Sunday, September 6, 2009

My Interview With: Atrilan "Atty" Ferran D'Jacques (THE BATTLE LORD'S LADY)

LM: By some interstellar, inter-dimentional, time-portalish way, thanks to Master Hunter and some equipment he left behind for me to use, I was able to contact Atrilan Ferran D'Jacques, better known as Atty, from THE BATTLE LORD'S LADY. Hello, Atty! Can you hear me?

AD: Yes, I can hear you!

LM: Thank you for your understanding, and for agreeing to this interview.

AD: Did you say I was three hundred years in your future?

LM: That's the approximate time I was given.

AD: Wow. And there's no mutants where you are?

LM: Not like there are in your world. Tell me, Atty, how are relations between the Mutah and Normals now? Are they any better since you and Yulen were married?

AD: As Yulen would say, it's a work in progress. To be honest, we don't expect miracles. We don't even expect any major developments to happen. I mean, hatred between Mutah and Normals has evolved over, what did you say? Three hundred years? And the war for survival has been going on for longer than that. If what we're doing to bring our two cultures together is the start of something that continues on long after our deaths, then we'll be more than happy with that legacy.

LM: My prayers are with you. Oh, Atty, I have a question from one of your readers. She wants to know what your deepest desires are.

AD: As in...?

LM: Between you and Yulen.

AD: (slight pause) Yulen is my deepest desire. Right now my life is more than I could have ever dreamed it would be.

LM: Where do you see yourself a year from now? Five years from now? Fifty years?

AD: By Yulen's side, helping to defend Alta Novis and his people, as well as my kind.

LM: What about children? Having a family?

AD: (nervous laugh) Eventually, yes.

LM: Okay, I'm going to ask a really dumb, over-used question. What's the best thing about being the battle lord's lady?

AD: Honestly? The fact that I don't have to go all frou-frou. You know, act like a snobby bitch because people expect me to "act my station". Know what I mean?

LM: Yes, I do.

AD: Yulen has put very few restrictions on me. He allows me to continue my hunting because he knows how much I enjoy it. How much it means to me. He doesn't expect me to be anything else but myself, and for that I'll love him forever.

LM: You have been truly blessed in this marriage.

AD: Yes, I have.

LM: Atty, I have one more question before we wrap this up. Do you think your world will eventually return to the world as it was, the way it is in my time?

AD: Who knows? We can only hope, right? Or maybe... maybe the way it is now in my time, maybe it's not so bad. Only time will tell, right?

LM: Right. Thank you for talking with us, Atty.

AD: Thank you for getting in touch with me. Shall I hand this thing over to Yulen now?

LM: Yes! Please do!


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