Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Interview With: Maja Eagletalon (AEQUANA)

ME: Am I late? I'm sorry! I just got here!

LM: Hello, Maja! No, you're not late. Thanks for coming!

ME: Hold on... okay. There. Hi, Linda!

LM: You ready now?

ME: Yeah. Sorry about that. I'm trying to be more punctual, but just when it looks like I'm running on time, something happens. Like today I got stuck at a railroad crossing, and the train must've had a hundred cars. (laughs)

LM: Don't worry about it. Everyone, please welcome Maja Eagletalon, also known as AEquana. I understand you just got back from a job near Seattle. How's the business going?

ME: It's great! John is very careful which jobs he accepts, and how long each one lasts, so I won't exhaust myself, or feel overloaded.

LM: Business is booming then, eh?

ME: (giggles) Definitely!

LM: By the way, did you ever get John to build you a pool at your home up in the mountains?

ME: No. No pool, but he did buy us this humongous hot tub. He built a deck behind the house for it. I swear that thing can hold a dozen people!

LM: So you don't miss having a pool?

ME: No. (whispers) You have no idea how romantic a hot tub can be on a snowy night. With the steaming water, and snow covering the porch, just the two of us in the tub with our mugs of hot chocolate. Mmm...

LM: (laughs) Wow. What a mental image! And you don't get cold?

ME: Not until you climb out of the tub. (laughs)

LM: Maja, your gills and your ability to breath underwater are natural for you. You were born that way. Do you think there's any chance that if you and John have children that they may be equally blessed?

ME: It's something we've discussed. If such a thing happens, it happens. The good thing is that I'll be able to help our children adjust to their ability.

LM: Any plans to have children in the near future?

ME: John and I aren't using any precautions, if that's what you're asking. If it happens, it happens. (giggles) Personally, I can't wait to be a mother.

LM: Well, I want to wish you all the luck, and hope your wishes come true.

ME: Thank you!

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