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Tiny Landscapes

Turkish artist Hasan Kale creates impossibly tiny landscapes on pieces of food from onion peels to kiwi seeds and bits of chocolate.

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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Welcome to the Science Fiction Romance Brigade Midsummer Blog Hop!

Starry Nights
(A vignette from the Battle Lord Saga.)
by Linda Mooney

They were half a day's journey from reaching Alta Novis. Lying on her back, Atty could hear her husband caring for the small cooking fire they'd made, keeping it fed to prevent them from becoming chilled before sunrise. A smile curved her lips. Fat chance of that happening. The first thing Yulen would do when he joined her in the bedroll would be to gather her in his arms and spoon himself around her.
            It wasn't long before the battle lord made his way to where she lay. Removing his weapons belt, he placed it on the ground, next to the bedroll, where he could easily reach it if something threatened them. Ditching his boots, he crawled inside. Strong arms slid around her waist, and slowly she was pulled into his embrace. A mouth nuzzled behind her ear. "You're unusually quiet tonight," he murmured, then placed a kiss on her earlobe.
            "I'm watching the sky," Atty whispered.
            Lifting an arm, she pointed toward a cluster of bright spots almost directly overhead. "It's hard to believe those are suns."
            "That's what I was taught, as well. We can't feel their warmth because they're too far away, but we can still see their light."
            "I know that," she teasingly admonished him. "But I would rather think of them as the souls of those who have died, the way some ancient cultures used to believe."
            "Hmm. Haven't heard that one. So, everyone who dies becomes a star?"
            "Yeah. The story says when you die, your soul enters the heavens, and that's why there's so many stars."
            "Does it also explain why some stars are brighter than others?"
            One hand was creeping across her waist, and fingers dipped between her belly and pants. Already he was playfully attacking the soft nest between her legs. Atty smiled again to herself. "You're making it difficult to think," she accused.
            "Want me to stop?"
            She gave a slight shake of her head. "No. And your other answer is yes."
            "Yes, what? I'm sorry. I'm having difficulty concentrating on what you're talking about."
            The fingers dipped lower, lightly scratching her skin with his blunt nails as he neared the juncture between her legs. In addition, his other hand had found one breast, and was slowly massaging it while gently pinching the nipple. Atty could feel the warmth of his body warming her in ways that would soon drive them both into a frenzy.
            "I said yes, there is a reason why some stars are brighter than others. It has to do with your deeds. How you behaved during your life here on earth."
            "Mmm, so the better the deed, the brighter the star?" His lips brushed her shoulder as he adjusted himself behind her, until Atty could feel his erection nudging between her thighs.
            "Yeah. Something like that."
            She was on the verge of turning over and pulling him on top of her when his caresses suddenly stopped. With the fire a few feet behind him, she couldn't make out his facial expression, but she could tell he was gazing upward.
            "What?" she prodded softly.
            "Oh, nothing."
            "Yulen, what are you thinking?"
            After another moment of silence, he lowered his face to kiss her. "I'm thinking that maybe, perhaps maybe, might it be possible our stars will be close together when we die? It would be a great comfort to me if I knew you were there beside me for all of eternity."
            Rolling onto her hip so that she face him, Atty placed a hand on his scarred cheek. Yulen dropped his gaze to the shadow that was his wife.
            "Yulen, I have no doubt whatsoever that not only will we be placed close together in the heavens when we die, but that we may be two of the brightest stars up there."
            His chuckle rumbled in his chest. "You think?"
            "We can only hope," Atty commented.  "As long as we can be together, or within sight of each other, spending eternity in the heavens does not frighten me."
            Taking one last glimpse of the night sky, Yulen moved over her, blocking her sight as he sought her lips. "Neither does it frighten me, Atrilan. And I would not be surprised if your star had a slightly blue-ish tint to it."          
            The remark took her by surprise, and she started to laugh, but Yulen had already begun his assault on her senses. Let us be the stars in the heavens. Let us be together forever, she silently prayed, and surrendered to her husband's desires.

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Happy Father's Day!

This wasn't my own dad, but the story is too beautiful not to share.

Happy Father's Day!

(I miss you, Daddy.)

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Re-released! EENIE MEENIE, a Horrific Short Story by Gail Smith


A Horrific Short Story
by Linda Mooney writing as Gail Smith
Music And Press
ISBN 978-0-9914081-5-3
Word Count: 3.3K

Something lives in the big black plastic garbage bag. Something that isn't human. Something that depends on the goodwill of others to provide it with food. Fortunately, it's not particular if its meal is dead, long dead...or alive.

Click here for excerpt and buy links.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

How About a Little Blackness in Your Life?

You could start with a black diamond set in black gold.

Or just keep it simple with black paper towels.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Re-released! FITS LIKE A GLOVE, a Humorous Erotic Contemporary Romance by Carolyn Gregg


Fits Like a GloveContemporary, Humorous, Erotic Romance
by Linda Mooney (writing as Carolyn Gregg)
ISBN 978-1-941321-12-6
Word Count:  17,408

When Charlotte Skye was suddenly thrust into the position of CEO of a company that makes condoms, she discovered her late daddy’s company was about to declare bankruptcy.  It fell on her shoulders to come up with some new and innovative products that would revitalize sales.  All she needed were actual men to do the testing.

Guy Stenson desperately needed the money, and word was this unusual job paid top dollar. But to model and test condoms?

How hard could it be?

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Starting Today!

Today is an In-Service day when we pack up our rooms for the summer. In my case, I'll be packing up permanently because when I walk out of the building at four PM, I will officially begin my retirement. It's been an incredible teaching career.

But what I'm most looking forward to is this:

Thursday, June 5, 2014

35 Years in the Making

Today was the last day of school. It is also the end of a 35-year teaching career. The school held a retirement party for me and a fellow teacher.

Of course, the question I'm asked most often is, "What do you plan to do now?"

Was there any doubt? I plan to WRITE full time!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Geeky Engagement Rings For Your Sci-Fi Loving Special Someone

If traditional engagement rings aren’t really your thing, Pittsburg based jewelry designer Paul Michael Bierker has some unique designs that might just float your boat. As the jeweler to science fiction buffs everywhere, he creates custom-made pieces inspired by everything from the Star Wars franchise to Marvel comic books. Bierker has built for himself quite the fan base of young, eager clients, and he is proud to have worked with several US troops over seas in Afghanistan towards creating one-of-a-kind engagement bands.

Popular designs include an R2D2 -inspired engagement ring and a band featuring a diamond encrusted TARDIS from popular television show Doctor Who. Though evocative of these pop culture treasures, Bierker’s collection maintains an elegant subtlety. Rings modeled after the TIE fighter or the X-wing shed the unwieldy bulk of the star ships in favor of clean, sophisticated lines. The X-wing ring becomes a delicate ornament, its bands stylishly crisscrossing in the center the finger. Bierker’s tender references to geek culture meld effortlessly with the maturity of his craftsmanship, appealing both to playful and refined clients.

Bierker occupies a groundbreaking space in a one of our countries biggest industries, subverting elitist limitations on what and what does not constitute an engagement ring. This symbol of lifelong commitment should be as individual and the couple who wears it, and amid the mass of conformity, it’s nice to see something new. As we move into the adult responsibilities of marriage, we hope to carry with us each of our childhood pleasures, and Bierker’s original work certainly reminds us that marriage should be as much of an adventure as a trip into space. Take a look. (via Lost at E Minor)