Monday, May 10, 2021

New! DATE NIGHT, Hip Pocket Romance #5, a Sweet, Humorous Sci-Fi


Hip Pocket Romance 5
Sweet, Humorous Sci-Fi
Word Count: 3.5K
$0.99 e

Zak takes his alien mate, Silla, to the remains of a bowling alley for an impromptu date night. And when the scores remain close, he makes a bet with her as to the outcome.

Sunday, May 9, 2021

Six on Sunday - MATTOX, The D'Jacques Dynasty, Book 3, a Futuristic, Post-Apocalyptic, Sci-Fi Romance

Six paragraphs from MATTOX, The D'Jacques Dynasty, Book 3.

1.  That last pushed him off the thin line he’d been walking. Mattox parked his hands on his hips, forcing himself not to grab the hilt of his sword. To do so would be seen as a threat. “Since you didn’t ask, allow me to introduce myself. I am Mattox D’Jacques, Battle Prince of Alta Novis, and I’m not asking you anymore to leave my family’s table. I’m giving you and your groupies to the count of five to get up and move. One.”

2. She tilted her head in a way that told him she was waiting for his attention. Atty wore a smile he knew so well. She had a way of reading him that initially used to annoy him when he was younger. Now it was a precious link he felt blessed to have with her. Even though he sometimes believed she could almost read his mind, he knew she couldn’t. But there was an emotional connection between them. A connection he shared also with his two siblings. A connection that let her know, as in this case, when something was bothering him. She’d probably felt it before he’d joined them at the table, but had chosen not to say anything until he brought it up, or she felt compelled to. It was turning out to be the latter.

3. “No, Father. That’s not the only reason.” Caralas placed her hand on his arm again. Thankfully, he didn’t jerk away from her this time. “I wanted to come with you to make sure nothing happens to you. Call me crazy. Tell me my head is full of conspiracy theories. I don’t care. What I care about is you. And if me coming along with you to this conference prevents Tanger or any of his men from trying to pull a fast one on you, then it’ll be worth it.” She gave him a loving smile. “I’m not a little girl anymore. In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve grown up, and I can hold my own when it comes to swordplay. I’m not going to let anything happen to you. Not as long as I’m around to watch your back.”

4. Reaching the second gate which separated the main part of the compound from the smaller, adjacent one, he passed through, still ignoring the hails from the soldiers and others who spotted him. No one said anything about him not returning their well wishes. They were used to his temperament, and brushed it off, especially when he wore that bright, red-eyed glare, and knew they were not the cause of his anger. Long ago, the populace had learned that whenever the battle prince was in a fit, he took it out on no one. Instead, he usually went to the practice field and vented on one of the poor dummies.

5. “Believe it or not, at this moment this storm is providing you with ample security. The wind gusts are picking up, and becoming more frequent and unexpected. Any shot he tries could be blown off-course at the last second, and the chance of him hitting someone else and perhaps killing them would blow his entire plan of doing it covertly. It would out the fact to the rest of us that there’s a hit man in our midst, and that’s the last thing he wants, or the battle lord who hired him wants, because then everyone will become suspicious of everyone else. They’ll be on their guard, second-guessing every stranger, which’ll make the chance of him getting away with anything drop to near zero. I’m guessing he’s given up for now, and plans to resume once the storm’s passed.” He reached out, unaware of his hand clasping her arm until he felt his fingers close around it. The contact sent sweet ripples through him, and he nearly broke eye contact. “Just stay alert, and always keep yourself guarded.”

6. “I usually sleep in the barracks, along with the other unmarried soldiers, but sections of it are too damaged. So we’re having to find other accommodations. Luckily, the townspeople are happy to open up their homes.” He stared into those chocolate brown depths, and deeper, where her emotions and true intent lay. When she reached out to place her hand on his chest, he felt its warmth all the way to his core. Placing his own hand over it, he watched as she stepped closer and lifted her mouth for him to kiss.

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