Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Now Available as an Audio Book! UNDERSILVER, a SciFi Romance Novel

Now Available as an Audio Book!

A SciFi Romance Novel
Narrated by Guy Veryzer
Length: 6 hrs, 20 min.

Hear a Sample

The planet had secrets it never revealed, until it was too late.

Centuries ago, mankind's only hope for survival were the seven vessels specially fitted to send the last survivors of Earth to a planet named New Earth. Seven space ships that became floating cities once they landed on the water-only world teeming with edible seafood, as well as dangerous creatures.

Lt. Jace Novick, of the ship UnderPlatinum, is sent to sister ship UnderSilver to see if he can help find a possible solution to their growing problem. Food is beginning to run low, catches are scarcer, and the tension between ships is increasing as starvation becomes imminent.

Lt. Commander Rhone Derth has created a security device called wrap shields to protect Silver from repeated attacks by the planet's hostile monsters. But it seems the shields are also keeping the fish away as well. Jace believes he has an answer, but it means he and Rhone must work together despite Rhone's antagonism toward him, and the short time he's been allotted before he must return to his own ship.

Together, they try to discover a way to survive as the other vessels turn on each other in a desperate battle for the last of the dwindling food supply, not knowing that another, more malevolent being is watching them from the depths.

Warning! Contains loss of oxygen, vicious sea creatures, massive destruction, scientific theories, near-drowning, subsonic bursts, questionable seafood, alien artifacts, and two people trying to survive what could be the complete annihilation of their species.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Six on Sunday - NEVERWYLDE, The Rim of the World, Book 5

Six paragraphs from Neverwylde, The Rim of the World, Book 5.

1. The growing heat was becoming oppressive, turning the air into a suffocating blanket, making it harder and harder to draw breath. Turning to the panel, Kyber searched for the white light that they believed indicated the temple. When he finally realized what he was seeing—or rather, what he was not seeing—he froze in stunned disbelief. “We may have a problem.”

2. Walking hunched over quickly sapped their strength. After another hour, Kyber realized he was no longer sweating although the temperature remained sweltering. His body couldn’t emit enough moisture to help cool him. He’d noticed Fullgrath had stopped wiping his brow some time ago, which meant he and everyone else was tottering on the edge of heat exhaustion. Placing one foot in front of the other was becoming a major effort. In addition, he felt light-headed, and his eyes were having difficulty remaining focused. The others appeared to be having similar problems.

3. The hot, orange-tinted room was replaced with a blast of freezing cold. Add the advancing darkness enveloping him, and Kyber found himself momentarily at a loss as to where to go. The wind picked up, forcing him to jump off the platform as bits of frozen rain sliced through the main opening in the temple and pelted him like a hundred tiny knives. Running to the nearest wall, he pressed his back against it when he heard his name. Following the sound, he felt a hand grab his arm and jerk him behind another wall.

4. The high-pitched shrieks were pathetic to hear. As Kelen listened, tears streamed down her face as she imagined the terror the little creatures were facing. After a few more seconds, she knew she couldn’t desert them. Not after what they had done to save her life.
5. Kelen watched as the security officer advanced, his body outlined by the orangish light. Everyone’s attention was on Cooter, when a high, piercing whistle came from behind her. She whirled around in time to spot Five hastily climbing down Dox’s pants leg. When the furry reached the ground, he tugged on Dox’s uniform and gave another short screech. Before she could comprehend what was going on, Five dashed for the tunnel wall and vanished.

6. The front door opened and Fullgrath stumbled in, out of breath. The man was wide-eyed as he gestured outside. “Guys! You gotta see this! Now!” Before anyone could ask, he raced back out of the apartment.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

New! NEVERWYLDE, The Rim of the World, Book 5

The adventure is almost over...


The Rim of the World, Book 5
Sci-fi Romance
Word Count: 33.3K
$2.99 e (and coming soon to print!)

Finding themselves on yet another new part of the half-world, Kyber and the crew need to escape quickly or risk death, but he can’t find it in himself to care anymore. His Kelen is gone.  

The group is tired, both Terrans and Seneecians. Tired of fighting. Tired of running. Tired of struggling to survive. They have nothing left to give. But if there’s even the tiniest of chances that Kelen is still alive, Kyber will stop at nothing to find her.  

Giving up hope on ever escaping, the crew decides on a new strategy—survive, learn as much as they can, and hopefully help anyone who may crash there in the future. With new friends and allies, and new information, there just may be hope yet. 

The adventure is almost over…

Warning! Contains warmth by furries, death by furries, identification by old Earth code, bowls as weapons, soapy sand, planet-wide monitoring, and a love that will carry two people through tragedy and despair, to the possibility of rescue.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Lovely Dragons


Dragon Spirit Art by sandara

december 16th by oukamiyoukai45

“Mizutsune” by Sophie Cook