Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Interview With: Rion (the "Thunder" trilogy)

LM: I am thrilled to have received letters from both Rion and Annie. So today I will read from the letter the questions I sent, and the answers Rion returned regarding him and Annie, from LORD OF THUNDER, PASSION OF THUNDER, and WINGS OF THUNDER, which will debut on December 15th.

Q: Thank you for allowing us this chance to have you as our guest. My first question has to do with your wings. Is there any chance you will be able to fly the rifts again?

Rion: Thank you for asking. I know Annie is thrilled to have this opportunity to converse with someone from her world. To answer your question, no. The damage caused by the bullet, and subsequent catastrophes, which I will leave for the readers to discover, have weakened my main muscles at the base of my wings, at my shoulders. Fortunately, I am still able to fly, for which I am very grateful, but they cannot withstand the strain of flying another mission.

Q: Let's talk about Kerr for a moment. How is the baby doing? And do you see much of yourself or Annie in him?

Rion: Kerr is thriving. Although he looks like a miniature of myself, his temperament and all are very much like Annie. Especially when it comes to our food. He is also very curious, which is not a trait of mine.

Q: Do you foresee any problems with Kerr becoming the next lord of your house of thunder?

Rion: None, whatsoever. Physically, I mean. However, there may be some dissatisfied people here on my world who will resent him taking the title and position of Grand Lord, simply because of his breeding. That should not pose any problem, though, to his accepting the chaster.

Q: What has been the biggest difficulty to overcome? I'm asking first about you suddenly being a husband, and soon thereafter becoming a father?

Rion: My biggest difficulty was accepting the possibility of having someone who loves me as much as Annie does. And the miracle of Kerr continues to astound me. I was all prepared to die while on a mission. I had no no reason to hope for a future. Annie not only turned all of that around, but now I am finding myself looking forward to each new day with her. I have happiness in my life, and that is an emotion I have not felt in years.

Q: The second half of my previous question is this. What has been the biggest difficulty to overcome since you no longer fly the rifts, and have had to give up taking missions to Earth?

Rion: To be honest, there has been no difficulty in this regard. If I were to be told by the Council that I had to walk the pathways again, and take another mission, I would refuse. I cannot take the risk of being away and something happening to Annie or Kerr. Or going over and not being able to return.

Q: Finally, if you could have one wish, one desire, what would it be?

Rion: My one wish would be for there to be an easier way for Annie to get news of her home world. As it is right now, her only connection is the correspondence and whatever news, newspapers, or whatever the angels can manage to bring back with them from their missions.

Q: Thank you for your time, Rion. May you and Annie have many blessed and happy years together!

Rion: Thank you. You could even say that is my greatest wish for myself.

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