Thursday, September 3, 2009

My Interview With: Prof. Sarah Drumman Morr (RUNNER'S MOON: SIMOLIF)

LM: Thank you so much for coming today, Sarah!

SM: Thank you for having me! Most women usually want to speak to my husband. (laughs)

LM: Well, call me guilty. But if it's any comfort, I wanted to speak with the both of you.

SM: Thank you! Now when I go home, I can go, "Nyah, nyah" to Simon. (laughs)

LM: My first question is about married life, but I promise not to get too personal. You and Simon have a very unusual lifestyle, especially considering he's an alien in every sense of the word. Have you found it at times to be more difficult than you anticipated?

SM: Actually, most of the time, it isn't as hard as most people would assume.

LM: What makes you say that?

SM: Because he and Jeb had several years to acclimate themselves to our world. They learned what kinds of foods they could eat, they learned enough human attributes to keep from calling attention to themselves. If I disregard the fact that I have a well-built, green-skinned alien walking around the apartment without a stitch on, it wouldn't be any different than having a human husband.

LM: I understand that the two of you are complete opposites in other ways, too.

SM: (laughs) That's probably the understatement of the year. Simon is very tidy. Very neat and orderly. A place for everything, and everything in its place. Me? I'm a total slob. He stacks the glasswear in the cabinets by heighth. He even folds his dirty clothes to place them in the laundry hamper! (laughs)

LM: He does most of the cooking, too, right?

SM: Oh, yeah, but that's usually out of necessity. I sometimes have night classes, or I have to stay late for some reason, a meeting, or I need to prepare a lesson, or some other reason. Simon's job is a strict eight-to-five job, so most of the time he gets home before I do. Besides, he loves to cook. I never knew there could be so many ways to fix tofu. (laughs)

LM: You also have to keep track of the Arra, right?

SM: Right. I guess you could say I'm the "eye in the sky" for the whole family.

LM: Speaking of "the family", there's something I've been wanted to ask you. Do you and Hannah ever get together and compare notes, considering you're married to Ruinos brothers?

SM: All the time. (laughs) We're always calling each other to ask each other a question, or to get some ideas about certain things.

LM: What kinds of questions or things, if I may ask?

SM: Mmm, like wondering if Ruinos can eat certain things. Did Jeb ever eat such-and-such, and if he did, did he like it, dislike it, or have a reaction? (laughs) We also trade notes about Christmas presents.

LM: Christmas presents? Oh! Wait! What about birthdays?

SM: You mean Ruinos birthdays? We've all picked a specific a day of the year for Jeb and Simon and Roni's birthdays. We gave up trying to equate the Ruinos calendar with our own.

LM: Wow. I never thought about birthdays before. Thanks for sharing that little tidbit. By the way, I also got a kick out of using your staff ID for your picture.

SM: You're welcome. It was Simon's idea. Frankly, I don't think I photograph well.

LM: I will disagree with you, Sarah. I think you're a very beautiful and very lucky woman. You have what a lot of women would kill to have - a highly successful, professional career and a loving, fulfilling marriage to a man who turns every woman's eye.

SM: (laughs) I've never thought of it quite that way.

LM: Well, it looks like our time is up. Thank you again for sparing a few minutes out of your busy day. I know your readers will be delighted.

SM: Thank you so much for the invite, Linda. Please keep in touch.

LM: I will!

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Diana Castilleja said...

Well done, even if she is married to Simon. LOL (Yes, that's me pouting, and no I don't care that I'm married too. heheheheheh! )