Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Interview With: Simolif Gitall Morr, aka Simon (RUNNER'S MOON: SIMOLIF)

LM: I’m delighted to announce my guest for today. Simolif Gitall Morr, thank you for coming to my blog!

SM: Please call me Simon. I’m happy to be here. Thank you for inviting Sarah and me, as well as my brother and his life mate. And Tiron and Thom.

LM: I’ll be interviewing Jebaral and Hannah, as well as Tiron and Thom, later on, but I wanted to start with you since you’re the older brother.

SM: And the handsomer one. (laughter)

LM: First off, I’ve been wanting to ask you, when you and the other Ruinos first landed here on Earth, how long did you and Jebaral remain together? What made you decide to part and go your separate ways?

SM: Jebaral and I remained together for the first fourteen months after we first landed here. During that time we helped each other learn your language while we took on odd jobs that paid under the table, as they say. We discovered we were good at construction sites, because of our strength and agility. The fact that we were “immigrants” was immaterial to the foremen and bosses.

LM: Why did you split up?

SM: It was an amiable split. I wanted to stay in the city where I felt I could blend in with the other humans in case the Arra reappeared. Jebaral wanted to go into hiding instead. We’d passed through some small towns, and he felt that their remoteness would be better suited for hiding. He believed the Arra would be drawn to the larger cities, and be less inclined to check out the littler towns.

LM: I think you both have valid points. Simon, I have another question I’ve been wanting to ask. What got you into driving a Harley motorcycle? (laughs) The last thing I can envision is the sight of a green-skinned alien wearing black leather pants and jacket, and driving a black Harley.

SM: (laughs) You can ask Jebaral. I’ve always been attracted to life boats and other small craft that travel fast. Once I saw my first motorcycle, and realized how free and open the driver is on the seat, I was determined to own one. In fact, I bought my first bike before I ever rented an apartment.

LM: So you have the Harley, and Sarah gets to drive the standard sedan?

SM: Pretty much, although Sarah is talking now about maybe getting a side car.

LM: So what's next for the two of you? Are you staying in Templeton? Or is there a chance you may move to Tumbril Harbor to be closer to your brother?

SM: You never know, Linda.

LM: (laughs) Now you're being evasive.

SM: (laughs) Guilty as charged, as Sarah would say.

LM: Well, I want to thank you again for visiting with us today. I'll be honest and admit I'm anxious to find out more about Ruinos, and the world you're from.

SM: Don't worry, Linda. There's many more stories about us that are waiting to be told!


Diana Castilleja said...

Yummy! Okay, I'm happy. My Simon fix has been filled. :)

Linda Mooney said...

I am to please! Nice to see my aim is improving. :D

Unknown said...

Man, he's gorgeous! Can you wrap him up for me for the holidays? Oh. Wait. I've got a gorgeous hubby. Sorry, Simon. I'll stick with my man.