Sunday, January 29, 2023

Six on Sunday - ETERNALLY, a Time Travel Fantasy Romance

Six on Sunday

Six paragraphs from ETERNALLY, a Time Travel Fantasy Romance

1. Two men, one of whom she fleetingly recognized, ran into the building and also managed to grab Goen. It was now five against one, but Goen was not about to go down. She saw two more of those long sticks being deployed, beating him about the head, shoulders, and back as everyone tried to wrestle him to the floor.

2. “You don’t have to tell them about your ability,” Conroy informed her. “Don’t volunteer any information unless you’re asked directly. If they want to know how you got to Tuckerville, tell them it’s hazy. That you weren’t able to think straight once you got away from your abductors. If you’re asked how you were able to get away from Goen, tell them you ran. If Goen wants to reveal that you’re Nomads, let him. Don’t argue the fact. Let him tell that story.”

3. Cayn awoke, disoriented yet prepared to bolt if necessary, but that wasn’t unusual. After jumping through eons, it always took him a while to remember where and when he was. And if he couldn’t recall after a few minutes, a quick glance around at his surroundings or outside was enough to refresh his memory. This morning, however, the feel of Juda’s soft body was all he needed to calm his racing heart.

4. “Some big guy came strolling in. Hardesty was manning the front desk. Asked him what he needed, but the man turned and started for the rear. Butcher went to stop the guy, and that’s when the man hauled off and knocked him out cold. Wilkes got off a warning shot, hoping to stop the man, but it was ignored. Several of us fired, hoping to wing him. I think we were successful. There’s blood droplets on the floor in front of the door. We can’t be certain, though, because he’s barricaded himself inside.”

5. She looked around, trying to find something she could use as a weapon, when she remembered what Haram had said. A downed branch from the storm lay a short distance away. Running over to it, she picked it up and hurried back to where Goen had Cayn pinned to the grass. He raised a hand to stop time around her husband when she brought the branch down across the back of his neck and head with as much force as she could muster. It wasn’t enough to knock him out, but Goen let out a grunt of pain upon contact. She hit him again, giving Cayn the chance to roll out from under him. She watched as Cayn remained on his knees, shaking his head, trying to shake off the dizziness left by the pounding.

6. “But what if I hold onto you?” she insisted. “We have never thought of doing that. And remember when Goen stopped time at the sheriff’s office? His ability affected even the normal humans! We never knew that! We never knew that! So how do we know that if I keep my grip on you, and you send me back, that we will not go together? The same as when we jump, and we are connected, we go together?” Her arms tightened around him. “What do we have to lose? If you send only me back, I will come find you, and we will make our lives together here. In this time. But we will do so knowing we tried.”

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