Monday, March 10, 2008

Bustin’ the Writers Block

We’ve all been there, ready to start a story, but with no idea how. Ready to get within the heart of the plot, but totally blank on what to put on the screen.

Got a plot? Check.
Got characters? Check.
Got conflict? Or at least an idea about what the conflict would be about? Check.

Sooo...what’s the problem?

Alright. Got it. It’s getting started. Hey—been there, had that. Lots of times, in fact. Want to know what I did to resolve it? To be honest, I’ve tried several things, because the same solution didn’t always work every time. In fact, I’ve ended up with a nice handful of tricks I’m willing to share.

1. Start off with a BOOM!
Dialog (scream or exclamation), a scene, etc.
2. With a dilemma or mystery
A dead body, a stolen object–anything crucial to the plot
3. With a question
Intrigue the reader from the get-go by making them think
4. With ambiance
Set the mood. Is it spooky? Loving? Other-worldly?
And, finally,
5. Pretend your story is a movie. What will you see with the opening credits?

Hope you can get at least one idea going. :)

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