Tuesday, September 28, 2021

FREE Additional Scene from 4-POINT STAR, an Erotic Sci-Fi Romance

This month, I'm offering up a free additional scene from 4-POINT STAR, an Erotic Sci-Fi Romance!

With their initial two-year mission coming to a close, everyone agrees to sign on again for another stint once their mandatory vacation/down time is over, thus keeping their Gaspiel intact.

All except for Sienna, their Visl. She’s been very quiet these past few days. And when she finally reveals to them the reason why she cannot take on another mission with them, they don’t know whether to be devastated…or elated.

Monday, September 27, 2021

Sunday, September 26, 2021

Six on Sunday - ROOG, a Sensuous Sci-Fi/Time Travel Romance


Six paragraphs from ROOG, a Sensuous Sci-Fi/Time Travel Romance.

1She reacted automatically at Mumphree’s shout and slammed her palm down on the red button. There was a sharp explosion, and a hot, burning pain went up her arm. She didn’t understand she’d been shot until she glanced down to see blood rolling onto the console.

2. The feet were attached to two muscular, hairy legs. Lifting her head, she gazed up past what looked like an animal skin tied around a narrow waist, unbelievable washboard abs, up to a bared, hirsute chest, a thick neck, then a face staring down at her. A man’s face, covered with a full beard and mustache, and a head of wild, uncombed hair, framed with high cheekbones and dark eyes filled with a curious expression that studied her. The man’s lips pursed, and he gave an Ooo! Ooo! Ooo! hooting sound. The kind chimps and gorillas make.

3. Pressing his hands to the sides of his face, the engineer strode over to the machine, then back. He took a deep breath, lowering his hands. “Jesse, I deal in facts. Cold, hard, unquestionable facts. Fantasy I can get from the movies. But…you’re talking about time travel? You’re saying she went, what? Into the future?”

4. It was some time later that Leigh was awakened by a hand lifting her head. The old woman was back, speaking softly and soothingly to her. Something touched her lips, and she heard the word “chah.” The woman repeated it, each time pressing whatever she had against Leigh’s mouth. Dimly, Leigh understood it was something she needed to swallow, and opened up. Whatever it was, it was warm and tasted foul, but she swallowed it anyway. She had no reason to believe this woman would go to the trouble of letting her rest, only to try and kill her. Or give me an easy death.

5. She caught a movement from the corner of her eye as the man she’d trounced reached for her with his free hand. She scooted backwards, when she collided with a tree blocking her path. He reached for her again, his other hand holding the crude knife. She tried to duck when another man came up behind her and grabbed her by both arms. Leigh shrieked at the pain zipping up her wounded arm as the guy in front of her placed a hand on her shoulder to steady her, and he brought his hand around to slit her throat. Gritting her teeth, she tried to lash out with her feet, and squarely caught the man in the knee. He staggered backwards and suddenly paused, eyes wide with shock as a spear tip emerged from his chest. Blood spurted outward, dotting her chest and face.

6. Mumphree stared through the window wall at the Send-Matic, but his mind was on the young woman they were searching for. “Four days? Dear God, let’s hope we find her in time.” He dreaded to think about what her life would be like if they failed.

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