Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Free Download! Additional Scene from X MY HEART, a Sci-fi Romance Novel

This year, I will be presenting ALL NEW CONTENT from some of my previously released books. This content will be available on my website, where you can download it and read for FREE. If there is a particular book or series you'd love an extra "tidbit" of, just put it in the comment section below!

This month, I'm offering up this additional scene from X MY HEART, a sci-fi romance novel.

~ ~ ~
It's been twenty-seven months since Earth last saw any of the Medusa ships or the aliens who created them. During that time, humanity remained hidden in their underground bunkers, fearful of returning to the surface. Terrified that the creatures might return.

But after so long, the world's population has decided it's time to emerge, to rebuild, and to hope again. And as that news is imparted to Sergeant Gretchen Twoey and her misshapen, alien-created husband, Sergeant Leif Stoddard, they also get word of two possibilities they'd prayed might someday happen, but never dared to dream they’d come true.


Sunday, January 24, 2021

Now Available as an Audiobook! THE ANGEL AT THE TOP OF MY TREE, a Contemporary Fantasy Romance

Now Available as an Audiobook!

Contemporary Fantasy Romance
Word Count: 24.6K
$1.99 e / $6.99 p / $6.95 a

Narrated by Mike Reaves
Length: 2 hrs, 52 min
Hear a Sample

After purchasing a beautiful and unique antique angel tree topper, Marq North is excited to gift it to his long-time girlfriend, but he should’ve known she appreciates a bigger price tag more than sentimental value. Why has he wasted years of his life trying to buy her love? When she tells him she’s ending their relationship right before the holidays, he’s almost…relieved.

Ione and her fellow archangels are used to the rise in demonic activity during Samhain, but at Christmas? That is a surprise to them all. Yet it seems more and more people are focusing on the greed and commercialism these days rather than the real reason for the season. And the demons plan to take advantage of mankind’s vulnerability and overtake as many mortals as possible this time of year. It’s up to Ione and Heaven’s best protectors to save every valuable soul.

He’d swear he saw her literally fall from the sky, to find her injured and vulnerable. After Marq rescues her, he discovers she’s the spitting image of the angel doll. She says her name is Ione, and claims to be an archangel. After he offers her a place of safety in order to recover, he finds she’s become jaded through the years, which has him determined to have her see that it’s not greed, but the love of giving that makes this time of year special.

Despite knowing she must return to Heaven, or risk drawing the demons’ wrath to Marq, Ione wants to remain with her rescuer, but she must let him go to save his life as he did hers. After all, a relationship between a mortal and a celestial being would never work.

Or can it?

Warning:  Contains hot cocoa, a flaming sword, a celestial mission, a red sweatshirt, similar names, and discovering that sometimes the best gift on or under the Christmas tree is love.

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Friday, January 22, 2021

Now Available in Print! NIGHTSWEPT, a Fantasy/Paranormal/Time Travel Romance

Now Available in Print!

Fantasy/Paranormal/Time Travel Romance
Word Count: 35.5K
$2.99 e / $9.99 p

It's said a witch without a familiar is considered lost, but a warlock without a familiar is deemed soulless.

Yordan Squires has a rather lonely existence. As a warlock capable of time travel, he’d resigned himself to a life of solitude long ago. When he finds someone possessing the magicks like himself, she could be the answer to his loneliness. But it’s too dangerous and selfish of him to ask her to accompany him on his travels.  

Ravenelle is a sprite, or so she’s told. She doesn’t know what she is or how she has powers, but when she finds someone who does know, she doesn’t want him to go away. Despite her healing abilities and invisibility, she’s ashamed of the life she has been forced into. Cold and hungry, she’s had no choice but to sell herself, and now she’s in grave danger from the man who owns her.  

Yordan vows to protect his Ravenelle. As perilous as his travels are, she would be safer with him than fending for herself. But sometimes trouble follows, no matter where or when you end up.  

Separately they are special. Together they are unstoppable.

Warning! Contains changeable coins, a tiny hourglass, a horse barn, invisibility, fight or flight, rocky food, differing norms, and a man who learns what it's like to finally discover the other half of his soul.