Monday, March 31, 2008

An Open Letter Of Celebration

Hello. My name is Simolif Gitall Morr. Mrs. Mooney has been generous to allow me this chance to open my heart and tell of my great joy at finding my life mate on this world.

I am told it is not usual for a man to openly express his feelings to the world. But I am from a country where such emotions are celebrated. (However, the expressing of those emotions between life mates is still kept exclusively between couples, and not shown in public.)

After escaping years of suppression and enslavement, my life finally became mine again. Freedom to live the rest of my days without the threat of torture was all I ever hoped for. The thought of having one true love was only a dream, a reality I had given up long before now.

Then when Jebaral found his life mate, I allowed myself to hope that I would find my own. Patiently I waited. And prayed. And hoped.

And at last I can rejoice! I have found her! My heart weeps with joy, and my whole body thrums with anticipation for the time when we can join, body and soul. For when that happens, I know I will receive the ultimate happiness that all of my kind seek.

Her name is Sarah Drumman. She works as a professor in the sciences division at the university where the company I work for is currently building a new wing.

And tomorrow I will finally discover what she looks like.

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