Saturday, March 15, 2008

Ellen Ashe's Books For Sale!

THE MOUNTAIN MAN ~ NOVELLA ~HTML format~ $2.00~ Paypal
Between myth and purgatory he waits."Ellen Ashe knows how to draw a reader in and then trap them in her web of intense romantic drama." -- Romance Junkies

LOVE NOT FORGOTTEN~ Scottish paranormal romance~ NOVEL HTML format only~ $2.50~ Paypal
A phantom Highland Clansman, a ghostly fire, a woman’s scream-tortured spirits that desperately reach out through time- pleading for redemption. Alex MacTavish and Kate Daniels must put together the pieces of the violent past before a malevolent evil tears their lives and love apart.
"This is an emotionally powerful heart-wrenching story about two lovers trying to find their way back to one another." - The Romance Studio

MIDNIGHT TRYST~ vampire erotic~ NOVELLA HTML format~ $2.00~ Paypal
He sees her most erotic dreams, understands her darkest fantasies, shares her most carnal desires, and for a price Dorantes will make them all come true-- only at....the midnight hour.
"Midnight Tryst is an ethereal and seductive story that is very dark and shrouded in mystery; what occurs is slightly scary and oddly romantic. Dorantes and Regina are both sexy and frightening characters that took me on an erotic and deadly journey that left me feeling unnerved but sated. This book is theatrical, sensual and quite brilliant; a very unique story that will stick with you after reading it." -- Joyfully Reviewed

A MISTRESS FOR MARCOS~ paranormal romance~ NOVELLA HTML format~ $2.00 ~Paypal
Forbidden lusts can never die when the house in which they were created still breathes..."Once again Ellen Ashe proves her merit as an author who writes passionate, dark stories with a shocking twist or two thrown in for good measure." CK2S Kwips and Kritiques

THE SORCERER'S MARK~ award winning fantasy romance~ NOVEL Authographed print~ contact me for details

Best friends, Brandi Glass and Sara Lee Kake, quickly discover their lady outlaw personas are taken very seriously when a violent lightning storm hurtles them from a modern Western holiday resort into the authenticity of 1880s Texas. Life on the run with two desperate criminals in the nineteenth century teaches them both that fate is curiously at play and love is timeless. "Ms. Ashe uses wit, sassy dialog, tender love, and a realistic approach to life in the Old West from a twenty-first century view to draw the reader through a wonderful story full of engaging characters." - Romance Reviews Today

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