Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Illustrator Who Draws Married Life Comics Shares the Year-Long Journey to Getting Pregnant

Illustrator Yehuda Devir is no stranger to sharing his life through art. For years, he has turned everyday moments with his wife Maya into charming—and often hilarious—online couple comics. Through his ongoing series called One of Those Days, he and Maya chronicle their relationship, from the silly to the mundane and beyond. After years of enjoying the comics, you can’t help but feel like you’re friends with them.

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Monday, January 21, 2019

Interview: Capturing the Beautiful Bond Between Mongolian Eagle Keepers and Their Birds

In the far reaches of Mongolia, a small group of nomads keeps the tradition
of eagle hunting  alive. Also known as falconry, this ancient tradition requires
skilled handlers to train birds of prey to assist in hunting wild animals. In
ancient times, the practice was restricted to the noble classes, but today
berkutchi—as it’s called in Mongolia—is a right of passage for young men
living in Western Mongolia’s Altai region.
Golden eagles are the most commonly used birds in the region, a rare feat as
eagles are notoriously hard to train and manage. But the approximately 300
remaining eagle keepers forge a deep bond with their companions, skillfully
working with them in a unique partnership to hunt foxes and small hares.
Photographer Daniel Kordan recently spent time with a group of eagle
keepers, where he was able to capture the beauty of their bonds.

Saturday, January 19, 2019

Photos From the Past

Salt mines of Endovier

Lumberjacks of the 1800s

1966, Aberfan Haldenrutsch, Wales

Friday, January 18, 2019

Now Available in Print! SLASH, a Sensuous Paranormal Romance

Sensuous Paranormal Romance
Word Count: 38.2K
$2.99 e / $9.99 p

Officer Sonia Sparrow is an introvert of sorts, spending her workdays on the force, and her off days alone. But lately it seems she’s acquired a new partner. A dog, that she’s dubbed Slash, keeps showing up at the nick of time to save the day.

Michael Masson, a former Marine, is looking for a quiet life, but he can’t help the desire he still has to serve his country. Having been burned in love once before, he’s vowed to never show his other side to anyone else. Instead. he chooses to spend his life roaming the country and not getting close to anyone. But when he spies the female police officer in trouble, he can’t just sit back and let it happen.

Sonia has been burned in relationships in the past as well, and if she can’t find a trustworthy man, she’s decided a dog would be the perfect companion to keep her loneliness at bay. What she didn’t bargain for was getting both.

The truth is almost too farfetched, but Michael is determined to make her believe. He hopes this new partnership will not only heal old wounds, but evolve into a deep and loving relationship for the both of them.

Warning! Contains beef jerky, once for yes, a coffee break, the constant fear of discovery, an unexpected ally, a trial run, and two broken hearts finding comfort and love within a common goal.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

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Sunday, January 13, 2019

Six on Sunday - SLASH

Six paragraphs from SLASH, a paranormal romance.

His movement was butter smooth as he reached into his back pocket or waistband with the hand that had been on his hip and pulled out a knife. Not a big knife. More like a steak knife, with a serrated edge. But anything with a blade was potentially dangerous.

What are you nosing?” She giggled. “Are you smelling the snacks I bought?” Reaching inside the bag, she pulled out the package of beef jerky links. “Bet this is what caught your attention, wasn’t it? Are you hungry, boy? Would you like some of this?” She opened the package, extracting a link to hold out to him. She half-expected the animal to lunge for the treat, maybe even accidentally nip her in its eagerness to get to it. Once more, the dog proved her wrong when he gently grabbed the end of the link and pulled it out of her hand before hungrily gnawing down on it.

3. He was suddenly aware that there was no longer any sound of footsteps coming from ahead. The man had stopped somewhere and was either in hiding, or waiting to see if anyone was chasing him. Placing his nose to the ground, he quickly found Turlish hiding under the stands. He was impossible to see in the darkness, except Michael had no problem pinpointing his location. From the sound of his heavy breathing, Michael figured the guy was out of shape. He wondered if the man knew he was being stalked by a police dog. 

4. “What the hell is going on? Where’s my dog? Why are you wearing his harness?”

She waited until everyone had cleared the scene before getting back into her own vehicle. As she reached for the ignition, something poked her under her breast. Reaching into the vest, she pulled out the bloodstained harness and leash. For a long moment she stared at it, her mind racing, before tossing the contraption into the passenger seat and heading straight to Memorial Hospital. She was going to get answers. Tonight. One way or another. She had to, or else she could drive herself insane with questions.

6. Limping over to her, he laid his head on her knees. She reached down to run a forefinger over his scar. “I don’t… I can’t…” She suddenly got to her feet and took several steps, distancing herself from him. Turning around, she stared again at his new form. “I have to have time to absorb all this. I’m sorry, Michael. Look, don’t go. Stay the night, at least.” She motioned to the sofa. “You can sleep there. But later on, I need you to still be here when I wake up, okay?” She glanced at the front door, and a tiny smile creased her lips. “At least that answers how you were able to let yourself out of apartment the other day. You turned into a man, went outside, then changed back into a dog, right?”

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