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Chinglish, Anyone?

With the Olympics coming soon to Beijing, changes are being made to where non-Chinese speaking tourists will be able to make their way through the city with little difficulty. Which means interpretations to many of the signs.

You're going to love some of these "missed" interpretations. I know there's some photo journalists who have reported on the more hilarious signs.

For more grins, check out :D

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Monday, July 28, 2008

My Country Grandma's Dictionary: "coot"



codger, fogey, fuddy-duddy—usually an elderly person with limited or diminished mental capacity

Ex: What ‘cha doin’, standing out there in the rain, ya old coot?

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Mooney Does Movies: "Hairspray"

QUICK! If you have any of the premium channels, this movie is showing this month. Better yet, dance your butt to your nearest video store and rent it!

I loved the movie, but I'm NUTS over the music! So open your iTunes and buy the whole album. Now. Just be sure you get the movie soundtrack with Blonsky and Travolta.

This movie comes on the heels of the Broadway version. I have no idea why I never glomed onto it before now, but if ever you need a pick-me-up music-wise, this puppy will do it. :D

A brief synopsis: Tracy Turnblad (newcomer Nikki Blonsky) has a crush on Link (Zac Efron), a boy who appears on a daily teenage dance show called The Corny Collins Show. Link also attends the high school where Tracy goes. But Tracy doesn't believe she has a chance with him because she's very overweight.

To make this the Reader's Digest version: Link falls for Tracy. Tracy can dance her ample derriere off, and gets onto the Corny Collins show. Mom Travolta finally gets out of the house after a decade of seclusion, and "she" can dance the house down, too (natch - It's Travolta!)
There's more, but you'll have to watch the movie to see it. G!

Oh, and why a Travolta as the mother? That's the way it was done in the B-way version, too, with Harvey Fierstein reprising that role. (You probably best know him as the "I gotta call Mama" guy in the movie Independence Day, or as Robin Williams' make-up artist gay brother in Mrs. Doubtfire.) Trust me on this one - Travolta does good. So do all the cast members in this songfest.

I give both the movie and the soundtrack Full Moon ratings!

Now, go get the soundtrack! Then jack up the sound and relive the 60s!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

I Look Like Such a Doofus!

I attended the AuthorFest outside of Chicago in June. Thanks to Denise Fleischer, she's uploaded some pics from that Saturday. And Morgan Mandel has added a video or two to YouTube.

I'm the one in the green striped shirt. I had a terrific time, but I'm nowhere near photogenic. *blech*

Click here for more pictures.

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I'm listed at Fiction Friday! Please vote!

May I ask for your vote, please?
Thanks so much!

From Texas Authors of Romance Fiction, Please Welcome Emma Sanders

Emma Sanders is an author you need to make note of. This Texas gal is making waves with her two novels, and there's more on the way!

My life has always been grounded in books, ever since my mom introduced me to BRER RABBIT when I was two years old. I've dallied in writing since I could write until one day I decided to pursue it seriously. When I discovered mystery, romantic suspense became my passion. I tried my hand at short stories and may do it again, but for now I stick with my love of writing novels. I don't write as fast or as many books as I would like because of my full time job, but I would go crazy if I didn't write the stories in my head. I have two romantic suspense novels published and two more in the works, with plenty of ideas to keep me busy for eternity!

“…a terrific story of reunited lovers.” Heather, Romance Junkies

“…non-stop action from beginning to end…romantic suspense at its best.” Regina , Coffee Time Romance

“…filled with great imagination, storyline, and you can feel the heart of the story from grief, romance, to the suspense throughout each chapter.” Lena , Fallen Angel Reviews

“…a wonderfully romantic story that will keep you guessing until the very end!” Julie, Romance Reader at Heart

“..the right move for all fans of romantic suspense.” Heather, Romance Junkies

Thursday, July 24, 2008

4.5 Red Roses for FIRELIGHT!

Connie's happiest memory is of sitting by the fire in her own sitting room the night Nathaniel came to her. the trouble was that he had been killed centuries before in the Civil War. She embodied the spirit of the girl he loved, but she was a real woman and she was alive. Can they ever find happiness?

This is a beautiful love story. I wished it was longer.
4.5 red roses.
Red Roses for Authors

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

JOURNAL is Now Available at Fictionwise, and 15% Off!

JOURNAL, my zombie horror novella, written under the pen name of Gail Smith, is Now Available at Fictionwise!
And since it's a new entry, it's 15% Off, So Hurry!

JOURNAL is "the hand-written account of one woman's struggle to survive in a world gone DEAD."

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hellooo, Dolly!

We don't get earthquakes, and rarely see tornados touch down. But here on the Texas Gulf coast, we get hurricanes. Not every year, but frequently enough.

It's hurricane season. Fortunately the A, B, and Christobal missed us. But it looks like Dolly is aiming for the Lone Star State.

We're hitting the 100s degree-wise. No matter where Dolly lands, we're going to get rain and a break in the high temps.

Monday, July 21, 2008

From Texas Authors of Romance Fiction, Please Welcome Desiree Holt

Desiree Holt (aka Judith Rochelle) is a Texas gal through and through. As Desiree she writes perfectly steamy erotic romance that's guaranteed to make those humid nights even wetter!

Dream Strokes is her newest release from The Wild(er) Rose Press. Check it out! Click here to order!

Who is this man invading Erin Sullivan dreams, the lover who plays her body like a musical instrument, who knows exactly how to make love to her, to draw out her responses, to take her to unbelievably sensual heights? Is he real or just a figment of her imagination? Dallas Clark wonders the same thing, as each night a raven-haired beauty infiltrates his dreams, giving her body freely, taking him to sensual planes he’s never achieved before? And why does she seem so familiar? Are the spirits of a frolicking merman and a mischievous water nymph reaching beyond a painting in a local gallery? Or has unknowingly sharing the same isolated beach freed two lonely souls from their flesh and blood prisons to unit?

She woke to sense a presence nearby, the feeling that another person was close. Forcing open her heavy-lidded eyes, she saw him standing beside her, broad shoulders tapering to narrow hips, silver light glinting over the curls on his chest and brushing glistening streaks through the rich golden hair on his head.
He was big all over, and hard. Not workout hard like the men she knew. A warrior’s body. There didn’t look to be an ounce of give to him anywhere. He was without a doubt the most masculine man she had ever seen, muscles limned in the ambient light, his face defined by a square jaw and high cheek-bones. She couldn’t see the color of his eyes in the dark, only that the faint light from the sky shone in them, reflecting the lust burning there.
Her heart trip-hammered, and she tried to move away on the bed.
He reached out and placed it a hand on her arm, stopping her. “No. I won’t harm you. Don’t move.”
She looked around. Yes, this was her bedroom, her window with the moonlight streaming in. But who was this man standing so close to her?
He lifted the sheet covering her naked body and drew it back, as if unwrapping a package, his eyes devouring her as each inch of her was revealed. Her flesh shivered under his gaze. When she lifted her arms to cover herself, he shook his head. “Why would you want to hide a body so beautiful and tempting?”
Erin dropped her hands to her sides, unexpectedly craving the stranger’s touch, the caress of his gaze on her skin. Her heart hammered against her ribs and heat bloomed throughout all her erogenous zones. How could she be doing this, exposing herself to a total stranger? Yet it seemed so very right. So…so…fated. That was it. Fated. As if arranged by a power greater than both of them.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Enchanting Reviews Loves SANDEFLAY!

Let’s meet Collin First, a man quite unlike some of the men you would meet today. A man who takes his job very seriously; some would say too much so. Unless of course you are from his plane of existence and his job could save the world and does every day. For you see, he is an Extinguisher and they have to have their mind on their job at all times. Because there are things that come into our world through Ducts from his world that could destroy us all. But it would seem Collin has become a little preoccupied with a young woman from our world named Miranda. And he thinks he has fallen in love with her - something his world forbids, but he will try all in his power to stay with her even if it costs him his life.

Let’s meet Miranda Sayers, a young woman who has been confined to a wheelchair most of her life. Her grandmother has had to go to a nursing home and Miranda has been left on her own. And that is something she cannot cope well with. She has always wanted to be like other young women - have a job, get married, have children; but it is only a dream to her. Something so far out of reach she can only dream. Then one day she looks into the hazel eyes of Collin and her world is turned upside down.

This is the story of two young people always looking for just a little more out of life even though they think it will never happen. Collin has a job that requires all of his attention and Miranda, well, all she knows is the wheelchair under her legs and thinks that is all anyone will ever see, not the young fierce heart that beats there; never dreaming that Collin might actually look at her in a romantic way. But he does and their worlds are going to be turned upside down, and the adventure of a lifetime is beginning for Miranda. For you see, Colin is not of our world.

I loved this story. It had the entire heart-string-pulling you come to expect from Ms. Mooney, but always with a little something extra. She never disappoints her readers. I really loved the characters and the way they were drawn to each other. I loved Collin’s pet and you will too. I loved all the character development in this story and I hope we get more stories from this world about other Extinguishers and their lives. I always come away from a Linda Mooney book with a little tear and a few stars in my eyes for her books are what romance is made of. People that truly care about one another and not just sex but there is that too but it is done in such a way that you just feel the love between the characters and wish them well.

Now a little about our author, Ms Linda Mooney. She is married with two sons and is a kindergarten teacher. She has taken a lot of her time to write us these fantastic novels. She has written for several publishers and for Whiskey Creek Press Torrid. She has had three best sellers in the past few months and is even writing more as we speak. And she has received a new contract for more of her books and I cannot wait to get my hands on them.

Rating: 5 Enchantments
Reviewed by Melanie
Enchanting Reviews
June 2008

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Joss Whedon Strikes Again! "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog"

QUICK! BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE! If you loved the Buffy musical/episode, you'll love this!

Click here to view and purchase for just $3.99 at iTunes. But hurry! This puppy leaves the planet on Sunday, July 20th!

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From Texas Authors of Romance Fiction, Please Welcome Teri Thackston

Texan Teri Thackston loves the supernatural and paranormal. Her latest release FINAL WORDS is sure to become a best-seller!

A young medical examiner has a near-death experience, returning to life with the ability to communicate with the spirits of those she autopsies. The skeptical detective investigating her case fears she might be crazy but finds himself falling hard for her. When a serial killer enters her life, will the spirits help her identify him before he silences her forever?

Author: Teri Thackston (Website)
Review Date: 6/11/2008
ISBN: 9781419915246
E-Book Price: $6.99
Publisher: Cerridwen Press - (Website)
Genre(s): Paranormal
Score (1-5) Hearts: 4

When Emma St. Clair dies from a hit and run accident, she is brought back to life by a team of ER doctors and nurses. What transpired during those moments when she was clinically dead has put her life in complete chaos. As a medical examiner, she deals with death everyday and now it seems the dead are talking to her. She's afraid that she is mentally unstable and tries to hide the strange visits by the dead from everyone she knows. Why is this happening to her? What is she suppose to do with the information the dead is giving her that is chillingly leading her to a killer?

Detective Jason MacKenzie is dealing with the grief of loosing his sister and recently two of his friends by obsessively working on his cases which brings him to Emma's accident. He knows Emma is hiding something and is determined to find out what it is. Both of their lives become intertwined in the deadly web of events around them, and both are struggling with fragile emotions that an attraction between the two of them complicates. Can Emma give in to those building desires and still keep her secret? Can Jason let go of a past guilt and make room in his heart for Emma before a killer destroys both of their lives?

Final Words by Teri Thackston is a nail-biting thriller through the heart and soul of two people that are struggling with their own personal demons. As grizzly and otherworldly events bring them together, their emotions, and desires will melt your heart. This story grips the reader from the beginning and pulls you into the turmoil surrounding each character. You can feel the tension build with each page as it leads you to a breath-taking ending. Teri Thackston has penned an excellent book of paranormal, mystery and heart-warming romance that is hard to put down. This is the first novel I've read by this author and I would love to read more from her. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

~Reviewed by Susan, Night Owl Romance Reviews

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Simply Romance Reviews Made SANDEFLAY an Outstanding Read!

Miranda Sayers was in a horrible accident that left her in a wheelchair. Her gorgeous neighbor one floor up, Collin First, tries to look out for her, he’s nice, but Randi knows they have no future. A man like Collin would want a perfect woman, a whole woman. What Randi doesn’t know is that there is something extremely rare and special about her.

Collin is an Extinguisher from the planet Sandeflay. His job is to keep the big ugly, dangerous beasts from coming through Ducts that can be made with disks the Extinguishers keep on them. Ducts open from Sandeflay to Earth and our worst nightmares come to life in animal form.

An Extinguisher’s life is a lonely life, but Collin has a pet, Bud. Bud is a tygren—on Sandeflay a tygren is one of those big bads that we try to avoid. But since Collin raised him from a cub, he’s tame—ish. When Randi sees him for the first time, the 800 pound animal terrified. Bud has the ability to blend into his surroundings, but when not in stealth mode, he looks like a bear with tiger stripes. And with one meeting, he makes Randi his new best friend.

An emergency causes and almost fatal disaster, but Collin’s main concern is Randi. Earth women can’t live on Sandeflay, their bodies can’t tolerate the atmosphere. Even though her time might be limited, she wants to spend all she can with Collin. She wants to live and be the woman that he sees her as. But within the first day, Randi starts showing signs of distress. Determined not to lose her, Collin, starts breaking the laws of his planet. He marries Randi in secret, and the two start on their perfect honeymoon. Barely one day into their marriage, Collin decides he’ll do what ever he has to to keep Randi as his wife.

Sandeflay is more advanced in medicine than on Earth, and they find something that helps Randi to walk again. But this isn’t the only miracle that is happening. Randi has the ability to see the creatures of Sandelfay that normal people can’t see until it’s too late. Many question this ability, and then stories from Randi’s childhood, told by her mother come to mind, stories that connect with Sandeflay. Truths come to the surface and proof is needed to back up a claim. But when Randi is set back to Earth, she has to make a deadline or lose the man she loves forever.

Let me tell you, the shocks and wow’s in this book are outstanding. Sandeflay sounds like a place I would love to visit or even live. This book is full of life and the people are wonderfully real. Collin is hunk and in a few paragraphs you fall for him hard. Randi is a strong woman, and when she finds that place inside her, the one that she hid years ago, that lady is one that is so easy to like and in time you cheer for her and Collin. Especially when Linda throws one more extra surprise into the mix. Great book, a definite keeper.

~ Grade A

~ Reviewed by Melisa, Simply Romance Reviews

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I’m a Millionaire!

$6.9 million, to be exact, according to the U.S. Government.

In May, the Environmental Protection Agency ruled that the "value of a statistical life" is worth that much in today’s dollars. Don’t pat yourself on the back just yet. That number is down by $1 million from five years ago.

To get the whole story, you can click
here or you can Google "EPA Value of a Statistical Life".

In the meantime, I’m off to see what kind of interest rates I can get. :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

From Texas Authors of Romance Fiction, Please Welcome Carolyn Gregg

The Texas hill country gives Carolyn Gregg plenty of reason and space to concoct her wide range of erotic fiction. From contemporary to fantasy, her works can be labeled anywhere from sensuous to a heat factor of plus five.

Where does she get her ideas? "I never know when something will strike me out of the blue. I saw some vegetables at the grocery store the other day, and BOOM! Now I'm working on that one."

To see what she has out, or out soon, please visit her website at or you can friend her at her My Space

The Pearl of Passion
A scorching erotic fantasy
by Carolyn Gregg
from Red Rose Publishing
Heat Rating: explicit

Livvy Truitt is a self-confessed nympho. But she's also a woman savvy about the dangers of dating in this day and age. Which is why she gets her jollies as often as she can via her toys.When her current favorite suddenly conks out on her, and the local sex shop doesn't carry anything that interests her, she follows a friend's advice and orders a Pearl of Passion from a new and distinctly different shop online.She soon finds out her pretty little vibrator is more than unique. It's also possessed. And when the president of the company from where she bought it tries to get it back, Livvy comes to discover the true meaning of the words "satisfaction guaranteed".


It was Friday, and Fridays were always a reason to celebrate. But even better was the FedEx package Livvy saw propped against her front door when she walked up to her apartment. Now she could screw herself all night long if she wanted, and to hell with having to wake up to the alarm clock the next morning!
Once inside, she threw her purse and keys on the sofa and went over to the computer desk where she knew she kept a pair of scissors in the top drawer. She barely glanced at the A-Lad-In logo with its magic lamp in the return address area
Amid the bubble wrap lay a silk cocoon. No, it was a carry bag. "Oh, how cute!" she exclaimed as she lifted the pearl-colored bag from its nest. An envelope with her name on the outside was underneath the vibrator. Livvy picked it up and pulled out the slender sheet of vellum, thinking it was instructions or a packing receipt for her order. It was neither.
Dear Ms. Truitt,
Enclosed you will find your Pearl of Passion. We are sure you will find it exceeds your wildest dreams. The Pearl is also waterproof and guaranteed with its enclosed battery for one full year. However we ask that you do not place your Pearl in the microwave or oven. Or that you store the Pearl in the plastic manufacturer’s case.
If for any reason you are not satisfied, please contact us via email and we will try to rectify the situation to your ultimate satisfaction as soon as possible.
Thank you for your
patronage, and please come back again to A-Lad-In to try another of our superior products.
It was signed by a scratched signature she couldn’t read, but the byline underneath it read President, A-Lad-In Products.
A previous sentence drew her eyes back up the note. What did it mean "in the plastic manufacturer’s case" ? She glanced back at the silk-bagged object now nestled in her lap. Damn, but it almost felt as if the thing was starting to make itself at home! There was the slightest vibration, but Livvy passed it off as a figment of her imagination.
In fact, it was time to let her imagination take flight.

A hilarious, sassy contemporaryby Carolyn Gregg
Available Now from Red Rose Publishing
Erotic/ Contemporary, erotic humorous
ISBN: 978-1-60435-124-8
Price: $2.99

Test models? Are you ready for the fun to begin?
When Charlotte Skye was suddenly thrust into the position of CEO of a company that makes condoms, she discovered her late daddy’s company was about to declare bankruptcy. It fell on her shoulders to come up with some new and innovative products that would revitalize sales. All she needed were actual men to do the testing.
Guy Stenson desperately needed the money, and word was this unusual job paid top dollar. But to model and test condoms?
How hard could it be?

EXCERPT: (rated PG-13) (Warning: Content has been edited to PG13 status.)

The testing facilities were in the same building as the offices, instead of at the factory, which was fine with Guy. Being in the same proximity as the president of the company meant it was very likely they could bump into each other. Or, if he was really lucky, she might come to check out how things were going. He hoped his intuition that this woman wanted to personally keep her finger on the pulse of every detail proved true.When he had gotten back to the apartment last night, Guy had checked the internet to read up about Skye Blue Condoms. Now he had a better grasp on what was going on. The business was sinking fast on the stock market, which could only mean it was heading for bankruptcy. No doubt Miss Charlotte was determined to keep her father’s company from going under. And apparently she was hoping to introduce some new lines that would prevent that from happening.As soon as he exited onto the sixth floor, the woman behind the counter greeted him and asked for his name. She slapped the requisite IRS tax form in front of him and handed him a pen. Less than a minute later, a young man dressed in a lab coat came to take him back to a small room. It was one of many rooms lining both sides of the hallway. Inside was a sink and counter, and a padded examination table. A small cabinet sat on the wall above the sink, but otherwise the room was bare. The orderly indicated a manila folder sitting on the counter. "Just follow these directions. When you’re finished, you’re free to leave. Just be sure to leave the folder here.""I don’t have to punch a time clock or anything?" Guy asked."The receptionist keeps track of your time in and out. If you have any questions or concerns, and need an actual person to assist you, you can punch the button on the wall, and someone will respond."Need an actual person to assist him? How assist? How much help does a fella need to put on a condom?
Amused, Guy nodded, and the orderly left. As soon as the door was closed, he went over to the folder that had his name neatly typed on the tab. There were two sheets of paper inside: one contained a list of instructions, the other was for his responses. Direction number one answered his first question before he could utter it.The product you will be testing is located in the cabinet above the sink. There are also some aides in the cabinet if you need help preparing yourself."What the...?"
There was a small cardboard box in the cabinet. Next to it was a package of moistened towelettes. There was also a small pile of magazines sitting on the next shelf. Guy pulled one out to glance at the header. Hardcore mags. Well, they could remain in the cabinet for all he cared. He had something better that would get him hard, and in no time flat.In fact, he was already at half-staff as it was. He opened the box to see what was inside.
Fruit flavored condoms.Guy stared at the red packet lying in his palm. Not for actual use as a prophylactic."Not for...what the hell." What was he supposed to test it for? Leakage or taste?A soft knock at the door interrupted his train of thought. It was a good thing he hadn’t dropped his pants yet.
"Come in."Glancing back at the little plastic square in his hand, he looked up to see a familiar figure slip inside and shut the door behind her. Then lock it. At first he didn’t know if he needed to ask her to leave, or if there was a good reason for the president of the company for being there. Either way, just the sight of her, and the whiff of whatever cologne she was wearing, was enough to send him from half-mast to full, rigid attention. Dammit, she was like a magnet, and he was more than ready to attach himself to her.
"Good evening, Guy.""Hello." He started to ask her why she was there, then decided it wasn’t important. It was her company. He would play the new employee role and see how far it got him. And pray she was coming up to bat, and looking for a four-run homer.Guy waggled the condom at her. "Fruit flavored?"Charlotte sat down on the examination table. "We looking into a line of fun items. Play toys that aren’t actual condoms, but which imitate them.""Yeah. I read the warning that it wasn’t meant for actual use. So what’s the purpose of them?"
"Did you read your directions?""No. You came in before I had the chance to," he told her, giving her a tentative smile.
She smiled back, disarming dimples and all, but didn’t remark further. Guy snorted and picked up the paper.
You will be testing the product for fit and comfort. Also for taste."For taste?" He almost laughed. A second glance into the box revealed a whole rainbow of colors: pink, red, green, yellow, gold, and brown. Lifting one of the brown packets, he wagged it at Charlotte. "Dare I even ask what flavor this is?"

Winter’s Fyre
An erotic Christmas fantasy
by Carolyn Gregg
Available from Red Rose Publishing
Heat rating: explicit
ISBN # - 978-1-60435-046-3

Shelby Fyre owns Fyreside Inn. It's a respectable bed and breakfast, except for one thing. There's a strange man appearing in her shower, in her kitchen, and in her bedroom.
The only problem is...Shelby lives alone.

Excerpt: (Warning - PG13 content)

"Can you give me a description again of the guy, in case I might see him around?" The man pulled a small spiral notebook out of his jacket pocket.
"Umm, young. In his late twenties or early thirties. Dark hair. Blue eyes. About your height."
"What was he wearing?"
The deputy’s eyes grew larger. "Pardon? Nothing?"
"Not a thing. He was bare as the day he was born," she told him.
"Can I ask what he was doing in your bedroom, uhh, naked?"
The vision of the stranger bringing himself to the point of ecstasy threw a hot rush of embarrassment into her face. "I-I-I guess he was getting ready for bed, and he happens to like sleeping in the buff. Hell, I don’t know, Dennis. I saw a naked man and bolted." She gave a nervous giggle. "I didn’t stop to ask him who he was or where he came from."
"That’s all right. Look, I’ll put the word out and we’ll be sure to keep our eyes open for this guy. Unless he kept a change of clothes nearby, he may be out there in the snow freezing his balls off. Either that, or he’s sought shelter elsewhere because he sure isn’t in this house anymore." The deputy gave her a friendly pat on the shoulder and looked her in the eye. "If this guy shows up again, don’t hesitate to call us back. Got that?"
"Sure," Shelby answered as the deputy went over to where the receiver was still off the hook. He spoke a few words into the phone before hanging it up.
"Well, I’ll go file a report. Have a Merry Christmas, Shelby."
"Thanks, Dennis. You, too. Tell Vicky ‘hi’ for me."
"I will."
She watched him traipse through the snow and get back into his car. It wasn’t until a blast of cold air came through the door that Shelby closed and locked it. Immediately her eyes slid back to the hallway. She needed to change into something warmer, plus get some socks over her frozen toes. But that meant going back into her bedroom where that guy had—
Ohmygosh! He did!
Her legs were already taking her back to the bedroom before she was aware of her actions. Her daddy had always claimed that a good defense was a good offense. And, hell, she wasn’t about to be frightened out of her home by some pervert!
The room was empty, as she half-expected it to be. Stopping beside the foot of her bed, Shelby glared at the walls around her. "Hey, you! You bastard. Show yourself, you prick! What in hell were you doing in my bedroom?" She waited, listening. Believing she was as prepared as she hoped.
"Guess you’re too chicken to face me again, huh? Now that I’ve seen your dinky dick and what you have to do to get any action!" she taunted, and paused again.
Still nothing.
"Okay, Shelby. You gave it the old college try. Maybe you just imagined the guy in here. Maybe that’s why he vanished when he tried to touch you." Talking aloud had always helped her get her thoughts in order. This time it was helping to chase away the last of the tremors.
Mentally squaring her shoulders, she turned to go into the bathroom when a figure loomed in the doorway. Still naked except for the fluffy blue towel draped around his middle and an angry glare on his face.
Shelby gave another little shriek, threw a hand over her mouth, and literally fell back onto the bed in shock.
"I’ll ignore that dinky dick remark if you’ll tell me what the fuck you’re doing in my bedroom," the man demanded.
The comment rankled. Immediately Shelby retaliated before she had a chance to think. "Your bedroom? Since when?"
"Since I bought the place!" he raged.
He hadn’t made another move toward her, but it irritated her to see him dripping water all over her hardwood floor. On top of that, his towel was slowly heading south. Shelby tried to ignore it. "What do you mean, you bought it?" She let out a nervous albeit angry giggle when he had to grab the towel to stop its descent. "This inn has been in my family for nearly thirty years, buster! And I’m not about to sell it!"
The man looked confused. Good for him. "Then explain to me how I was able to purchase it a month ago and move in. And why are you—" His words suddenly stopped, and that paleness creep back into his face. "Oh, shit."
"What?" She watched as he glanced around, then turned to look behind him. Since he didn’t seem to mind the puddle of water gathering at his feet, Shelby was of half a mind to jerk that towel right off of him, and bend down between his legs and...mop it up.
Nice going, her little devil praised her with a shit-eating grin. Let him. Now that her initial fear was over, she was getting to appreciate the sight of those bumpy abs and wide pecs. Not to mention the bulge starting to show in the center of the towel. The blue towel.
Blue towel? Wait minute. She didn’t have blue towels like that one. Not any solids ones, anyway.
She started to mention the fact when he stopped examining the room, and his eyes bored directly into hers. "What day is this?"
"Day? Christmas Eve. Why?"
"What’s your name?" he almost growled, and the sound sent a little shiver through her as well as pricked her anger.
"My name is Shelby Fyre. This is the Fyreside Inn. And you, Mr. Jerk Off, are trespassing!"
She started to stomp out of the bedroom and head back to the telephone when the man made a move to stop her. She threw up her arms to ward him off—
—and he was gone. Again. Just like that.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Oh, Lawsy...I'm a Goner

Starbucks has a new liqueur out that has the taste of their frappuccinos and coffee. Anyone out there tasted it? I'm soooo afraid that if I do, I'll be a goner. Heaven knows I'm already addicted to their mochas. *sigh*

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Mooney Does Movies: "Krrish"

First off, I’m going to tell you right off the bat that this movie, quality-wise, is not that good. We in the U.S. have action and super heroes coming out the wazoo, so we’re pretty much over-saturated when it comes to plot, etc., when it comes to the next super-powered being coming out of the gate. But when they look as lick-a-licious as Krrish, with or without the coat, you gotta give allowances. (I saw the movie at my local Hastings, and just had to see if the man was as yummy on screen as he appeared on the DVD cover.)

Secondly, this is a movie from India, done in the Bollywood style that is wildly successful overseas. So take that into account when the hero starts prancing about like a doofus on tippy toes, and the heroine sings like a cartoon mouse. Despite that, the songs are catchy, dadgum it! Better, the DVD gives you the option of watching just the musical numbers without having to scan through the rest of the movie, hunting for them.

Thirdly, I was surprised to find out that this movie was a sequel, and also the first Hindi picture to feature a super hero. Despite the fact that the first movie ended on such a downer, this one stands on its own and gives us an HEA.

The heart of this 185 min. movie revolves around Krishna "Krrish" Mehra, played by Hrithik Roshan. Girls, the muscles are real, the face is to die for, and those green eyes will steal your breath. As a boy, Krishna is taken to the middle of nowhere by his grandmother, and raised in secret. Seems there’s a bad man out there who had killed Krishna’s father because the father had super-human mental gifts, and the son is also demonstrating super powers, but of the physical kind.

Along comes Priya (Priyanka Chopra) with her camping group. She of the flawless face and hair is saved by Krishna, and they sing of their attraction to each other. So when Priya returns home to Singapore, Krishna has to follow her. It’s while he’s in the big city, he takes on a secret identity to help save lives, and Krrish becomes an instant hit with the public. (Add the black, shiny, patent leather, ankle-length coat and mask, and you’ll probably end up like me, scoping out additional pictures on the ‘net.)

To paraphrase Billy Bob Thornton, Krrish gives us:

Wire fu
Jumping Trees and Buildings in a Single Bound fu
Thick, long, gorgeous hair fu
song-and-dance fu
chasing horses and helicopters on foot fu
death by fire extinguisher
death by computer
teary confessions
and nary a kiss on the lips (against Hindu custom)

My rating? Half moon.
Like I said earlier, the movie is not that spectacular. But, damn! The eye candy sure makes up for it!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Grieving Over the Death of a Character

I killed a main character in my book last night.

And when it came time to write the next chapter, I simply couldn’t do it. No matter how hard I tried to get myself back into it, I couldn’t do it.

Because I hadn’t grieved yet.

I had no idea such an act would affect me like it did. I was wrong.

I can get a perspective on this, sort of. I mean, when I’m watching a movie or a television show, and a main character dies (Flower, for one. Warrick, for another.) I’m stunned. I didn’t see it coming. I didn’t expect such a thing to happen. But it did, and now I’ve become emotionally involved to the point where I’m sitting in my chair and bawling my eyes out.

I think it’s the "emotionally involved" part that got to me. I’ve almost killed off main characters before. Key word in that case is almost. I’ve led other main characters to believe that certain people are dead. And then had to deal with their mourning. But until now I didn’t kill a character who has been in the book since the beginning. He had to die. It’s a major MAJOR plot point. But I thought that, since I had created this guy, I could kill him without any problems. Sort of like the old adage "I brought you into this world. I can take you out of it."

It doesn’t work that way. At least, it doesn’t for me.

I. Hurt.

I’m grieving, dammit, but there’s no going back. The guy has to stay dead.

Give me a while, will you? Once I’m able to cope again, I’ll get back in my seat and start on my next book.

Until then...

Friday, July 11, 2008

Happy Birthday, TJ!!!


I'm guilty! I eat at the computer. I drink while I'm on the computer.
I drive my DH abso-nutsly up the wall because of my bad habit.
Am I the only one who does this? Is there a 12-step program for "keyboard snackers" like me?

Thursday, July 10, 2008

From Texas Authors of Romance Fiction, Please Welcome Diana Castilleja (Diana DeRicci)

I am pleased to announced that I will be writing for a new publisher! I'll be writing some spicier works under the name of Diana DeRicci with Liquid Silver Books!

If you have enjoyed the emotion, suspense or the fantasy of my original writing but would like to venture on with somethinga little more grown up, please feel free to visit my new site!These works will be kept separate since the content is wellabove what most of my readers would normally expect. The stories themselves are still monogamous and homogeneous(try spelling THAT without errors!) but due to the heat and language of the story, it has been decided that the division would best suit the stories to avoid any confusion aboutindividual content.

I will still be writing under my name, Diana Castilleja, and have several releases in the works for 2009! I've been a busywoman!

I'm very happy to be branching into this new spectrum of writing and hope that you, my readers, enjoy it as muchas I did writing them.

Diana Castilleja / Diana DeRicci
Best Selling Author

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

They’re Always Eating Spaghetti

Hubby was watching a TV show, where the family was gathered around the dinner table and discussing the plot of the week. They were eating spaghetti.

I saw Hancock at the theater last Saturday. There was a minor plot point revolving around Spaghetti Madness on Thursdays (and meatballs).

In fact, when I think back on it, the ONLY time I see people on television or in the movies eating something other than spaghetti is because they’re advertising for that company. (For KFC, they’re eating chicken. For McDonald’s, hamburgers.)

Go back and check! Yeah, if it’s a holiday movie, chances are they’re serving turkey. (Or Chinese food. Thanks, Ralphie.) But I’ll bet you, every other time, there’s spaghetti on the table. Remember ELF? Spaghetti with syrup.

"Wanna come home with me? Meet the wife and kids. Have dinner with us."

Bet they’re having spaghetti.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Mooney's Mailbox: Regarding WIPs

(Reposted in part with permission.)

Hello, Linda,
I was at your blog today and I noticed the names of some books over on the side where you have them listed with percentages. Are these new books? Where can I get them? Please let me know.

Dear Reader,

Many thanks for stopping by to check out my blog! Those percentages are my WIPs (works in progress). As you can see, I’m aiming for a 60,000 word count on each one, which is considered novel size to my intended publisher. (If you ever see anything smaller, more than likely it’s intended for an anthology.)

You see, publishers go by word count, not number of pages, since some authors single-space while others double-space. And the size of the font being used can also make a big difference. So publishers look for a "true word count". I like to write novels, and if I keep them around 60K in size, it increases my chances of going into print.

If you’re curious as to what each book is about, then I’ll let you in on a little secret. Click on the title. :D

Thanks again!


Monday, July 7, 2008

From Texas Authors of Romance Fiction, Please Welcome Robyn Wren

They'd always been sent to help mortals. Euterpe had longed to return, to provide her gifts to another human. Her chance to go back had come. If she'd known what would happen next she might have had second thoughts. Ceris was a loner, never one to surround himself with others, music was his only source of company. He could feel the words hidden deep inside but could not unlock them from his soul. Could the woman he saves help? By saving her could he save himself? Hounded by the shadows of Hades, will Ceris be able to save Euterpe from the pursuits of the Dark God or will he lose his soul as he fights for her past? As the bond between them grows from a spark to a white hot flame, will their newfound love be enough to save them both from the darkness and bring them into Destiny's Light.

Destiny's Light is the 3rd book in an anthology from The Wild Rose Press featuring the different 9 Greek Muses. I had such a blast with this book and hope all enjoy it as much as I did!

You can order it here from Wild Rose Press.

Robyn Wren

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Mooney Does Movies: "Hancock"

I loved Hancock.

There. I got the most important stuff out of the way.

Have you noticed Will Smith loves the sci-fi genre? Good news for us sci-fi fans! Okay, given his past couple of outings in this genre haven’t been too successful (I, Robot and I Am Legend - but, hey, I dug Legend! And I have the book, plus the Price and Heston versions.) But this guy punched all my buttons when it came to this movie:

The super hero has human faults - check!
Humor and pathos - check!
Believable powers - check!
Neat special effects - check!
Tongue-lucious black suit - oooh, check!
Plausible origin of powers - check!
Ending I can live with - check! check!

The supporting cast is equally superb. Jason Bateman plays a PR man who takes on Hancock to try and improve the man’s beleaguered image. Charlize Theron plays Bateman’s wife who has a secret.

The first half of the movie deals with Hancock coming to grips with gaining a more positive image with society. But it’s the second half that has critics either howling or approving, and I’ll tell you why (without spoilers).

If you are a lover of romance, a romantic at heart, or if you believe in the power of love being able to right all wrongs, then this movie will find a special place in your heart.

My truest test of any movie is the simple question, "Is it a keeper?" In my humble opinion, Hancock is most definitely a keeper. (I can’t wait for its release on DVD, which I hope will contain a few extra goodies.)

One more thing - don’t leave the theaters right as the credits start to roll, or you’ll miss a neat tag scene.

My rating? Keepers always get a full moon.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Cute, But Would You Use These?

Granted, they're towels and bedsheets that no one else would know you use (unless you tend to hang them up outside on the clothesline to dry).

But would you really use these products?

Friday, July 4, 2008

Stars and Stripes FOREVER!

I just found this! I LOVE the Muppets! Hope you enjoy, too. :)

Stars & Stripes FOREVER!

Have a Happy, Safe, and Blessed Fourth of July!

If you're curious as to why I'm using Red Skelton's version of The Pledge of Allegiance on my blog, then you need to check it out. I still get tears in my eyes whenever I hear this explanation of a civic vow I believe too many people have become apathetic to.

Please note that at the time, the words "under God" were not part of the pledge when Skelton was a child. Those words were added on June 14, 1954, by President Eisenhower.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

From Texas Authors of Romance Fiction, Please Welcome Tracy Goodwin

Tracy Goodwin's Dance With Deception is winning her astounding praise from readers and reviewers alike!

5 Stars (out of 5)
Spectacularly written is this well put together tale of love, hope and passion. Tracy Goodwin has managed to rekindle a sense of joie de vivre into my being with the colorful characters of Sebastian and Gwen as they find each other and find love in the process. Dance with Deception is truly a keeper.

-- Euro Reviews

4 Stars (out of 5)
A bit dark at times, Goodwin's Regency is filled with emotions, affairs of the heart and a flesh-and-blood hero who isn't perfect but deserves points for vowing to make the lady of his heart his wife. The heroine also is worthy of kudos.

--Romantic Times

Please check out her website and MySpace at

And while you're at it, friend Texas Authors of Romance Fiction at

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

My First Review for HeartFast!

Reviewed by
Simply Romance Reviews

StarLight and Master Hunter live on a world where a cold and impersonal law handfasts couples to procreate. After almost half of the planets’ population was deemed unsuitable to reproduce viable children, this law went into effect.

StarLight and Master Hunter are immune to the Handfast Law. Or so they thought. After it is announced that they are to handfast, a web of intrigue, deception, and greed is slowly and artistically rendered by the author.

HeartFast was not just a satisfying romance, it was also a mind-teasing mystery and science fiction read as well. Visual imagery was well written, and the mystery surrounding the unsanctioned handfast skillfully told. While I can usually figure out what’s coming, this story kept me guessing to the end.

Emotionally conveyed, StarLight and Master Hunter’s story was equally touching, painful and poignant to read. I look forward to further stories in this new series.