Saturday, March 22, 2008

Simolif Earns an A from Simply Romance Reviews!

Part three in the Runner’s Moon series, Simolif- or Simon meets the woman that’s his mate. His species is only allowed one mate for life, and he’s surprised to find his is a human. As he works on a construction site he can sense that she’s there, he just hasn’t seen her. Then one morning by sheer luck, he looks up and there she is.

Sarah had heard the women whooping and taunting the men that worked on the construction crew next door, and true enough there was one that would set any woman’s panties on fire, but she had no illusions that he would be interested in her. She was too studious, too overweight and a plain Jane. Nothing like what Mr. Studly would ever look twice at.

Little does she know, but she is exactly what Simon is looking for. He’s watched over her from the moment he realized who she was, determined to protect her and gently woo her to accepting him. His human side as well as his alien one. He knows that the only time he’s ever seen anything remotely close to what he looks like in his natural form is found in horror movies, but he’s hoping that Sarah has the heart to accept him as her mate.

When an emergency calls Simon out of town, the connection that is growing stronger between them pulls her to him. Accidentally caught in the cross fire of a corporate take over, Sarah is in danger. Some things are worse than death, and she’s learning this at the hands of paid assassins.

But when the Calvary shows up its one like she’s never seen in her life. Which ones are the monsters? The battle is over in moments, but can her mind survive what she’s seen? Can she love Simon as his true self or is Simon doomed to be without his mate forever? Add into this mix the slavers the Ruinos escaped from are closing in on the them, the breed that Simon and his clan are called, and are determined to either sell them back into slavery or as a delicacy to other species willing to pay the price. It doesn’t matter to them if they species of the Ruinos becomes extinct or not.

This isn’t my first book I’ve read of Linda Mooney’s. But I have to tell you, before I had even read through the first chapter I had to go back and purchase the first two books in the Runner’s Moon series. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. All three are now on my keeper shelf. It also makes me wonder if she’s going to add more to this series. All I can say is if she does, I’m getting it.


~Reviewed by Melisa
Simply Romance Reviews

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