Friday, September 11, 2009

My Interview With: Hannah Morr (RUNNER'S MOON: JEBARAL)

LM: Good morning, Hannah! My goodness, you're looking more beautiful everyday! Where was this photo taken?

HM: (laughs) Last night. We were over at Roni and Thom's place to celebrate Thom's birthday. Jeb took the snapshot.

LM: How is everyone this morning?

HM: Well, if it's anything like our household, it's business as usual.

LM: Did Simon and Sarah come down for the celebration?

HM: Yes. They spent the night here at our place and left to go back to Templeton this morning.

LM: Are you still waitressing at the diner downtown there in Tumbril Harbor?

HM: Of course. I love it. I love this town and its people. I make good tips, even though the pay isn't much. But I really don't have to work, you know. Jeb has told me several times his paycheck can suffice if I ever want to quit, but I honestly enjoy what I do. If I didn't, I would definitely take him up on his offer.

LM: Tell me, Hannah, are there many differences between Ruinos and human males?

HM: Mmm, you mean other than the obvious, like the green skin and such? (laughs) Actually, I've never done a real comparison. I mean, why should I? I love my husband very, very much. If there's going to be any comparing done, it'll be to hold him up next to someone else's husband, which is pretty futile, if you ask me. And even then, the other hubbies can't hold a candle to him.

LM: I have to agree with you. But what about his brother, Simon? Or Roni's husband, Thom?

HM: Geeze, Linda, do you really want to go there? (giggles)

LM: On second thought, no. So, I take it life couldn't be sweeter at this moment.

HM: Other than the constant threat of the Arra discovering us, life is very sweet.

LM: Do you think that, because of the Arra and the danger they represent, you and Jeb are able to get the most out of life and your time together than most couples do?

HM: Most definitely! I sort of compare it to couples finding out one of them has a life-threatening disease, and the spouse has only a few weeks or months left to live. That's kind of like us. We know that at any moment we could be overwhelmed by the Arra, so we never hesitate to try something new, or to tell each other how much we love them. Nothing is taken for granted.

LM: Do you two ever have an argument?

HM: Doesn't every married couple? (giggles) But, again, like I said before, we can't let it fester. We try to work the problem out as soon as we've cooled down, and we go on from there.

LM: Tell me, Hannah, what's the best thing about being married to an alien from outer space?

HM: The best thing? Oh, geeze, that's a toughie. I have to pick just one?

LM: Or two. I don't care.

HM: Don't laugh, but it's Jeb's curiosity. He's always wanting to learn about things. About this world. Everything. The man is hung up on those television shows about the world and wildlife. He's always pointing out things to me that even I didn't know about! And I love that about him. Yeah, we don't travel much or too far from home, but that hasn't stopped him from trying to expand his horizons in other ways. (voice drops to a whisper) Don't tell him this, but I'm saving up my tips to get him a computer for Christmas. Guess that means my green couch potato will become an internet potato, eh? (laughs)

LM: I think it's great! That way you and Sarah, and the others, can keep in touch via email.

HM: That's another reason. That, plus the fact she said she can plug us in to the sites where she keeps tabs on the Arra. We figure the more eyes we have keeping watch, the better.

LM: An excellent idea. Well, Hannah, it's been a delight to talk with you.

HM: It's been my pleasure. I'm so happy you decided to do these interviews.

LM: Take care, and Orati milem dosa.

HM: Oh, wow! And a long and happy life to you, too!

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