Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What Have You Had To Cut Back On?


Just got my gasoline bill. Last year at this time, our household (2 trucks and 2 cars) averaged $400 a month in gas usage. But like the rest of the nation, as gas prices climbed, so did our bill. Today it’s a whopping $880! That’s more than our house payment!

Frankly, folks, I’m starting to feel a bit scared. Yes, hubby and I are employed full time, but we’re having to tighten. Which means giving up the extras. More trips to Blockbuster and fewer excursions to the movie theaters. Making do with the fraying towels instead of buying new ones. More suppers of soup and sandwiches, salads, or cereal and other semi-breakfast foods like pancakes or scrambled eggs.

But I predict e-books will rally BIG time, and the down side will fall on paperbacks and hardbacks (mostly because of cost). People will still need their entertainment to help them through these tough times. It’s harder making ends meet; some months mine only manage to wave at each other. Some luxuries in life will become almost obsolete if there are no other alternatives.

Have you had to give up something, or re-adjust your lifestyle due to the enormous upswing in gas and food prices?


barbara huffert said...

I now have occasions when I choose to pay something late. Never did that before and I seriously hate it but there's extra left to cut out.

Angelia Sparrow said...

My commute just got cut from 40 miles to 6. My gasoline bill dropped from $40/week to about $5. That is huge.

We were already cut back. I cook more meals at home now, and get less take-out. We seldom go to the movies and never take vacation.