Sunday, June 13, 2021

Six on Sunday - ROBBERY ON THE HIGH SEAS, Noir Fairy Tales, Book 4

Six on Sunday - Six paragraphs from ROBBERY ON THE HIGH SEAS, Noir Fairy Tales, Book 4

1. Rob stared at the swells. He could go after the boat himself, and make damn better time. Neither would they be able to get away from him. Not when he was in his other form. But doing so would create more problems, namely giving himself away. Non-statics were already aware that he was one of them. That wasn’t the difficulty. Grimm City was mostly populated with nons. It just wasn’t kosher to ask what they turned into. Not only was it bad manners, but in a lot of cases, against the law. In some instances, it would be the same as asking a human to strip to reveal their gender.

2. She wasn’t a beautiful woman. Not the kind that turned heads, or graced the covers of magazines. But when she smiled, it was as if she bloomed with an inner light. It was at that moment Rob realized she was a static. A changeling who didn’t change. Not quite human, but something very ethereal, heavy emphasis on the “real.” Inadvertently, his good eye went to her back. Did she have wings underneath that blue blouse? Or was she something a little more earthbound?

3. “Rob!” She shrieked again, and it seemed her cry gradually faded away. He had no idea what had happened to her until two pairs of hands latched onto his arms and jerked him to his feet. Something struck him at waist level, when he suddenly realized it was the railing. He knew what was about to happen seconds before he felt himself being lifted and heaved overboard.

4. Rob and Naia each took a seat in the two leather chairs to avoid getting sea water all over the man’s cabin. Even so, puddles began forming on the floor beneath their feet. Rob noticed how everyone’s gaze didn’t miss the obvious scaly legs and fins revealed below Naia’s gown. The crew members who’d escorted them here made it obvious they wanted nothing to do with her, and even refused to touch her once they’d realized what she was. Naia didn’t seem to find their behavior unusual, but it was hard to miss the flashes of sorrow that crossed her lovely face.

5. Reaching up, she placed a palm to his cheek. He met her halfway to take her lips with his in a kiss that melted her down to her fins. She was barely aware of him lifting her into his lap until she felt the hardness of his chest against hers. He held her tightly yet tenderly, careful not to crush her. Then, surprisingly, he broke the kiss and nuzzled her neck, placing light kisses on her shoulder.

6. Naia ignored the Mako’s scream of agony and launched herself in the direction of the departing ship. She had to get away from here and up where these creatures couldn’t reach her. She didn’t dare look behind her to see what was happening between the two sharks. She didn’t dare question why the third shark had gone around her to specifically target the Mako. All she could think of at the moment was reaching Rob and saving him from drowning…or worse.

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Now Available as an Audiobook! HIS BATTLE LORD'S CURSE, The Battle Lord Saga, Book 9

Now Available as an Audiobook!

Book 8 of The Battle Lord Saga
Sci-Fi/Futuristic/Post-Apocalyptic Romance
Word Count:
$3.99 e / $9.99 p / $19.95 a

Narrated by Daniela Acitelli
Length: 7 hrs, 5 min
Hear a Sample

Things seem to have settled down among the people of Alta Novis. Normals and Mutah are working together, and families are thriving. The compound is filled to capacity and brimming with new life, but their good fortune can only last for so long.

Winter is setting in, and the surrounding countryside is being plagued by unexpected swarms of wild animals. In addition, a horde of rats is contaminating the food supplies and destroying goods, but why? Where are all these creatures coming from? And why is it happening now? It all seems to point to one man – a sorcer who shows up at the compound and demands obedience, or else he'll bring down a devastating curse upon them all. A curse that threatens to take away all Yulen D’Jacques holds dear.

The Battle Lord finds himself at odds between fact and fiction, but he’ll stop at nothing to save his family, as well as his dynasty. But sometimes the real enemy can’t be seen, making it an almost impossible battle to fight, much less win.

Warning! Contains contamination, infestation, rats and possums and bears (oh, my!), revenge stew, a proposal, the start of a beautiful relationship, and a series of catastrophic losses that could include Yulen and Atty's children if the battle lord isn't able to stop a madman from fulfilling his promise.

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New! ROBBERY ON THE HIGH SEAS, Noir Fairy Tales, Book 4, a Paranormal Fantasy Romance


Noir Fairy Tales, Book 4
(Based on "The Little Mermaid")
Paranormal, Fantasy Romance
Word Count: 36.7K
$2.99 e

Special Agent Rob Ariello has been assigned to go undercover on a cruise to Ireland for a month to protect the duke and duchess of Edelweiss. A thief has been targeting the richest of the rich, and this couple could make them more than wealthy. Rob’s job is to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Naia Meer is a civilian tagged to help with the mission because of her “special abilities”, but what are they? She’s posing as Rob’s wife, but even he doesn’t know. All he knows is she’s a static, and he finds himself being drawn to the redheaded beauty as time passes. He knows he shouldn’t mix business with pleasure, but he almost can’t help himself.

He soon learns that someone on the ship knows who they both are, and they want them dead. Who can Rob and Naia trust? The couple’s job is to stop the jewel thief, but can they protect each other in the meantime? When the truth about their real natures surface, can they look past their prejudices and follow their hearts?

Warning! Contains secret missions; corned beef on rye (with a big fat juicy pickle slice); damn mushrooms; sharks, sharks, and more sharks; and two people thrown together who discover they should be enemies, but can't deny the growing attraction between them.

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Cities at Night from Space, Part 1


Tokyo by Dan Tani

Seoul by Shane Kimbrough

San Francisco by Scott Kelly

New York City by Scott Kelly

Chicago by Scott Kelly

Barcelona by Scott Kelly

Athens by Tim Kopra