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New! FLY ME TO THE MOON, a sensuous fantasy romance

Erotic Fantasy Romance
ISBN #: 978-0-9859300-2-8
Word Count: 12,900

Cost: $0.99

Where does a superhero go to find love?

After years of fruitless searching, Laurel finally went to an internet dating site to look for Mr. Right. What she found was her own personal superhero.

Warning: Contains lasagna and mild bondage.
Now Available at All Romance eBooks
and Barnes and Noble
"Excuse me."

"Sorry." She automatically stepped aside to let the customer enter the restaurant, then realized the person didn't move once she'd retreated. Laurel glanced up to see a warm smile and a pair of dancing green eyes watching her. The face was instantly recognizable, as he looked exactly like his photo.


He laughed as they hugged briefly. Despite its brevity, she could tell the man was in prime physical condition. Hugging him had been like hugging a marble statue, only better.

"Have you been waiting long?" he asked as they entered the restaurant.

"No. Not long."

She discovered that Trent had made reservations. They were quickly seated and left with menus. Without looking at the contents, they both set the menus aside, then realized what they'd done, bringing about more laughter.

"I take it you come here frequently?" Trent asked.

"As frequently as time and my bank account will allow," Laurel said. In the soft glare of the candlelight on the table between them, she was amazed by how handsome the man was. It brought a fresh wave of fear and self-doubt, and she wondered how the date would end. The photo she'd sent him had been done at one of those makeup studios that glamorize the customer before taking pictures. Tonight, she looked nothing like that photo. If anything, after a hard day at work, she probably looked even less like her usual self.

How did Trent feel about dating homely looking women?



He brushed at something on his cheek. There was just the right amount of early evening shadow covering his lower face. It made him appear even more studly, if that was possible. He flashed her an uncomfortable grin. "You were staring at my face like I had something on it."

"Oh, I'm sorry. I was..." She gave an embarrassed giggle. "I was marveling at how much you look just like your picture."

"So do you."

She instantly dismissed it. "No, I don't. That photo was taken last year, and I had three people work on me for an hour in order to look like that. Trust me, it was a once-in-a-lifetime photo shoot."

To her surprise, he reached over and covered her hand that was nervously fingering the stem of her empty wine glass. "Trust me, Laurel. You look exactly like your photo, especially in this light. Your face glows, and you have the most incredible blue eyes I've ever seen. In fact, right this minute, I prefer the way you look now, with your dark hair disheveled and the bright spots of color on your cheek. You look real and natural. Makes me think this is the way you'd appear when you first get up in the morning."

The shock of his statement washed through her, leaving her speechless. His honesty was irrefutable. Before she could respond, they were interrupted by the waiter arriving to take their order. Once he left, Laurel opened her napkin to give her time to think up a response. Finally, the best one seemed to be the simplest one.

"Thank you."

Trent grinned. Or rather, one corner of his mouth turned upward. "I take it you're not accustomed to being complimented."

"N-no. Yelled at, yes. Ordered about, yes. But kind words?" She gave a weak shrug. She started to reach for her water glass when she stopped. The water's surface was quivering. Trent looked down to see what held her attention.


"The water," she told him. "Look. It's moving."

"It's just a small earthquake," he smiled. "We get tremors like this all the time. Are you new to California?"

Laurel shook her head. "No. It's just that something like that is often a precursor to a bigger one."

Trent's smile widened. "Don't worry. I'll make sure nothing happens to you."

The sound of sirens overrode the restaurant's music, and several emergency vehicles sped by. At the same time a beeping noise came from Trent's watch. He glanced at it and frowned.

"Oh, jeez. They would call me in."


"Uhh, my bosses. They probably want me to follow that fire truck and see if I can lend a hand. I told them this was my night off, but does that matter? Excuse me for a moment." He pulled his cell phone from out of his pants pocket and punched a number. "Yes. Uh-huh. Over on the north side, near Blaylock. Got it. Look, I'm tied up at the moment, but I'll get over there as soon as I can. Uh-huh. Okay. Okay. 'Bye."

"Is it serious?" she finally ventured to ask.

"Apparently a gas line ruptured during the tremor. Came up through the street and caused a pile-up. Police are on the scene, and ambulance and fire department are on their way."

"Think The Champion will show up?"

Trent grinned again. "You never know. This is just the sort of thing a superhero like The Champion is good at. Saving the world one person at a time."

Realizing Trent was staying a while longer, Laurel reached over to the basket just delivered onto the table and grabbed a breadstick. "Can you imagine what real life might be like for a person like The Champion?"

"What? You mean private life?"

"Any sort of life outside of fighting crime and all."

"Gee, I never of thought of it, but I'd guess it would be pretty bleak. I mean, you'd have to be like Superman and have a secret identity just so you could have friends and go out on a date." He winced. "A love life would be very dangerous for your partner, which would mean your sex life would pretty much suck."

"Wouldn't you think that after a while, though, the loneliness and emptiness would get to be too unbearable?" she wondered aloud.

"Oh, yeah. I've no doubt it would." He laughed so softly she almost didn't hear it. "Wouldn't it be funny if The Champion turned to a dating service like the one we did?"

"Actually, I think it might be a perfect solution. Using the dating service to find someone who is so much like you that when a call goes out for The Champion to help, the other person understands and waits for you without question or reservation."

"It would be a dream come true, in a way." He continued to stare out the front window.

Laurel noticed how antsy he was quickly becoming. "Trent, listen, if you have to leave to go tend to that accident, I understand."

"No. No, I promised you a nice dinner at a restaurant, and I'm a man of my word. The emergency crews can get along without me." He started to say more, when her own phone went off. Rather than answer it, she took note of the number, then put the cell on vibrate and stuck it back in her purse.

"Aren't you going to answer it?" he asked.

"No. I know who it is, and I can probably guess what he wants. I'll call him back later."

"What was that ring tone? It sounded familiar."

"'Fly Me to the Moon'. It was a Sinatra hit many years ago," she said.

"Ah, right. Now I remember it. Odd that it would be your choice."


"My default ring is 'Come Fly With Me'."

"Really? Why that one?"

"Because I have a love of flying, just like you do."

Laurel smiled as she took a sip of water. She was comfortable with the guy even in person. Their easy banter came so naturally, it was refreshing.

He could be the one. My own personal superhero. My lifesaver. The possibility made her heart speed up, and she could feel the heat building between her legs.

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It's a New Release and Giveaway for FLY ME TO THE MOON Tonight on "Other Worlds of Romance" on Blog Talk Radio

Don't miss tonight's episode on "Other Worlds of Romance" on Blog Talk Radio. I'll be reading from my newest release, Fly Me to the Moon, a sensuous fantasy romance, releasing on January 31st. And one lucky listener will win a copy!

Show time is 11 pm et/ 10 pm ct.
Where does a superhero go to find love?

After years of fruitless searching, Laurel finally went to an internet dating site to look for Mr. Right. What she found was her own personal superhero.

Warning: Contains lasagna and mild bondage.

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Cover Reveal! Coming June 30th - KNIGHT OF DARKNESS, a sensuous sci-fi romance

Erotic Sci-Fi Romance
(ebook) ISBN# 978-0-9859300-4-2

Word Count: 45,418
Cover Art by Ash Arceneaux

Sorrow knew that at any time the U'Nar would attack Earth, but he needed a few more days to come out of chrystasis before he could fight the deadly enemy. With his soul sword, Rall, he and the handful of other Surge Knights would gather wherever the enemy landed, and drive them off this world. A world with so many wonderful sights and surprises. A world that contained a woman named Rachel.

A woman who had captured his heart and his imagination, but who was forbidden to him by his laws.

Rachel Grohl often wondered about the skinny, dishwater-blond young man living in the apartment across the breezeway from her. His shyness, as well as his clean but well-worn clothes, tugged at her heart. They'd barely spoken a dozen words to each other since he moved in a few weeks ago, but she had to thank him for helping her the other day. Maybe asking him over to dinner would work.

One dinner, one touch, and one kiss, that would lead to one night of love that couldn't avert the ultimate doomsday.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Cover Reveal - Coming March 31st, THE FINAL PLEASURE

THE FINAL PLEASURESensuous Sci-Fi Romance Novel
Word Count: 54,000

Cover Art by Ash Arceneaux
He fully expected to die, until he met a woman who gave him every reason to live.
Myka Tolbert is a Lady Lay. She is one of the few women on the maximum security prison moon who treats the condemned to their Final Pleasure, a last sexual fling, before they’re executed. In return, her sentence is shortened one week. She hopes she lives long enough to earn her freedom.

They never foresaw all hell breaking loose before he could act.
Warning! Contains expired food, exploding moons, land squatters, dirty dealings, fraudulent contracts, transparent walls, revenge, cold showers, a death board, pink jumpsuits, and life measured in ten minutes intervals.


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To Audio or Not to Audio?

Should I, or should I not, convert my self-pubbed books into audio books? My publishers won't take that route, but I've heard several authors discuss the advantages of it. However, my audio versions would only be available for sale through PayPal on my website if I don't choose to pay $$$ for a professional company to do it.

It's a bit of a quandary. Suggestions and ideas would be appreciated.

(Note: AEQUANA has already been done, and the full book took 6 cd disks.)

Friday, January 18, 2013

More Miniature Photography (Like This Lemon Mowing)

Photos like this from Christopher Boffoli keeps me "oohing" and "awwing" over the detailed craftsmanship and sense of humor. Want to see more? Go here!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

13 Must See Stargazing Events for 2013

13 Must See Stargazing Events for 2013
— Listed In Chronological Order

1) January 21 — Very Close Moon/Jupiter Conjunction
A waxing gibbous moon (78% illuminated) will pass within less than a degree to the south of Jupiter high in the evening sky. Your closed fist held out at arms length covers 10 degrees. These two won’t get that close again until 2026.
2) February 2-23 — Best Evening View of Mercury
The planet Mercury will be far enough away from the glare of the Sun to be visible in the Western sky after sunset. It will be at its brightest on the 16th and dim quickly afterwards. On the 8th it will skim by the much dimmer planet Mars by about 0.4 degrees.
3) March 10-24 — Comet PANSTARRS at its best
First discovered in 2011, this comet should be coming back around for about 2 weeks. It will be visible low in the northwest sky after sunset. Here are some sources predicting what the comets may look like in the sky; 1, 2
4) April 25 — Partial Lunar Eclipse
A very minor, partial lunar eclipse (not visible in North America) where only about 2 percent of the moon’s diameter will be inside the dark shadow of the Earth.
5) May 9 — Annular Eclipse of the Sun (“Ring of Fire” Eclipse)
It will be visible in Northern Australia and parts of Papua New Guinea but mostly within the Pacific Ocean. See all the solar eclipse paths for 2001-2020 here.
6) May 24-30 — Dance of the Planets
Mercury, Venus and Jupiter will seemingly dance between each other in the twilight sky just after sunset as they will change their positions from one evening to the next. Venus will be the brightest of all, six times brighter than Jupiter.
7) June 23 — Biggest Full Moon of 2013
It will be the biggest full moon because the moon will be the closest to the Earth at this time making it a ‘supermoon’ and the tides will be affected as well creating exceptionally high and low tides for the next few days.
8) August 12 — Perseid Meteor Shower
One of the best and most reliable meteor showers of the year producing upwards of 90 meteors per hour provided the sky is dark. This year the moon won’t be in the way as much as it will set during the evening leaving the rest of the night dark. Here is a useful dark-sky finder tool.
9) October 18 — Penumbral Eclipse of the Moon
Visible mostly in Asia, Europe and Africa, at this time the 76% of the moon will be covered by the penumbral shadow of the Earth.
10) November 3 — Hybrid Eclipse of the Sun
A Hybrid Eclipse meaning, along its path, the eclipse will turn from Annular to Total and in this case most of the path will appear to be Total as there will be a slight ring of sunlight visible near the beginning of the track. This one will begin in the Atlantic (near the East Coast of the U.S.) and travel through Africa. See the path here. The greatest eclipse (with 100 seconds of totality) will appear in Liberia, near the West Coast of Africa.
11) Mid-November through December — Comet ISON
The second comet this year, ISON, could potentially be visible in broad daylight as it reaches its closest point to the Sun. It will reach that point on November 28 and it is close enough to the Sun to be categorized as a ‘Sungrazer’. Afterwards it will travel towards Earth (passing by within 40 million miles) a month later.
12) All of December — Dazzling Venus
The brightest planet of them all will shine a few hours after sundown in the Southwestern sky and for about 1.5 hours approaching New Years Eve. Around December 5th, a crescent moon will pass above the planet and the next night Venus will be at its brightest and wont be again until 2021.
13) December 13-14 — Geminid Meteor Shower
This is another great (if not the best) annual meteor shower. This year put on a show at about 120 meteors per hour and in 2013 it won’t be much different so expect another fantastic show. However, the moon - as it is a few days before full phase - will be in the way for most of the night obscuring some of the fainter meteors. You might have to stay up in the early morning hours (4am) to catch the all the meteors it has to offer. If you missed 2012’s Geminid Meteor Shower, here are some great photo-sets; 1, 2, 3

Friday, January 11, 2013

The Wildlife Bridge

This is a wildlife bridge in the Netherlands. Wildlife bridges are designed to help animals cross busy highways in safety. They don't just protect wildlife from being hit by cars - they also connect fragmented habitats and help populations intermingle and breed.

The Netherlands is leading the way in designing these bridges. The country is home to more than 600 similar crossings.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Snow Rollers

A snow roller is a rare meteorological phenomenon in which large cylinders of snow are naturally formed as chunks of snow are blown along the ground by wind, picking up material along the way, in much the same way that the large snowballs used in snowmen are made. But unlike snowballs made by people, snow rollers are typically cylindrical in shape, and are often hollow. The inner layers, which are the first layers to form, are weak and thin compared to the outer layers and can easily be blown away, leaving what looks like a doughnut or Swiss roll.

Snow rollers happen with the combination of lying snow and high wind speeds, mostly in North America and Northern Europe, and they can be as small as a tennis ball or they can be as large as two feet across – depending on how strong the wind is and how smooth the surface of the snow is. Gravity can also assist snow roller formation. An inclined surface often needs just a little shove from the wind to get snow rollers in motion.

Go here to see more incredible photos.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Portraits of Famous People on Fingers

An Italian artist going by the name of Dito Von Tease has created “Ditology”, a project where portraits of famous people, real or fictional, are featured on human fingers. "Dito" translates to "finger” in Italian.

It all started when Dito Von Tease, 33, was looking for an original avatar to use as his profile picture on Facebook. He chose a finger as a disguise because he was not keen on revealing his identity.

Go here to see more.

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Olivia Hardin Returns as my Guest Author Tonight on "Other Worlds of Romance" on Blog Talk Radio

Great news! Olivia Hardin returns tonight to "Other Worlds of Romance" on Blog Talk Radio! She'll be reading from her newest release, the paranormal romance, Shifty Business, Book 3 of the Bend-Bite-Shift Trilogy.

Show time is 11 pm et/ 10 pm ct.

Don't miss it!
Gerry Hinton thought she had the perfect career as an operative for the Company. Her next assignment should have been another "mission accomplished", but hell was delivering hand baskets that day. When a little girl gives a mysterious silver box to Gerry, her world self-destructs. Suddenly under constant mental attacks, the only person who can save her is her partner, Nicky--but nothing comes without a cost. Secrets buried deep in the past begin to rise, threatening everything she holds dear. If she can't out run her past, can she save her future?