Monday, March 24, 2008

Holy Hannah! A Top Pick, Recommended Read for JEBARAL!

Wow! Nothing like googling your series to see if you have a new review in hiding. I discovered this one for Runner's Moon: Jebaral from Romance Reader at Heart. They gave it a Top Pick, Recommended Read!

Thirty one of them escaped slavery, to find themselves on a strange new world. Now by shape-shifting and taking on the appearance of the natives, they work among them without raising suspicion. At night, though, they must revert to their normal appearance. Jebaral has seen the near destruction of his race and now he hopes that the few survivors will have the chance to find peace on this world and remain free from their enemy, the Arra.

Jebaral meets Hannah Pitt while she is working as a waitress. He feels drawn to her, but as long as his people are being hunted by the Arra, he believes that there can be nothing between them. Something tragic happens and circumstances change. To keep Hannah safe, Jebaral must take her away with him when he leaves town. Because of the danger from the Arra, he hopes that he will not have to keep Hannah with him long. He believes that if Hannah ever truly sees him, she will believe he is a monster. The problem is that Jebaral fears that the way he feels for Hannah, he may not be able to set her free.

Explosive action and great passion are described in this newest book by Linda Mooney, RUNNER'S MOON: JEBARAL. Here, she tells the story of two extraordinary characters that have suffered from abuse. Jebaral is an escaped slave from another planet that finds himself on Earth and tries to blend in with the humans. When he first meets Hannah there is instant attraction, but he fears becoming attached to anyone. His fears keep him from acting on his attraction, but when a tragedy occurs, he finds that he has no choice.

The characters are truly amazing. Jebaral looks and abilities are truly imaginative, but they cause the character to fear how others will react if he is exposed. This, and his worry over being recaptured, seem to be his only vulnerabilities—until he meets Hannah. Jebaral's greatest fear then becomes that something will happen to prevent them from being together.

Hannah has many of the characteristics of an abuse victim. She is constantly afraid of being hurt and she fears that her situation is beyond hope. Jebaral becomes her hero and gives her back her hope and courage. Together, they are electrifying. Their desire builds until a time comes for it to explode into a situation of heated passion. Jebaral and Hannah's relationship will have to overcome many very big obstacles if they are to be together—Hannah's abuser, alien captors and Hannah's reaction to Jebaral's true appearance. Their story had me wanting them to succeed and find a way to survive all that may keep them apart.

Their many problems lead to some extreme breathtaking, non-stop action scenes. This is a story you can't put down. It quickly captures your attention and keeps it with its action and passion. New characters are introduced during times of great action that leaves you wanting to know them better, such as Jebaral's brother.

RUNNER'S MOON: JEBARAL by Linda Mooney, is an exciting and passionate romance that leaves you anxiously waiting for the next book in the series.

Anita Hartsell

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