Thursday, September 17, 2009

My Interview With: Rowe Maine (MY STRENGTH, MY POWER, MY LOVE)

LM: Yesterday we got to talk with Grey. Today is Rowe's turn. Once Rowe Maine, he's now the second half of the synergistic couple known as Rowe and Grey. Welcome, Rowe!

Rowe: Hello, Linda!

LM: I'm going to start off by asking you the same question I asked Grey. Do you believe the creatures that tried to take over Bellac, and whom you two managed to "push" away with your new found power, do you believe they'll be back?

Rowe: You would ask me, wouldn't you? (chuckles) Let's just say that I wouldn't be surprised if they did. But I hope they're intelligent enough to believe that if we defeated them once, we can do it again.

LM: And considering how much damage you and the other Synergians did to their ship.

Rowe: That, too.

LM: Since your trial, has there been any progress to have a Synergian on the board of Academicians?

Rowe: I'm glad you asked that question. Yes, there has, and Master Plees has been at the forefront to get the change enacted.

LM: Any idea how long before the dream becomes a reality?

Rowe: Soon. Within the next few months, I'm sure.

LM: In the meantime, what about the other Synergians who have been declared unmatched because of the Five Year Law?

Rowe: As you might have suspected, they have sent petitions to the Academy. Fortunately, they are willing to wait until the change-over has occurred.

LM: Do you believe that law will be rewritten, allowed to stand as is, or expunged?

Rowe: Now, that I cannot tell you. Personally, Grey and I would prefer to see the law rewritten. It can't be removed completely. There has to be some kind of guideline, some point where an unmatched Synergian must relent to the fact that he or she will not find her life mate, so that they can be brought into the Academy as teachers. We just believe that a flat five year timeline isn't, and never has been, the answer. Don't ask me what new rules will be written. I'm thankful I won't have to face that task.

LM: Well, I'm glad things turned out the way they did for you and Grey. Are you two still the only Synergians whose power emanates from a space craft, rather than from ground level?

Rowe: (laughs) So far!

LM: Thank you again for getting with us, Rowe. Here's wishing you and Grey many wonderful years together.

Rowe: Thank you! We've enjoyed ourselves tremendously!

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