Monday, May 31, 2010

AEQUANA is Featured Tonight on Blog Talk Radio

Tonight on Other Worlds of Romance on Blog Talk Radio, I will be reading an excerpt from my urban fantasy romance novel, AEQUANA.

Show begins at 11 pm est.  Don't miss it!

John Eagletalon had no idea what the government intended when it assigned him to its latest secret project - an icy blonde beauty with a miraculous ability. All he knew was that he owed Uncle Sam fourteen more months of his life, and if it meant being this woman's partner and bodyguard until he'd paid his dues, he'd find a way to endure the ordeal.

Until he discovered what the government had been doing to her. And at the same time, discovered he was falling hopelessly in love with her.

Now it's no longer a matter of protecting her. It's a matter of keeping her out of their clutches.

And making her his.

Happy Memorial Day!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Book BooBoos

To continue what I remarked upon yesterday:

If you're an author, and you spot a very obvious (plot) error after your book's been released, what would you do?  What can you do, if anything?

Readers, do you just go on and forget about it?  Or do you notify the author/publisher?  Do you tell others about it?

Reviewers, do you comment about it in your review?

Saturday, May 29, 2010


LOL!  Nothing like having a reader point out a MAJOR GAFF in one of your books! 

There's a mistake in Chapter 32 of Runner's Moon: Challa.  And I mean a BIG BOOBOO.  Hint: it's not grammatical, which is probably why neither my editor nor I caught it, despite our umpteen run-throughs of the manuscript.

So, here's the deal.  How would you like to win a prize?  Find the goof and put it in the comments area here on my blog (or on my Facebook page).  First person to correctly identify the mistake wins!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Another Grrrr Factor

Is it me, or are people more insane than they were 20 years ago?

I'm currently watching a major battle form between a teacher on my campus and our school district.  It seems maintanence came over to mow, and while doing so, a mower threw a rock through the teacher's driver side window.  Completely shattered the glass.

Now get this:  the school district is refusing to pay for the damages.  They say they're "not responsible". 

Teacher has hired a lawyer.

To be continued...

Thursday, May 27, 2010

If You've Ever Had One of THOSE Book Signings...

This is absolutely the most hilarious video I've ever seen when it comes to authors attending book signings!
Shared from my marketing eloop.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Dear Linda,

Do you ever have a story idea and start typing only to find that what comes off your hands was NOT what you originally intended?

In a lot of cases, yes, but the ending is always what I wanted.  I don't start a book until I know how I want to end it.  It's those darn particulars leading me to the conclusion that throw me for a loop at times.

I often describe my writing as taking bricks - the main plot points - and mortaring them together.  But there have been many times I'll be stuck between point A and point B.  I know where I want to go next; it's how I'm gonna get there that bumfuzzles me.

(Thank you, Deb!)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Preparing for the Inevitable

Ever get a bee in your bonnet?  For some reason last night, I got the notion to do a little house cleaning in my documents folder on my computer.

Up until now, all of my works have been saved by book name.  Inside that folder for that book is the original manuscript, an FTP version, my book contract, other various forms needed, my cover art (in about 4 size varieties), and odd jpegs needed for the video, just to mention a few of the more important items.

But then I got to thinking... what if something should happen to me?  How will hubby know which books are finished, which are published, and which are still being worked on?

So I created three new folders:  Contracted, Ready to Submit, and WIPs.  Then I quickly dropped all of my books into the appropriate folder, which did a lot to ease the visual clutter. 

I feel better for doing it, too.  This way, my family can pick up where I left off.

Rather morbid, don't you think?

Monday, May 24, 2010

Tonight I'm Hosting N. K. Jemisin on Blog Talk Radio!

Come listen tonight as I host N. K. Jemisin on Other Worlds of Romance at Blog Talk Radio!

Show begins at 11 pm est!

* * *
N(ora). K. Jemisin is an author of speculative fiction (science fiction and fantasy) short stories and novels who lives and writes in Brooklyn, NY. In addition to writing, she is a counseling psychologist (currently
specializing in career counseling), a sometime hiker and biker, and a political/feminist/anti-racist blogger.

Her short fiction has been published in pro markets such as Clarkesworld, Postscripts, Strange Horizons, and Baen’s Universe; podcast markets and print anthologies; and has received Honorable Mentions in The Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror and The Year’s Best Science Fiction. Her short story “Non-Zero Probabilities” is on the Final Ballot for the 2009 Nebula and Hugo Awards.

Her first novel, The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, is out from Orbit Books as of February 2010. It is the first book of the Inheritance Trilogy, and has thus far received starred reviews from Publisher's Weekly, Library Journal, and a TOP PICK from Romantic Times.

(Click on the picture to get a better glimpse of this gorgeous cover!)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Top Ten List - Actual Numbers or Teacher's Pet?

I was scrolling through my e-loops, and a comment caught my eye.  It was a question about publishers' Top Ten lists.  In short, a person was asking the question, "Is a top ten list actually based on the number of sales, or is it more of a teacher's pet list?"

Needless to say, the remark stung.  More so because I'm also a teacher, and the term is a slap in the face.

I don't know if it's just me, or if other people feel it, too, but it seems that authors who aren't selling are quick to condemn those who do.  I wanted to jump in and ask the person (also an author) if they're advertising.  Do they have a web presence?  What are they doing to promote their book? 

Finally, are they writing a story that will sell?  One of the best things about epubs is that they'll take a chance on authors who write a good story, but there may not be a huge market for it.

In the beginning, when I was just becoming published, my books weren't huge sellers.  But at no time did I look at the top ten list on my publisher's website and say that those authors were there because they had an "in" with the boss.  I looked at it and swore to myself that one day I'd get on the list.  And once that happened, my next goal was to hit the #1 slot.

I have a very good friend who has sat by and watched me build a successful writing career.  Now it's her turn to rise in the ranks and earn the nice paychecks, and I'm cheering her on.  Our success is not based on being friends with the publisher.  It comes because we work our tails off.  We finally found our "niche", and our readership is growing.

And to those authors who are quick to condemn us, or belittle our efforts, God bless you.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

E I E I O is Now Available on OmniLit!


Horror by Gail Smith
(Linda Mooney w/a)
from Red Rose Publishing
Now Available at OmniLit

Old MacDonald had a farm,
And on this farm he had some pigs
With a hack hack here, and a chop chop there,
Here a shriek, there a scream,
Everywhere the blood streams...
Old MacDonald had a farm,

In rural Georgia in 1931, a man was lucky to get any kind of work. Which was why Cletus Pink felt he'd been blessed when an old farmer named MacDonald offered him a job. But what was making the horrific sounds coming from the main house? Worse, why was there always fresh blood oozing out from underneath the kitchen's back door?

Friday, May 21, 2010

E-book Piracy and Google

Got this today (thanks, Diana!)  I wholeheartedly agree with her suggestion to read the article, then write to Google and let them know they are only compounding the problem.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Warning: Rant Ahead Re: Teachers and Parents Making Their Kids Hate School

Last year I blogged a rant about teachers (and parents) who punish a misbehaving child by making them read.  ("No, you can't go play.  You sit in that corner and read a book or something!")  And then they wonder why the child develops a hatred for reading!

The same thing is happening when it comes to writing.  How many of you have had to "write lines" for being bad?  (Does the image of Bart Simpson doing his mandatory 100 come to mind?)  And now teachers are wondering why the kids' scores in writing are so poor.  It's because they HATE to write! 

On the other hand, texting is fun.  It allows you to use shortcuts that don't grade you for spelling, punctuation, or capitalization.  Plus, you can write what you want, rather than page after page of what others want you to write.

I'm hearing more and more teachers talk about how they can't get kids to write "decently" (meaning content, not handwriting.)  I wonder how many potential authors are losing their love of writing before it's given the chance to grow.

I also wonder how I might have turned out if I had been "punished" by writing pages of worthless sentences.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"I write romance novels -- so what?"

A teacher at school printed out this article and gave it to me.  Elleen Dreyer makes a very good point, and one I agree with wholeheartedly.

If you're a romance novelist, check it out and see if you don't give a "Hear! Hear!"

And next time someone asks you why you write romance novels (instead of non-fiction or children's books, or whatever), you'll have a stronger leg to stand on.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Tonight I'm Hosting M.A. Ellis on Blog Talk Radio!

Come listen tonight on Other Worlds of Romance on Blog Talk Radio when I host best selling erotic romance author M. A. Ellis!

Show beings at 11 pm est!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Oooh! Pretty!

I saw this and fell in love with it. 
Don't know where it came from or who did it,
but it's too pretty not to share.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Top 100s by Year by Bing

Get this app now while it's free!  TOP 100s BY YEAR BY BING is my second favorite app, next to PANDORA.

To read more about it, go here.

Friday, May 14, 2010

"Bad Romance" Unplugged

This was shared on the Red Rose Publishing email loop (for readers and authors). It's just too darn funny not to share.


Thursday, May 13, 2010

From Comfort Reads to Comfort Writes


Is there a series or group of characters that you've written, that you would always go back to write more of? 

I have a "comfort write".  It's my BATTLE LORD series.  Again, somehow those two main character are so much a part of my soul, I could go back and write book after book about them.  If I ever get into the writing doldrums, and can't go any farther in my current WIP - or if I've finished a book and can't find the energy or inspiration to start a new one - I know I can pick up where I left off with Atty and Yul, and resume their story.

I'll be SO GLAD when I can get the rights back to the first book, so I can offer it to a legitimate publisher, along with the sequels.   

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Please Help Out a Great Cause!

I got this recently from Renee Combs.  I am donating one of my print books to the cause.  I challenge all authors with print editions to help in any way they can.  Thank you!

I am a nineteen year old female college student. This summer I am shaving my head for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation to raise childhood cancer research funds and I‘m asking for your help. Childhood cancer is seriously under-funded and it is our job to raise awareness for the children who can’t fight this war on their own.

Maybe you might put an add in your newsletter or donate an autographed book. Of course, donating money for our cause would always be welcome and gives the most direct support. Awareness is a key factor as well, tell your friends, your family anyone you can about our cause. The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity and your support may be tax deductible. If you would like to donate directly on my site please go to

As a part of a group called “46 Mommas Shave For The Brave” I and the others will have our heads shaved on national TV on September 13, 2010 in an effort to raise childhood cancer awareness. I need your help with our fundraising in any way you can help.
If you would like to send an autographed book please mail it to the following address: Renee Combs 105 Tahoma Rd Lexington KY, 40503.
Thank you for your time and any help you can provide in fighting childhood cancer. If you would like to ask any questions please feel free to email me at

Renee Combs

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

RUNNER'S MOON: CHALLA gets 5 Kisses from TwoLipsReviews!

Challa’s memories of her life before escaping the Arra seven years ago with thirty other Ruinos aren’t happy ones. Unfortunately, her life for the past two years with Lawson Hall’s Carnival and Sideshow hasn’t been much better. Starving and so weak the night Lawson caught her raiding his kitchen that she couldn’t change into her human form to disguise herself, Lawson turned her into a sideshow attraction as Challa, the Alien Girl. She was the draw he’d needed to save his struggling carnival. In return, he’d provided her with everything she needed to live, but he’d also caged her again, just in a different way. He didn’t care about her. All he cared about were the gate receipts she brought in. When she discovers her destined life mate in the audience at their first show of the weekend in the small town of Cooper, she knows there’s no way Lawson’s going to let her stay with him.

Former Army Lt. Compton Scott, medically discharged after an RPG left him without a right leg — not to mention scarred and nearly neutered — had come home to Cooper and his family farm to wallow in his self-pity. It takes his best friend dragging him out to the carnival on a blind date to finally get him out of the house. The woman who garners his interest, however, is not his date, but the green-skinned woman that the sideshow barker claims is a real, live alien. He thinks she certainly looks the part. Hissing and growling through her needle-like teeth, she reaches through the bars of her cage, slashing with lethal-looking talons at the gawking crowd, a crowd that backs hastily away from her in abject terror. Danger, however, isn’t what Comp picks up from her. He sees the sadness in her beautiful purple-blue eyes, and she smells so good, like honeysuckle, he, needs to get closer to her. He gets exactly that when she draws blood from one of her spectators and notice from local law enforcement. To protect her, Comp secrets her away in his home.

Challa knows they must make love to bond, but when the proof that they are indeed blood mates doesn’t materialize, she knows their future together isn’t meant to be. Sadly, knowing she’ll never see her beloved Compton again, she returns to the carnival under the guise of fetching her things. Frantic when the carnival picks up and leaves town ahead of schedule, taking Challa with them, Comp knows he must find her. Her alien nature aside, in just one night of sexually explosive passion, he knows Challa is his destiny. What he can’t even begin to imagine is how important it is to find her, sooner than later. As luck would have it, some of Challa’s fellow escapees, as well as their mates and trusted friends, step in to help, but in gathering together, they once again attract the Arra’s attention. Since coming to Earth, Challa’s friends have fought the Arra slavers off several times, but this time, the unrelenting aliens have come in search of the Ruinos and their blood mates with a deadlier weapon than any of them had ever seen. One that will test Comp’s military training to the nth degree. And then some!

Challa is the fourth installment in Linda Mooney’s terrific Runner’s Moon series. Also including Jebaral, Tiron and Simolif — these books will capture your imagination and inspire a desire in you to read more Runner’s Moon books from Ms. Mooney as soon as possible. You’ll want to keep reading Challa until you’ve finished it. Although part of a series, you can read it alone, but I wouldn’t recommend it. For deeper enjoyment of the plot and characters, I’d advise readers to start with Jebaral and progress through the books in order. Believe me, you’ll enjoy meeting the recurring characters in their own books before reading about Challa in hers.

Challa is one of those books you just can’t put down, but of course it is; it’s a Linda Mooney book! Like everything she writes, this story is captivating from beginning to end, but then, frankly I think Ms. Mooney could draw you into a scene about taking out the garbage. She’s just that kind of writer. Her plots are riveting, and she makes you feel her characters, right down to their toenails. Ms. Mooney didn’t have to say outright that Comp’s prosthesis was painful. I knew it; could almost feel it in my own bones from the way he walked and from Challa sensing his need for strength and then feeding him her own.

I love how all the Ruinos have such a strong core sense of devotion to their mates. Their emotional love scenes really cut to the heart, making the reader sigh with pure pleasure. Add raw danger and compelling suspense in a smooth flow of prose and dialogue, all of it moving at a fast pace, and you have more than just a really good book. You have a Linda Mooney book, a book that spins a story you shouldn’t miss.

Along with the first three books in the Runner’s Moon series, Challa is definitely a keeper. And since there are at least eight more Ruinos out there looking for mates, I hope to see many more releases in this wonderful series.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Come Listen and WIN!

Tonight on Other Worlds of Romance at Blog Talk Radio, I will be reading an excerpt from my newest release, CODE 30, a paranormal horror novella, and giving away a free copy to one lucky listener!

Show begins at 11:00 pm est! Don't miss it!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

...And the Fountain of Youth

You're gonna LOVE THIS!

Once upon a time, a very good friend of mine named P.S. Nim, who is both an accomplished artist and writer, did a parody of PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN.  Loooong out of print, it's now viewable on the internet!

You can get the whole schmeel here.


Saturday, May 8, 2010

Comfort Food, Comfort Clothes, Comfort Read

I've noticed several blogs mentioning "comfort reads" - books they go back to time and time again just because they give the reader a nice, warm, fuzzy feeling at the end.

So I went to the readers on my email loop and asked them which of my books they felt were comfort reads.  (Normally, I don't ask such brazen questions, but curiosity was eating me up.)  Below are some of the responses:

Mel:  That for me would be Runners Moon #1. I can read that book over and over and I never get tired of it. I always leave it satisfied.

Jo:  For me, HeartFast is probably the one I like best and the one that draws me in the most.

Cris:  Sandeflay.  I'm on my tenth or eleventh reading of it.

Sherry:  Does "Castle's Keep" count as a book? or just a great story? Because it is a definite "comfort read" for me, with lots of warm fuzzies, and very easy to reread from time to time. Keep 'um coming. Thanks for all the warm (and Hot) fuzzies.

And for me personally?  It's my BATTLE LORD'S LADY saga, plus I have the advantage of having 2 sequels already finished, which I can wallow in after finishing the first book. 

Friday, May 7, 2010

Scratching My Head

Sometimes friends email me photos they find or have had mailed to them, and the picture is so odd, it inspires a head scratching and a commentary WTH?

I'm just sharing.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

My Prediction for the Future - Regarding DVDs

I predict that in the near future, DVDs and DVD cases will become obsolete, the same way VHS and music cassettes have become.

I believe people will go online to a movie store, much like iTunes, and "buy" their movies.  And in the same way Amazon and Fictionwise, as well as ARe/Omnilit, handles purchased ebooks, those movies would be downloaded onto a table-top hard drive.  From that hard drive, you can call up your movie and play it on any television in the house.

My 2 cents.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

TwoLipsReviews Gives WINGS OF THUNDER 5 Kisses!

Once again, Linda Mooney has worked her singular magic, creating a fantastic close to her Thunder trilogy with Wings of Thunder, a riveting story filled with unswerving love, edge-of-the-seat danger and one man’s disturbing obsession.

After two years away from Earth, Annabel Lee Mayall — known to the winged people of Parra as Grand Lady Annie — was homesick. Although she’d accepted her life on Parra, with its tangerine sky, twin suns and two moons; its blue grass and crystal towers; its odd foods and even odder customs, she missed the taste of ice cream, apple pie and corn-on-the-cob dripping with butter. She missed the blue sky, the green grass and the majestic Montana mountains she’d once called home. She was still just as much in love with her husband Rion as she ever had been, and she was completely devoted to her baby son, Kerr. Yet she hungered for home so desperately that Rion, Grand Lord of Thunder — the winged man who’d tumbled out of the stormy Montana sky and into her heart three years before — worries for her health.

When the granddaddy of all storms, a tosis, obliterated Parra’s capital city and opened more rifts — the inter-dimensional pathways between Earth and Parra — than the Lords of Thunder could cover, a biplane from Earth is pulled through one of the rifts. The fierce winds bring the Gloster Gladiator down in Parra’s destroyed capital, leaving Royal Air Force Wing Commander Ian Davenport alive but badly injured. Awakening days later in a strange hospital, he was greeted by the loveliest woman he’d ever seen. Her name, she told him, was Annie. And she told him something else as well, that he was on another planet, a place called Parra. He could have been in Heaven for all the angels buzzing around the oddly colored sky, but from the moment he laid eyes on Annie, he didn’t care where he was as long as Annie was there. For Ian, it was love at first sight, but for Annie, the Brit airman was a catharsis for her homesickness, the remedy for what ailed her. Someone from home...well, at least someone from Earth, who could tell her all the latest news, not the least of which was how the war with Hitler and Tojo was going.

Rion feared his beloved Annie was getting herself in deeper with the Earthman than she realized, first visiting him in the hospital and then at his hangar as he pieced his damaged flying machine back together. Rion knew the man was in love with Annie. He didn’t need to hear the gossip about them to know as much. All he had to do was look at the man to know he felt about Annie and that he planned to take her back to Earth with him once his airplane was repaired and a rift opened for them. Would she go, leaving Rion and their son behind? He knew how homesick she was, and now she had a way to go home and somebody to take her there.

What’s more, a sudden and undiagnosable disease was opening painful sores on Annie’s back. Parra’s best healers were of the opinion that something on Parra was causing the progressive disease and that if she stayed it would only get worse. But if she went back to Earth, perhaps it would heal itself. Or perhaps healers there had a remedy for the malady. But could Rion force himself to let her go? After all they’d been through to be together, could he watch her get into Davenport’s flying machine and fly away from him for all time? Would that be any less painful than watching her die a slow, painful death in his arms? When Ian finds a way to take the decision out of his hands, Rion will be forced to face the fight of his life and Annie will have to make a choice between two men who love her beyond distraction. Which one will live? And which one will die?

Ms. Mooney began telling Rion and Annie’s story in Lord of Thunder, continued it in Passion of Thunder and brings it to a thrilling close in Wings of Thunder. This three-part serial needs to be read in order of release for the best possible enjoyment and appreciation of the continuing story arc as Rion and Annie fall in love and discover several times over that their love is worth fighting anyone or anything to hang on to. The desire between these two virtually jumps off the pages. They create sizzling, sensual love scenes in the bedroom or wherever else they choose to have sex. They’re not exhibitionists, but they have no qualms about making love veritably under the noses of others. Annie is the strong pioneer type, the last of a dying breed from the American West of the early 1940’s. While most homesick women would have wallowed in self-pity, the experience only adds strength to Annie’s character.

Determined to share her life with Rion, however long it may or may not be, is what she intends to do, come hell or high water. Rion is my ultimate hero, muscle and marshmallow, a hard-bodied man with a soft heart, at least when it comes to Annie. I really felt for him when he had to face the possibility of once again losing Annie, this time to another man. You can’t help but like Ian and wonder how he could have gone so wrong when he started out so right. It was a question I wish Ms. Mooney had answered.

Although I haven’t given Wings of Thunder the Recommended Read I gave both preceding books in this series, it’s nonetheless a must read at 5 kisses. In this reviewer’s humble opinion, no one writes more touching, heartfelt romances than Linda Mooney. She can haul you right into the story and make you feel her characters’ desires, happiness, passion and sadness better than any author I’ve ever read. That said, I’d love to see her write a spinoff Thunder series about a grown up Kerr, the next generation Lord of Thunder.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

An Open Letter to Some Review Sites

Dear Reviewers,

In the past week I've seen comments on blogs, Twitter, and Facebook about the "state" of erotic romances.  Most of the comments revolve around the "fact" that 1. all erotic romances read the same, and 2. there's nothing new "out there".

But I've also noticed that the majority of your reviews are from NY published authors/houses.  What few reviews you do for the smaller epubs basically revolve around the Big Three - namely Samhain, LooseID, and Ellora's Cave.

Is there a reason why the other epubs don't get reviewed (rarely, if ever)?  Have you tried any of their books?  I can assure you there are plenty of erotic romances that don't "read the same."  Ditto for the fact that there is plenty of fresh ideas waiting to be discovered. 

Kudos to the smaller epubs who are willing to contract an author for writing out-of-the-box erotic romances.  That's where most of the fresh, new ideas are coming from. Not from the NY pubs who, once they see a well-received genre or format, end up flooding the market with exact (and sometimes poor) replicas, until sales begin to drop off, and they start wondering why they're losing money - not to mention readers.

Yes, there are review sites that give epubs equal opportunites to have their releases read and graded.  To them, I say thank you.  But to see blatant comments like "they're all the same" is not giving credit to those authors and publishers who dare to venture outside of the mold. 

In short, please don't lump those of us who are not with NY or the Big Three into one big overall category.  Our books are just as good.  Just try us.  If NY houses are giving you pause, what's the worst you could encounter with a smaller epress?

Thank you.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Tonight, I'm hosting Christopher Newman!

Tonight on Other Worlds of Romance on Blog Talk Radio, I'm hosting fellow Red Rose author Christopher Newman! Come listen to Chris read from his erotic sci-fi romance JEN'S TALE.   You can listen in the chat room, or call in at (646) 727-2932 to chat with him personally!  Show begins at 11 pm est, and is for mature audiences only.

Christopher Newman has been a resident of Trumbull County all of his forty-eight years. Currently he resides in Niles, Ohio with his wife, two sons, their cat Murphy, and rat named Patches. A lifelong fan of sci-fi, sword-and-sorcery, horror, mystery, and erotica Chris has been reading and writing since he was first able to do both. He is the author of the following works of erotica; "The Truth about Vampires", "The Rites of the Vampire Cult", "Ghost Lover", "Love Spell", "Nymph-omania", L.O.V.E.; the Legion of Valiant Enforcers, "The Curse of Albrecht Manor", "The Hound of Doom", "Those Dangerous Times", "Get Into the Spirit, Baby", "The Devil His Due", "A Terrible Tryst of Fate" "Jen’s Tale", and "Love Bites Back". Also he is the author of the non-erotica horror novel "Uprising" and its sequel "Tales from the Uprising". He has an associate’s degree in Engineering, a deadly collection of medieval weaponry, shelves of books, a large assortment of CDs, and an astounding compilation of DVDs.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

RUNNER'S MOON: CHALLA is the Number 1 Best Seller!


Congratulations! Your book RUNNER’S MOON: CHALLA is the Number One Bestseller for the month of May at Whiskey Creek Press Torrid! Every book in the RUNNER’S MOON series has reached the Number One position, and this is your twelve overall Number One Bestseller with WCPT!

RUNNER’S MOON: CHALLA will be featured on the WCPT Home Page all month as the Bestseller, and be permanently “red lettered” as a Number One book at the WCPT site.

Again, congratulations from all of us at Whiskey Creek Press!

Debra Womack, Publisher
Jan Janssen, WCPT Executive Editor
Steven Womack, Publisher
Whiskey Creek Press LLC
"Publishing award-winning authors since 2003"