the finer points of Five Card Stud.

TG: Five Card Stud? No. Try Texas Hold 'Em. (laughs)

LM: Oh my gosh! (laughs) Well, Thom, how different is your life now with Roni? You're back in your home town where you grew up. You're still a cop, or in this case, a sheriff's deputy. And you're married to a stunning woman who happens to be an alien from another world.

TG: I think you just summed it up pretty well. How is my life now? Un-f*cking-believable! Am I allow to say that?

LM: Don't worry. There's a five second delay. (laughs)

TG: You know, Linda, there are days I get up, and the routine of getting ready and going to work and all is like... normal. During the day Roni and I text each other, just to talk or to clue each other in on what's going on. Something unusual we want to share. A joke. Maybe remind the other to pick up something from the market on the way home. You know, the usual stuff. The normal things I think all married couples chat about. Until she tells me about a tree she just ate. (hearty laugh)

LM: A tree?

TG: Oh, yeah. Or a flower. That's when I'm reminded of how blessed I am. How my life will never be boring. How every hour with her is a miracle. I believe Roni saved my sanity as much as she says I saved hers.

LM: Every day brings you a new surprise, doesn't it?

TG: You have no idea!

LM: Well, Thom, thank you again for sharing those little tidbits with us.

TG: Thank you, Linda, for having me. Take care and drive safe!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Interview With: Rowe Maine (MY STRENGTH, MY POWER, MY LOVE)

LM: Yesterday we got to talk with Grey. Today is Rowe's turn. Once Rowe Maine, he's now the second half of the synergistic couple known as Rowe and Grey. Welcome, Rowe!

Rowe: Hello, Linda!

LM: I'm going to start off by asking you the same question I asked Grey. Do you believe the creatures that tried to take over Bellac, and whom you two managed to "push" away with your new found power, do you believe they'll be back?

Rowe: You would ask me, wouldn't you? (chuckles) Let's just say that I wouldn't be surprised if they did. But I hope they're intelligent enough to believe that if we defeated them once, we can do it again.

LM: And considering how much damage you and the other Synergians did to their ship.

Rowe: That, too.

LM: Since your trial, has there been any progress to have a Synergian on the board of Academicians?

Rowe: I'm glad you asked that question. Yes, there has, and Master Plees has been at the forefront to get the change enacted.

LM: Any idea how long before the dream becomes a reality?

Rowe: Soon. Within the next few months, I'm sure.

LM: In the meantime, what about the other Synergians who have been declared unmatched because of the Five Year Law?

Rowe: As you might have suspected, they have sent petitions to the Academy. Fortunately, they are willing to wait until the change-over has occurred.

LM: Do you believe that law will be rewritten, allowed to stand as is, or expunged?

Rowe: Now, that I cannot tell you. Personally, Grey and I would prefer to see the law rewritten. It can't be removed completely. There has to be some kind of guideline, some point where an unmatched Synergian must relent to the fact that he or she will not find her life mate, so that they can be brought into the Academy as teachers. We just believe that a flat five year timeline isn't, and never has been, the answer. Don't ask me what new rules will be written. I'm thankful I won't have to face that task.

LM: Well, I'm glad things turned out the way they did for you and Grey. Are you two still the only Synergians whose power emanates from a space craft, rather than from ground level?

Rowe: (laughs) So far!

LM: Thank you again for getting with us, Rowe. Here's wishing you and Grey many wonderful years together.

Rowe: Thank you! We've enjoyed ourselves tremendously!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Interview With: Grey Dansis (MY STRENGTH, MY POWER, MY LOVE)

LM: I am very happy to have Grey Dansis with me today, from MY STRENGTH, MY POWER, MY LOVE. No, wait! It would be just Grey now,right?

Grey: That's right. Synergized couples are referred to by their first names. Hi, Linda!

LM: Hi! So tell me, since you and Rowe were synergized, have you had that spaceship you two battled successfully come back?

Grey: No, and we don't know if it will again. We'll have to wait and see.

LM: Could you explain something about being synergized? I mean, we understand what it means, and how it changes you and Rowe. But do synergized couples have wedding ceremonies?

Grey: Wedding ceremonies? Like regular couples?

LM: Yes.

Grey: No, but we have synergized ceremonies. Rowe and I stood before our fellow Synergians, and we recited the words of power and love before them.

LM: But no one had to proclaim you synergized?

Grey: (giggle) Not hardly. Not when we glowed in front of them.

LM: Let's say I come to Bellac. How would I know you and Rowe are a couple?

Grey: I"m sorry. I don't understand the question.

LM: I'm not a Synergian. How do non-Synergians know which couples are synergized? Are mated, in other words?

Grey: Well, first off, synergized couples wear the dark purple jumpsuits. Otherwise, the only way you could tell is to watch us when we're together. Mated couples are openly affectionate, but to a point. I mean, we won't make love out in public, be we often hold hands, hug, kiss, or simply have an arm around the other's waist. We keep in constant physical contact.

LM: But they only act that way with their own mates, right? Not with other Synergians.

Grey: That's correct.

LM: Is that a necessity, all that constant physical contact? Is it part of keeping up with your combined power?

Grey: No, not really. It's just... who we are.

LM: Do you often go out among the public?

Grey: Not often, but we do.

LM: How does the public learn about you, or know about you?

Grey: They see us on the telecasts.

LM: How has public support been since you and Rowe were allowed to be recognized as synergized mates?

Grey: It's been overwhelming! We've gotten so many messages from the public, sending us their congratulations. It's been... it's touched us deeply. To all Bellacians reading this, Rowe and I truly appreciate your love and generosity. Thank you and bless you all!

LM: And may I add my congratulations. I wish you and Rowe many years of happiness.

Grey: Thank you, Linda! And thank you again for having us on your blog.

LM: It's been a pleasure, Grey.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New! PASSION OF THUNDER (Book 2 of the "Thunder" Trilogy) by Linda Mooney

Now Available!

(Book 2 of the "Thunder" trilogy)
An erotic fantasy romance novel
by Linda Mooney
Whiskey Creek Press Torrid
(ebook) ISBN# 978-1-60313-516-0
(print) ISBN# 978-1-60313-517-7
Word Count: 83.3K

Rion and Annie have made a home for themselves on Rion's world. But there are those who cannot tolerate having an "otherworlder" living among them. People who are jealous of their happiness. People who would do anything to see that their marriage is destroyed, and their lives forever ruined.

It will take every ounce of love between Rion and Annie to face the obstacles and hatred suddenly thrust at them. What they never anticipated was that an angel would resort to murder.

Warning: Contains aggravated assault, bribery, sword fighting, house arrest, forced separation, murder, revenge, seduction with berries, sex in public places, miracles, and outrageous prices for evening dresses.

Monday, September 14, 2009

My Interview With: Miranda "Randi" First (SANDEFLAY)

LM: Now that the emergency is over, please help me welcome Miranda First from SANDEFLAY. Hello, Randi! And congratulations on the baby news!

RF: Thank you, Linda! Collin and I are like kids ourselves right now, we're so excited.

LM: Knowing how sensitive tygrens are, has Bud shown any signs that he knows what's going on?

RF: Oh, most definitely. In fact, Collin and I have both noticed he's gotten extra protective of me.

LM: I think that's sweet! So you're going to stay on the job until you get too cumbersome to move about?

RF: Pretty much, but right now we're taking it one day at a time.

LM: You love being an extinguisher, don't you?

RF: You have no idea. It's the most terrifying, the most exciting thing I've ever done. Or will do!

LM: Next to being a mother?

RF: (giggles)

LM: Give me a negative, Randi.

RF: For what? To being an extinguisher? Umm... I guess it would be the fact that you can't put down roots. Every where we go, it's temporary. "Home" is probably our house in Sandeflay, but we're there so infrequently.

LM: Your house? Did you and Collin get your own place?

RF: Yes, we did. When I began extinguisher school, we felt it would be smarter to get our own place rather than move in with Marc.

LM: Collin's father.

RF: Yes. Actually, we ended up buying Collin's grandparent's house. His father's parents' place. Most of the homes in Sandeflay are kept within the families from generation to generation. Collin's grandparents died before he was a teenager. Marc kept the house specifically for Collin, in case Collin ever wanted a place of his own.

LM: Is it a living house like Marc's?

RF: Oh, yeah. Every house on Sandeflay is a living house.

LM: What about places like the schools and hospitals?

RF: Those are made of dead wood. From the trees and plant life that have died. Believe it or not, dead plants on Sandeflay petrify, so they make superb building material. If you've noticed, the public buildings are built to be very open and airy. That's because they aren't "living" like the houses.

LM: You said your home used to be Marc's parents place. What happened to the house owned by Collin's maternal grandparents?

RF: It remained with Monica's family.

LM: Wow. So many traditions and rules. How do you keep up with it all?

RF: (laughs) I have a native Sandeflayan to keep me informed. (laughs)

LM: Well, if I may say so, you are very blessed. You've been through so much.

RF: I definitely feel blessed.

LM: Thank you for giving us the chance to talk to you. And keep us posted on Baby Boy First!

RF: You can count on it!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

My Interview With: Collin First (SANDEFLAY)

LM: Hello, Collin! And welcome! How's everything going today?

CF: Hello, Linda! So far, so good! We're currently stationed in Idaho, in a small town outside of Boise. There's been an influx of ducts popping up here, so Randi and I are keeping a close eye on the area.

LM: You, Randi, and Bud.

CF: (laughs) Right. And Bud.

LM: There something I've been wanting to ask you. When we last saw you and Randi and Bud, you were stationed out in west Texas. Do these ducts concentrate in one area for a while, and then leave, only to reappear somewhere else?

CF: That's exactly what they do.

LM: And once they leave a certain area, they don't return?

CF: It's rare if they do, and they've been known to pop open again in an abandoned site. But the odds are in our favor that they won't.

LM: What happens if one does?

CF: That's what headquarters' job is. They target any forming ducts and direct the closest extinguisher to it.

LM: What if there's no extinguisher close enough to reach it before it begins to form?

CF: Then headquarters sends in an extinguisher from Sandeflay.

LM: How neat! Then why not do it that way, instead... never mind. (laughs) I can see the reasoning of having an extinguisher take up temporary residence if a particular area is repeatedly being hit with ducts. What's the longest you've ever spent in one place?

CF: Me personally? Umm, six months, give or take a couple of weeks. Hey! Before I forget, I wanted to let you know the good news! Randi's expecting!

LM: Oh, my gosh! That's wonderful, Collin! I'm thrilled for you! So how does an extinguisher take maternity leave?

CF: Hell if either of us know! Everything Randi does is a new one for the books! But for now she plans to stay on the job until she feels she's getting too cumbersome. Then she'll go back to Sandeflay and have the baby there.

LM: Any guesses whether or not you'll have a baby extinguisher, given the fact that both parents are ones?

CF: Although it's a solid fact that the child of an extinguisher may not necessarily be an extinguisher, too, the doctors are giving us good odds our son will be born with the mark.

LM: Your son? You already know?

CF: Oh, yes.

LM: Well, let me be the first to wish you and Randi and Bud congratulations on your new addition. How do you think Bud will react to the little one?

CF: I can't say for certain, but I'm guessing he'll be as protective of the baby as is he for us.

LM: Wow. A tygren for a babysitter. That'll be one for the books, too!

CF: Hey, Linda? We just got notification of a duct forming, so we're going to have to cut this short. Can Randi call you when we get back?

LM: Sure! No problem! Thanks again for speaking with us!

CF: It's been great! Talk to you later!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Friday, September 11, 2009

My Interview With: Hannah Morr (RUNNER'S MOON: JEBARAL)

LM: Good morning, Hannah! My goodness, you're looking more beautiful everyday! Where was this photo taken?

HM: (laughs) Last night. We were over at Roni and Thom's place to celebrate Thom's birthday. Jeb took the snapshot.

LM: How is everyone this morning?

HM: Well, if it's anything like our household, it's business as usual.

LM: Did Simon and Sarah come down for the celebration?

HM: Yes. They spent the night here at our place and left to go back to Templeton this morning.

LM: Are you still waitressing at the diner downtown there in Tumbril Harbor?

HM: Of course. I love it. I love this town and its people. I make good tips, even though the pay isn't much. But I really don't have to work, you know. Jeb has told me several times his paycheck can suffice if I ever want to quit, but I honestly enjoy what I do. If I didn't, I would definitely take him up on his offer.

LM: Tell me, Hannah, are there many differences between Ruinos and human males?

HM: Mmm, you mean other than the obvious, like the green skin and such? (laughs) Actually, I've never done a real comparison. I mean, why should I? I love my husband very, very much. If there's going to be any comparing done, it'll be to hold him up next to someone else's husband, which is pretty futile, if you ask me. And even then, the other hubbies can't hold a candle to him.

LM: I have to agree with you. But what about his brother, Simon? Or Roni's husband, Thom?

HM: Geeze, Linda, do you really want to go there? (giggles)

LM: On second thought, no. So, I take it life couldn't be sweeter at this moment.

HM: Other than the constant threat of the Arra discovering us, life is very sweet.

LM: Do you think that, because of the Arra and the danger they represent, you and Jeb are able to get the most out of life and your time together than most couples do?

HM: Most definitely! I sort of compare it to couples finding out one of them has a life-threatening disease, and the spouse has only a few weeks or months left to live. That's kind of like us. We know that at any moment we could be overwhelmed by the Arra, so we never hesitate to try something new, or to tell each other how much we love them. Nothing is taken for granted.

LM: Do you two ever have an argument?

HM: Doesn't every married couple? (giggles) But, again, like I said before, we can't let it fester. We try to work the problem out as soon as we've cooled down, and we go on from there.

LM: Tell me, Hannah, what's the best thing about being married to an alien from outer space?

HM: The best thing? Oh, geeze, that's a toughie. I have to pick just one?

LM: Or two. I don't care.

HM: Don't laugh, but it's Jeb's curiosity. He's always wanting to learn about things. About this world. Everything. The man is hung up on those television shows about the world and wildlife. He's always pointing out things to me that even I didn't know about! And I love that about him. Yeah, we don't travel much or too far from home, but that hasn't stopped him from trying to expand his horizons in other ways. (voice drops to a whisper) Don't tell him this, but I'm saving up my tips to get him a computer for Christmas. Guess that means my green couch potato will become an internet potato, eh? (laughs)

LM: I think it's great! That way you and Sarah, and the others, can keep in touch via email.

HM: That's another reason. That, plus the fact she said she can plug us in to the sites where she keeps tabs on the Arra. We figure the more eyes we have keeping watch, the better.

LM: An excellent idea. Well, Hannah, it's been a delight to talk with you.

HM: It's been my pleasure. I'm so happy you decided to do these interviews.

LM: Take care, and Orati milem dosa.

HM: Oh, wow! And a long and happy life to you, too!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Interview With: Jebaral Gitall Morr (RUNNER'S MOON: JEBARAL)

LM: I'm delighted to have on my blog today Jebaral Gitall Morr, also known as Jeb, from my Runner's Moon series. Hello, Jeb! Thank you for being here with me today!

JM: Thanks for inviting me. How are you doing today?

LM: I'm doing great. Thanks for asking. Tell me something, is being a logger much different from being in construction? I mean, you were in construction like your brother still is. Other than the obvious, are the working conditions and such much different?

JM: Actually, no. Instead of working with girders, I'm working with cut timber. There's still hauling and lifting, although we have machines to handle the bulk of it. There's also the danger of getting too near one of the band saws.

LM: Sounds like it's just as dangerous to work at the mill than it was to do construction.

JM: It can get quite horny at times.

LM: (pause) Do you mean "hairy", as in frightening?

JM: (chuckles) That's what I meant. Sorry.

LM: No problem! I heard you built your house almost single-handedly. Did it take a long time?

JM: Hannah and I worked evenings and weekends for almost three months before it was safe enough to move into. It took another three months to get it finished. We're quite proud of it.

LM: Wow. A log cabin built from scratch, in the middle of the woods. It sounds quite romantic.

JM: That's what Hannah says. She loves it, plus we're only about fifteen minutes from work, her and me.

LM: Ever get awakened at night by bear or some other animals?

JM: (laughs) Constantly. But we don't fear them. In fact, I think they fear me more.

LM: You go running every night in those woods, don't you? Think it's your alien scent that keeps them away?

JM: Yes.

LM: You were lucky enough to find Hannah, your life mate, before your older brother Simolif found his. And before Tiron found Thom, whom you and Simon have unofficially adopted. Do you see any children in your future?

JM: (pause) Hannah and I would be thrilled beyond words to parent children. But we know the differences in our species will very likely mean we won't be able to have any.

LM: Only a few people in Tumbril Harbor know you are an alien from another world. And in the past they've helped you fight the Arra as well as keep your secret. Do you think that maybe in the future you will "out" yourself to the whole world?

JM: No. That's something we've talked about, and we don't see it ever coming about. For one thing, the attention we'd received could possibly bring the Arra straight to us.

LM: Yes, but couldn't the population as a whole help protect you from being taken again by the Arra?

JM: We can't count on that. No. The fewer people who know, the better. Besides, those who know are people who've met us and know us for what we are. They understand we're not that different from people on this planet. We have hopes and fears, and we love our wives and family.

LM: Jeb, what's the lifespan of a Ruinos? Is it comparable to a human's?

JM: We don't know. It's something that Sarah is having studied. For now, we can only pray it is.

LM: Speaking of comparable, other than the fact that you can smell emotions, and your strength is nearly five times that of a normal man, do Ruinos have any other special attributes or powers we've yet to see?

JM: Well, our females can fly. Not fly. I meant glide. They have wings.

LM: I've seen that with Tiron. Anything else?

JM: (pause) Not that I can think of. But you have to remember that what you may call unique or special, we consider common among us. Guess you'll have to keep working on those stories about us if you want to find out more. (chuckles)

LM: It's a deal! Jeb, one last question. Is there anything about life on Earth that you would change if you had the ability?

JM: No. Nothing. This world has everything we Ruinos need to survive and be happy. I am content, my brother and sister are content, and I have a mate who means more to me than everything I may have or own. Unlike some humans, I have no desire to accumulate more.

LM: Spoken like a man who has learned to appreciate life. Thank you for letting me interview you, Jeb. Is there a Ruinos phrase that means I wish you a long life full of love and happiness?

JM: Orati milem dosa. May the sun's light fill you.

LM: That's beautiful. Orati milem dosa, Jebaral.

JM: And you, too, Linda.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

LORD OF THUNDER Gets a Recommended Read from TwoLips Reviews!

Reviewed by

I have never read a Linda Mooney novel I didn’t absolutely love, and Lord of Thunder, the debut novel in her Thunder Trilogy series, is her best yet. Annie Mayall knows all about loneliness. She’s been on her own in the wilds of Montana for over three years, ever since waking up one morning in her small one-room cabin to find her husband of less than a year gone. He didn’t leave her a note, didn’t even say goodbye, but Annie knew Foster had taken off for the silver mines to make his fortune. In the three years since, she hasn’t received so much as a postcard from him. For all she knows, Foster Mayall is dead. Originally from Ohio, where thunderstorms meant the likelihood of tornados, Annie is scared spitless by the violent Montana thunder boomers. Until one night when a golden man unlike any other she’s ever seen literally falls from the sky in the midst of a fierce thunderstorm. Annie takes the beautiful, badly injured man in and nurses him back to health, changing both their lives forever.

While this novel delights romantics with a affable hero and heroine and intrigues sci-fi fans with a unique new approach to inter-dimensional travel, it is so much more than a mere sci-fi romance. As I began reading this wonderful story, it wasn’t long before my modern world vanished into times gone by. I found myself totally drawn into early1940s Montana. There, I saw what it was like to live without telephone service in remote areas of America, when many rural roads were still unpaved and those living “out in the sticks” milked their own cows, grew and canned their own food and still used outhouses. Historically, this book depicts the last vestiges of the America pioneer spirit as it was before World War II ultimately dragged us into the modern era.

I devoured this book, alternately smiling and shedding tears along the way. Both Annie and Rion are strong, yet vulnerable characters. Their relationship is poignant and emotionally charged, their slowly developing sexual interaction as satisfying as a finely aged wine. I guarantee that readers will want to read this book over and over again. Great job, Ms. Mooney. I loved it and can’t wait to read Passion of Thunder, the next installment in this superb series!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My Interview With: Yulen D'Jacques (THE BATTLE LORD'S LADY)

LM: Thanks to this nifty little gadget Master Hunter left with me, we're honored to have with us Yulen D'Jacques, the Battle Lord of Alta Novis. Hello! Thank you for agreeing to this interview!

YD: I must say, all of this seems rather... odd. (laughs)

(Atty off-side: This is definitely one for the history books.)

LM: Yulen, the general consensus is that you're going to be known as a greater battle lord than your father was. Would you say it's because of the work you and Atty have been doing to build a bridge of trust between normals and Mutah?

YD: This is the first time I've heard that rumor. (laughs) But if it were true, I would have to agree with your reasoning. So much time and energy has been wasted in the past with removing the Mutah.

LM: You're speaking of the yearly cleaning sweeps that all battle lords go on.

YD: Yes. I realize now it's a barbaric practice. Because of Atty, I've come to see how senseless the bloodbath was, and I feel I need to atone for all the misery I've caused in the past when I've gone on cleaning missions.

(Indistinct voices in the background.)

LM: Is everything okay? Are you needing to close communications?

YD: (laughs) No. That's our physician, Dr. MaGrath. He's wanting to know when he's going to get a chance to talk to you.

LM: Tell Liam maybe at a later date. I have another question for you, Yulen. Other than the fact that you view Mutah in a totally different light, has marriage to Atty changed you in other ways?

YD: How much time do you have? (laughs) Seriously! I have a list! (laughs)

(Strange male voice: That's one way! The man has learned to laugh again.)

LM: (laughs) Tell Liam thank you for that observation!

YD: He's correct, you know. After my father's death, and I assumed the position of battle lord, I turned hard and unforgiving. A real first-class bastard. Atty has brought purpose into my life. I know that sounds stupid, but I don't care. She's my sunlight. I feel more sure of myself and my decisions. I feel stronger when she's with me. There's more clarity.

LM: So you're saying you're a better man because of her?

YD: Because of her love and trust in me. There's rarely a day that goes by that I am not humbled by the turn of events that brought us together.

LM: One more question. I hear there's a huge influx of people settling in Alta Novis, and word is it's because of you and Atty. And the fact that there's a truce between Normal and Mutah compounds. Do you see Alta Novis growing to the point where you'll have to shut your gates to newcomers? Or maybe build another compound?

YD: That's a great question, and one that Mother, Liam, Atty, and I have been discussion. For one, we'll never close the gates to stem the flow of newcomers. Never, be they Normals or Mutah. Bloods, however, are another issue. (chuckles)

LM: Of course.

YD: As for Alta Novis, we're already expanding, but in the next few years I hope to have New Bearinger rebuilt enough to take in the overflow. Foster City's also taking in a lot of new settlers.

LM: It's been fascinating to talk to you, Yulen. Thank you again, and I wish you and Atty many years of success and happiness.

YD: Thank you, Linda. This has been an experience we will talk about for years.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

My Interview With: Atrilan "Atty" Ferran D'Jacques (THE BATTLE LORD'S LADY)

LM: By some interstellar, inter-dimentional, time-portalish way, thanks to Master Hunter and some equipment he left behind for me to use, I was able to contact Atrilan Ferran D'Jacques, better known as Atty, from THE BATTLE LORD'S LADY. Hello, Atty! Can you hear me?

AD: Yes, I can hear you!

LM: Thank you for your understanding, and for agreeing to this interview.

AD: Did you say I was three hundred years in your future?

LM: That's the approximate time I was given.

AD: Wow. And there's no mutants where you are?

LM: Not like there are in your world. Tell me, Atty, how are relations between the Mutah and Normals now? Are they any better since you and Yulen were married?

AD: As Yulen would say, it's a work in progress. To be honest, we don't expect miracles. We don't even expect any major developments to happen. I mean, hatred between Mutah and Normals has evolved over, what did you say? Three hundred years? And the war for survival has been going on for longer than that. If what we're doing to bring our two cultures together is the start of something that continues on long after our deaths, then we'll be more than happy with that legacy.

LM: My prayers are with you. Oh, Atty, I have a question from one of your readers. She wants to know what your deepest desires are.

AD: As in...?

LM: Between you and Yulen.

AD: (slight pause) Yulen is my deepest desire. Right now my life is more than I could have ever dreamed it would be.

LM: Where do you see yourself a year from now? Five years from now? Fifty years?

AD: By Yulen's side, helping to defend Alta Novis and his people, as well as my kind.

LM: What about children? Having a family?

AD: (nervous laugh) Eventually, yes.

LM: Okay, I'm going to ask a really dumb, over-used question. What's the best thing about being the battle lord's lady?

AD: Honestly? The fact that I don't have to go all frou-frou. You know, act like a snobby bitch because people expect me to "act my station". Know what I mean?

LM: Yes, I do.

AD: Yulen has put very few restrictions on me. He allows me to continue my hunting because he knows how much I enjoy it. How much it means to me. He doesn't expect me to be anything else but myself, and for that I'll love him forever.

LM: You have been truly blessed in this marriage.

AD: Yes, I have.

LM: Atty, I have one more question before we wrap this up. Do you think your world will eventually return to the world as it was, the way it is in my time?

AD: Who knows? We can only hope, right? Or maybe... maybe the way it is now in my time, maybe it's not so bad. Only time will tell, right?

LM: Right. Thank you for talking with us, Atty.

AD: Thank you for getting in touch with me. Shall I hand this thing over to Yulen now?

LM: Yes! Please do!


Saturday, September 5, 2009

My Interview With: Terran Vosstien, aka StarLight (HEARTFAST, HEARTCRYSTAL)

LM: Thanks to this little interstellar communications device left behind by Master Hunter, I am delighted to be able to interview his wife, Terran Vosstien, also known as StarLight. Hello, Star! Thank you so much for being here today!

SL: You’re welcome. I take it you’ve already interviewed Hunter, since you’re talking to me through the comm link. How did he like the photo I sent for him? Did he notice it?

LM: Oh, most definitely. I'm pretty sure he's going to say something to you when he gets back home.

SL: (laughs) I wouldn't doubt that.

LM: I have a confession to make. You have one hot husband!

SL: I have to agree with you there.

LM: If I may ask, how are you feeling? Are you completely healed?

SL: Dr. Perlakian says I am, although there are times I’ll move the wrong way, and I’ll feel a twinge. When you’ve been through something like that, you never can fully recover. Your life is permanently changed.

LM: I can understand. Speaking of life, I’ve had several people ask me about how you learned about your powers. I know it’s a very uncomfortable topic for you, and that in your past you’ve suffered a very traumatic experience. If you prefer not to answer, I will respect that.

SL: At this time I would prefer not to answer. I’m finally able to open up to Udo and tell him, and Dr. Perlakian says that I’m beginning to heal emotionally because of it. I know we’ve talked about doing a third book...

LM: Tentatively entitled HeartStorm.

SL: I like that title. It’s very apropos. Anyway, I think I’ll be ready to tell you about my childhood, and why I ended up spending four years wandering through the universe before I hooked up with the Guardians.

LM: Oooh! I’m looking forward to it. But if I may ask, personally, I wondered how you found out you could survive in space without oxygen?

SL: (light laughter) I have no problem answering that one. I was flying one day... actually, I was sun dancing, and I kept rising higher and higher in the sky. I was so absorbed in the sunlight, I totally lost track of how far up I was. I didn’t feel giddy or dizzy from lack of oxygen, either. There was nothing to warn me. Next thing I knew, I was in space.

LM: Well, thank you so much for speaking with us. I know your time is limited.

SL: I am delighted you asked! Just wait until the other Guardians hear about this. You just know they’ll be hacked they weren’t asked, too. (laughs)

LM: (laughs) Maybe next time. Thanks again, StarLight.

SL: You're welcome. Good night, Linda.