Monday, August 31, 2015

6 of My Titles Are Now FREE!

How about a free read?

I've permanently reduced six of my titles to FREE.

You can download them here, and soon on Amazon and other retailers! 

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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Ba-Ba-Ba, Ba-Anthropomorphisms

Excited chair.

Atrium with a wide grin.

Not-too-happy train.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Now Available in Print! THE HAIRY-LEGGED GIRLS CLUB - Erotic Paranormal, Urban Fantasy Romance

The Hairy-Legged Girls Club
Erotic Urban Fantasy Paranormal Romance
by Linda Mooney writing as Carolyn Gregg
Word Count: 33.9K
$9.99 p

Fresh out of the military, the last thing Brint Cirrus needs is trouble. Besides, he has a secret to protect. But when he parks his motorcycle at a Texas roadside bar and meets sexy Heleema, the lead singer of the country band, The Hairy-Legged Girls Club, it's clear trouble looks mighty good. The feeling is definitely mutual.

Intent on consummating their mutual attraction, Brint and Heleema leave the bar, and a group of drunken men who had been harassing Heleema earlier follow them. The men ram their pick-up into the motorcycle, sending the bike and both riders into a bar ditch along the side of the road. When Brint comes to, he finds Heleema on the verge of being raped. Secret or no secret, he has to rescue her. But as he shape shifts into his dog persona, he sees Heleema shift into a coyote. Together they dispatch the attackers, killing one of them, then escape. But their enemies aren’t so easily deterred and they want revenge.

From the very beginning Brint and Heleema are drawn together in lust. Now they are drawn together in danger as shape shifters and as humans.  In Heleema, Brint has found a woman he can trust and love. In Brint, Heleema has found a man to satisfy her passion and her heart.

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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Now Available in Print! THE PAST'S PROMISE - M/M Time-Travel Erotic Romance

She found the ultimate love of her life in another time...and as a man.

Jessie Wharton is a teacher in the twenty-first century. Or at least she was.

Taking her history class to visit the ruins of a historic fort in west Texas, the scorching heat turned her world upside down.

Suddenly, nothing was the way it was supposed to be. She was no longer Jessie Wharton. She was Jesse Webster. She wasn't a teacher. She was a private in the US Army stationed at Fort Callaghan, a completely functional outpost. And it was 1867.

Worse, she wasn't a she any longer. She was a man. A man who was finding himself falling in love with a fellow soldier named Martin Parrish.

Together, they discover love in the scorching Texas heat, in a time when the merest breath of homosexuality was enough to have the accused whipped to death...if the native Indians didn't scalp them first.