Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Interview With: Grey Dansis (MY STRENGTH, MY POWER, MY LOVE)

LM: I am very happy to have Grey Dansis with me today, from MY STRENGTH, MY POWER, MY LOVE. No, wait! It would be just Grey now,right?

Grey: That's right. Synergized couples are referred to by their first names. Hi, Linda!

LM: Hi! So tell me, since you and Rowe were synergized, have you had that spaceship you two battled successfully come back?

Grey: No, and we don't know if it will again. We'll have to wait and see.

LM: Could you explain something about being synergized? I mean, we understand what it means, and how it changes you and Rowe. But do synergized couples have wedding ceremonies?

Grey: Wedding ceremonies? Like regular couples?

LM: Yes.

Grey: No, but we have synergized ceremonies. Rowe and I stood before our fellow Synergians, and we recited the words of power and love before them.

LM: But no one had to proclaim you synergized?

Grey: (giggle) Not hardly. Not when we glowed in front of them.

LM: Let's say I come to Bellac. How would I know you and Rowe are a couple?

Grey: I"m sorry. I don't understand the question.

LM: I'm not a Synergian. How do non-Synergians know which couples are synergized? Are mated, in other words?

Grey: Well, first off, synergized couples wear the dark purple jumpsuits. Otherwise, the only way you could tell is to watch us when we're together. Mated couples are openly affectionate, but to a point. I mean, we won't make love out in public, be we often hold hands, hug, kiss, or simply have an arm around the other's waist. We keep in constant physical contact.

LM: But they only act that way with their own mates, right? Not with other Synergians.

Grey: That's correct.

LM: Is that a necessity, all that constant physical contact? Is it part of keeping up with your combined power?

Grey: No, not really. It's just... who we are.

LM: Do you often go out among the public?

Grey: Not often, but we do.

LM: How does the public learn about you, or know about you?

Grey: They see us on the telecasts.

LM: How has public support been since you and Rowe were allowed to be recognized as synergized mates?

Grey: It's been overwhelming! We've gotten so many messages from the public, sending us their congratulations. It's been... it's touched us deeply. To all Bellacians reading this, Rowe and I truly appreciate your love and generosity. Thank you and bless you all!

LM: And may I add my congratulations. I wish you and Rowe many years of happiness.

Grey: Thank you, Linda! And thank you again for having us on your blog.

LM: It's been a pleasure, Grey.

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