Saturday, September 26, 2009

My Interview With: Compton Scott (RUNNER'S MOON: CHALLA)

LM: This is a special treat! I'm getting to interview two new people--the next hero and heroine from my Runner's Moon series. Today we're getting to meet Compton Scott, from RUNNER'S MOON: CHALLA, book four. Hello, Compton! This is quite a surprise and a pleasure!

CS: Hi, Linda! We're more than happy to be here!

LM: Okay, since readers haven't been introduced to you yet, we have to be careful not to spoil anything. But we can give out the facts that you're an Army veteran, and Challa is Ruinos.

CS: That's right. I was wounded in action overseas and given a medical discharge. I live in a small town over on the east coast, and that's where I met Challa.

LM: (laughs) A small town that's not Tumbril Harbor.

CS: Right. It's called Cooper. And it's more inland. Not right on the coast.

LM: You're a small town boy, born and bred, who entered the military right out of high school, right?

CS: Exactly. My folks were farmers before Dad died. Mom passed away when I was stationed overseas.

LM: And as of this interview, you and Challa have made a home for yourselves. But I'm sure the readers won't be surprised to learn that.

CS: No. But I'm sure they're gonna get a kick out of our story, and all the problems we had.

LM: Especially when the Arra showed up.

CS: Oh, shit, that was some scary stuff, that's for certain!

LM: I heard Challa loves the homestead, even though it's surrounded by farmland rather than forest.

CS: There's not a governmentally protected forest like Flatlock, but there's miles and miles of undeveloped land. Lots of natural land and trees and all for her to run in. Plus the house is a few miles from town, so the isolation gives her that added protection.

LM: She doesn't have a job at this time, does she?

CS: No. After she got away from the carnival, I convinced her to stay home and get to know the place first. Get to know the town and the people in it. After all, I grew up there and I know everybody. Once she feels settled enough, if she decides she wants to work somewhere, that's okay.

LM: What do the town folk think about her? Of course, no one in Cooper knows she's an alien.

CS: You're correct. Word got out she used to be with the carnival, but that's all. With her accent, she's obviously a foreigner. (laughs) But she's winning over the folks here.

LM: Well, Compton, I want to thank you again for letting us get a taste of who you are, and what Runner's Moon: Challa is about. I know the readers are anxious to read your story.

CS: Thank you for having us, Linda.

Runner's Moon: Challa, book 4 of the "Runner's Moon" series, will debut on March 15, 2010.

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