Saturday, September 5, 2009

My Interview With: Terran Vosstien, aka StarLight (HEARTFAST, HEARTCRYSTAL)

LM: Thanks to this little interstellar communications device left behind by Master Hunter, I am delighted to be able to interview his wife, Terran Vosstien, also known as StarLight. Hello, Star! Thank you so much for being here today!

SL: You’re welcome. I take it you’ve already interviewed Hunter, since you’re talking to me through the comm link. How did he like the photo I sent for him? Did he notice it?

LM: Oh, most definitely. I'm pretty sure he's going to say something to you when he gets back home.

SL: (laughs) I wouldn't doubt that.

LM: I have a confession to make. You have one hot husband!

SL: I have to agree with you there.

LM: If I may ask, how are you feeling? Are you completely healed?

SL: Dr. Perlakian says I am, although there are times I’ll move the wrong way, and I’ll feel a twinge. When you’ve been through something like that, you never can fully recover. Your life is permanently changed.

LM: I can understand. Speaking of life, I’ve had several people ask me about how you learned about your powers. I know it’s a very uncomfortable topic for you, and that in your past you’ve suffered a very traumatic experience. If you prefer not to answer, I will respect that.

SL: At this time I would prefer not to answer. I’m finally able to open up to Udo and tell him, and Dr. Perlakian says that I’m beginning to heal emotionally because of it. I know we’ve talked about doing a third book...

LM: Tentatively entitled HeartStorm.

SL: I like that title. It’s very apropos. Anyway, I think I’ll be ready to tell you about my childhood, and why I ended up spending four years wandering through the universe before I hooked up with the Guardians.

LM: Oooh! I’m looking forward to it. But if I may ask, personally, I wondered how you found out you could survive in space without oxygen?

SL: (light laughter) I have no problem answering that one. I was flying one day... actually, I was sun dancing, and I kept rising higher and higher in the sky. I was so absorbed in the sunlight, I totally lost track of how far up I was. I didn’t feel giddy or dizzy from lack of oxygen, either. There was nothing to warn me. Next thing I knew, I was in space.

LM: Well, thank you so much for speaking with us. I know your time is limited.

SL: I am delighted you asked! Just wait until the other Guardians hear about this. You just know they’ll be hacked they weren’t asked, too. (laughs)

LM: (laughs) Maybe next time. Thanks again, StarLight.

SL: You're welcome. Good night, Linda.

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