Friday, May 30, 2008

An Author's Bill of Rights

1. Authors shall be treated with common courtesy by their publishers.
2. Authors shall be paid in a timely manner, or notified in a timely manner if payment will be delayed.
3. Authors shall be allowed to know their sales after the end of each quarter.
4. Authors shall be paid the Full Due of their royalties.
5. Authors shall be told the truth in all circumspects by their publishers.
6. Authors shall be given a contract for each body of work submitted and accepted by the publisher.
7. Authors shall be allowed feedback, or to make suggestions, regarding their final cover art.
8. Authors shall be allowed compromise during edits.
9. Authors shall have their works returned without prejudice when circumstances and contractual obligations warrant.
10. Authors using a pseudonym shall have their privacy protected.


Desirée Lee said...


It's sad that authors have to demand such treatment. It should be called "common courtesy."

Common courtesy is becoming less common unfortunately.

Carpe Noctem,

Linda Mooney said...

Thank you, Desiree.

Sometimes the "unspoken, unwritten" rules have to be written.

barbara huffert said...

Ooh I like this list. Sad that we need it though, isn't it?

Mary Ellen Ashman said...

Nice thought. But is it something that has any power? Or is it just a guidline that greed-ridden publishers laugh at?

TJ said...

I like your list. Sadly, I think there are a few more items that should be added including taking a risk and allowing for the classical voice.

In the end it might all be wishful thinking.