Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Writer After My Own Heart

The other day on one of my email loops, I saw Jan Alyce Avery's link to a blog she'd written over at Samhain. I read it through (because the title intrigued me), and instantly emailed her back asking if I could link my blog to it! She graciously gave me permission, so here it is.

This pretty much sums up what I've been having to face when writing my romance stories. At what point does my romantice love scenes (and I prefer to write them as a culmination of the growing feelings between my hero and heroine, rather than as a precursor) go from being "romantic" to just "sex for sex's sake"?

At what point does a writer forsake her natural "voice", and begin writing what she's told (or forced, or strongly suggested) to write because Sex Sells?

Fortunately, I'm still clinging to that hard-won niche I've carved out for myself. My stories are considered sensual by erotic standards, kind of like a 2 or 3 on the "hot" scale of 5. Yet I've also had people, who aren't that familiar with how much e-books have allowed writers to push that envelope, think my stuff is "borderline porn".

Anyway, I've said sort of the same thing over on my website (in the About Me section). It was rather nice to see there are others of my ilk Out There campagning under the same banner. :)

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