Thursday, March 20, 2008

A "Screaming 4.5" for RUNNER'S MOON: SIMOLIF!

Sarah Drumman loves the stars. She loves the wonder of the unknown, of the possibility of what could be out there. The possibility that more than us exists is one of her driving passions. In fact, she's convinced alien life forms have landed on our planet and are somehow integrated with human life.

Over roughly seven years, she's tracked several anomalies that could be spaceships, which have landed and then left Earth. She's so sure of her research, that she's betting her tenure at her college, her position, and her future on it.

A near rape is the beginning of a fast paced and page turning read. When Simon interrupts the man's attack on Sarah, she's shaken and set off balance in more than one way. He wasn't just being a good Samaritan for her. She is his one and only life mate, and now that he's found her against all odds on a planet as far from his own as is possible, he'll do anything to prove his heart is hers.

Until she explains her theory of otherworld visitors. Fear of exposure is the only thing stronger than the fear of their past jailers finding the escaped Ruinos people scattered across Earth. One thing has to happen to make Simon and Sarah's bond complete and unbreakable. She must accept his Ruinos form. She doesn't realize how close she is to the truth her research has led her to until her own life is in danger and she must face Simon in his Ruinos shape.

Simon's story of Runner's Moon is a definite winner for me. The action was fast paced, the emotions came across in well written depth and as a reader, it was hard not to crush on Simon Morr. The only thing that caught at me was the sound of the characters' tones as they spoke. In the book, it says Simon learned to cook and to read mostly from cookbooks, since he obviously wasn't American or English speaking. It's a good thing that is mentioned because it explains several points where the tone is almost too exact, too educated. I will admit I haven't read the other books yet, so I can't tell you how Jeb is suppose to sound, but at least two dialogue scenes came across where to this readers inner ear, they sounded very similar, so I can't say if Jeb learned in the same manner or not.

Overall though, I have to give this book a screaming 4.5. rating. It was hard to put it down, easy to understand the Ruinos story background and even though it was the third book, I didn't feel at all out of sequence because I started in the wrong place. I'd been looking forward to reading this installment of the Ruinos stories, and I wasn't at all disappointed.

Diana Castilleja
Best Selling Author
Romance that thrives in dark places

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