Friday, September 4, 2009

My Interview With: Udo Vosstien, aka Master Hunter (HEARTFAST, HEARTCRYSTAL)

LM: With me in the studio today is Udo Vosstien, also known as Master Hunter, the hero in my books HeartFast and HeartCrystal. What a surprise! Welcome, Udo!

MH: Thank you, Linda, and thank you for the invitation. I'm glad I was able to make it. (nervous laugh) That's an interesting photo you've posted.

LM: I never expected you to show up in person. (laughs) You sort of popped in from out of nowhere. By the way, blame StarLight for the photo.

MH: (laughs) I should have known Terran had something to do with it. No, Provoker and I were on an assignment in this quadrant, and I thought why not just show up and surprise you? It was a straight shot, but my time is limited.

LM: Speaking of Provoker, how are things between you and him?

MH: There are times we all rub each other wrong, but in the long run we're Guardians. I trust him with my life. I trust Terran's life with him, just as he trusts us to risk our necks to save his butt. (laughs)

LM: How is reconstruction coming along on Guardian headquarters?

MH: Slow. Deceiver told the bigwigs to concentrate their rebuilding efforts on getting the city rejuvenated first. The people need to feel safe again, and the quickest way to do that is to get things back to normal, or feeling normal, as soon as possible. Our headquarters is adequate for the moment. We can get calls for our help, and we can reply to them. The rest like the training facilities and labs and all can wait.

LM: If you don't mind me getting a little personal, is the honeymoon still going strong with StarLight?

MH: (looks around) Did Star send you something other than photos? (laughs) Let's just say life is never dull. Terran is an incredible, brave, beautiful, and loving woman. I feel blessed every day we're together.

LM: You sound like a man hopelessly in love.

MH: The last thing I expected when I joined the Guardians was to find the other half of my heart.

LM: Okay, I know you're needing to be off, but I have one last question. What's next for you and Terran? Are you planning on raising a family at Guardian headquarters?

MH: Terran and I have discussed this. We plan to remain Guardians, in spite of the risk factors involved. Our fellow Guardians are delighted we're staying and raising a family among them. Only the future knows what will come, and how far we'll be blessed.

LM: Well, thank you again for taking the time to transport over here to answer a few questions. It was a delight to see you again!

MH: You're welcome, Linda. Anytime.

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