Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Interview With: Jebaral Gitall Morr (RUNNER'S MOON: JEBARAL)

LM: I'm delighted to have on my blog today Jebaral Gitall Morr, also known as Jeb, from my Runner's Moon series. Hello, Jeb! Thank you for being here with me today!

JM: Thanks for inviting me. How are you doing today?

LM: I'm doing great. Thanks for asking. Tell me something, is being a logger much different from being in construction? I mean, you were in construction like your brother still is. Other than the obvious, are the working conditions and such much different?

JM: Actually, no. Instead of working with girders, I'm working with cut timber. There's still hauling and lifting, although we have machines to handle the bulk of it. There's also the danger of getting too near one of the band saws.

LM: Sounds like it's just as dangerous to work at the mill than it was to do construction.

JM: It can get quite horny at times.

LM: (pause) Do you mean "hairy", as in frightening?

JM: (chuckles) That's what I meant. Sorry.

LM: No problem! I heard you built your house almost single-handedly. Did it take a long time?

JM: Hannah and I worked evenings and weekends for almost three months before it was safe enough to move into. It took another three months to get it finished. We're quite proud of it.

LM: Wow. A log cabin built from scratch, in the middle of the woods. It sounds quite romantic.

JM: That's what Hannah says. She loves it, plus we're only about fifteen minutes from work, her and me.

LM: Ever get awakened at night by bear or some other animals?

JM: (laughs) Constantly. But we don't fear them. In fact, I think they fear me more.

LM: You go running every night in those woods, don't you? Think it's your alien scent that keeps them away?

JM: Yes.

LM: You were lucky enough to find Hannah, your life mate, before your older brother Simolif found his. And before Tiron found Thom, whom you and Simon have unofficially adopted. Do you see any children in your future?

JM: (pause) Hannah and I would be thrilled beyond words to parent children. But we know the differences in our species will very likely mean we won't be able to have any.

LM: Only a few people in Tumbril Harbor know you are an alien from another world. And in the past they've helped you fight the Arra as well as keep your secret. Do you think that maybe in the future you will "out" yourself to the whole world?

JM: No. That's something we've talked about, and we don't see it ever coming about. For one thing, the attention we'd received could possibly bring the Arra straight to us.

LM: Yes, but couldn't the population as a whole help protect you from being taken again by the Arra?

JM: We can't count on that. No. The fewer people who know, the better. Besides, those who know are people who've met us and know us for what we are. They understand we're not that different from people on this planet. We have hopes and fears, and we love our wives and family.

LM: Jeb, what's the lifespan of a Ruinos? Is it comparable to a human's?

JM: We don't know. It's something that Sarah is having studied. For now, we can only pray it is.

LM: Speaking of comparable, other than the fact that you can smell emotions, and your strength is nearly five times that of a normal man, do Ruinos have any other special attributes or powers we've yet to see?

JM: Well, our females can fly. Not fly. I meant glide. They have wings.

LM: I've seen that with Tiron. Anything else?

JM: (pause) Not that I can think of. But you have to remember that what you may call unique or special, we consider common among us. Guess you'll have to keep working on those stories about us if you want to find out more. (chuckles)

LM: It's a deal! Jeb, one last question. Is there anything about life on Earth that you would change if you had the ability?

JM: No. Nothing. This world has everything we Ruinos need to survive and be happy. I am content, my brother and sister are content, and I have a mate who means more to me than everything I may have or own. Unlike some humans, I have no desire to accumulate more.

LM: Spoken like a man who has learned to appreciate life. Thank you for letting me interview you, Jeb. Is there a Ruinos phrase that means I wish you a long life full of love and happiness?

JM: Orati milem dosa. May the sun's light fill you.

LM: That's beautiful. Orati milem dosa, Jebaral.

JM: And you, too, Linda.

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