Thursday, March 27, 2008

High Five for Runner's Moon: Jebaral!

One survivor of thirty one. A race unlike anything on earth, yet able to shapeshift to look human with the rise and fall of the moon and sun for protect themselves from detection.

They are Ruinos.

A race that has been enslaved and almost brought to extinction by the Arra. All the survivors of the escape pod prayed for was a chance to live in freedom. After the atrocities suffered for years at the hands of their jailers, freedom held an appeal that they gladly embraced. Except none expected to find a blood mate, the Ruinos' soul mate, among humans.

Jebaral has lived in secrecy, moving to hinder any hunt the Arra may have initiated to find their missing cargo. The last days at his current construction job means it's time for him to move on again. Telling the waitress he's seen every morning for five months leaves him feeling a deep hollowness. Her sadness is something he isn't expecting. He knows she is in trouble, but not used to human customs, doesn't know how to help, until he has no choice but to take her away from her current situation to save her life.

The story that comes is a full throttle exploration of the Ruinos life and history, their fears and triumphs. How can two different species find compatibility, much less love? I have to give Ms. Mooney kudos for bringing to life such an enigmatic people, similar yet so distinctly different. The overall detail of the background, to the distinct differences between the two races were gripping. Finding a commonality between the two races to make the emotional and physical aspect of the stories work was amazing. She has garnered a full time fan in me.

Rating: 5/5

Diana Castilleja
Best Selling Author
Romance that thrives in dark places

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