Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My Interview With: Dr. Robin Dickenson (THE GIFTED)

LM: Today I'm honored to be hosting Dr. Robin Dickenson, the hero from my book THE GIFTED. Hello, Robin! Thank you for taking the day off from work to meet with me!

RD: Hi, Linda! Thanks for having me. Actually, I took today off for two reasons. One, for this interview, and the other was to look at some property.

LM: Property? Like, to build a house on?

RD: Exactly. Sree and I have been working with an architect on designing a house that constitutes a lot of things that will make Sree feel comfortable. You know, to make her feel more at home.

LM: Is that where your picture was taken? The one you emailed me from your phone?

RD: Yes. That's part of the fencing lining the road. This place is way out in the middle of nowhere. (laughs)

LM: So you're wanting a home outside the city limits?

RD: Yes, but still within reasonable distance from the Space Center.

LM: I noticed you're not wearing your glasses. Did you finally get contacts?

RD: No. Just took the glasses off for a moment.

LM: So, is the property pretty much a done deal?

RD: Looks that way. It's around ninety acres. We'll have the house built at the top of the small crest, away from the main road.

LM: How long do you think it'll take before you can move in?

RD: Funny you should ask. Initially, the contractor gave us a ballpark estimate of three months to clear the land, and have the water well dug, and the septic tank and sewer system installed. Once Sah'Reena showed him how she planned to help in their digging efforts, he changed his estimate to two weeks. (laughs)

LM: Two weeks? Oh, my gosh!

RD: Hey, what can I say when the missus has the ability to dig a pit the size of a Mack truck in less than ten seconds? With a bit of good weather, we might be in our new home in about four months.

LM: That's remarkable! By the way, any further backlash or developments regarding Sah'Reena's position over at the Space Center?

RD: No. None whatsoever. And get this, Sree's had two universities offer to give her honorary doctorate degrees in Interplanetary Studies and Astronomy.

LM: What did Sah'Reena say?

RD: Oh, she's flabbergasted. But I think she'll take them up on their offers, just because she has that need to be accepted. To be herself and not be afraid of what others might try to do to her because of that tremendous power she has.

LM: And you'll be right there by her side to support her, as always.

RD: You can count on it.

LM: Well, Robin, I'm happy to hear how well things are working out for you and Sah'Reena. I was at Hobby Airport the other day, and I saw the huge sign.

RD: You mean the one that has her opening her eyes, and underneath it says, "These eyes have seen other worlds."?

LM: Yes, that one. It's very striking, especially when you see her irises shrink down into little stars.

RD: Personally, I like it, too. (chuckles) Oh, I'm getting a wave from Sree. Guess it's time to close this down. Thanks for having me, Linda. Frankly, ninety-nine percent of the time when there's an interview to be done, it's with my wife instead of me.

LM: Hey, I feel you're just as important in her being here and alive. Thank you for the insight and news about the new construction.

RD: When it's finally finished, why don't you come down to visit?

LM: I'd love to! Thanks for the invitation.

RD: Super! All right, I'm off. Sree will be getting in touch with you soon to do her stint.

LM: Okay! Thanks again, Robin. It's been fun.

RD: You're welcome!

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