Thursday, May 22, 2008

10 Things You Can Do While You’re Waiting on the Publisher To Accept Your Contract

10. Work on one of those 67 other incomplete works in progress.

9. Take that long-delayed vacation to Tahiti. Or Ireland. Or anyplace so remote that you can’t access your email.

8. Learn a new language. (Works well with # 9.)

7. How about a new hobby? I hear shoe collections are very rewarding.

6. Call and reassure your family, friends, and relatives you haven’t fallen off the face of the earth.

5. Get a pet. Preferably something that’s gentle and affectionate. Like a hedgehog.

4. Reinvent you. Hair, nails, stomach by-pass, liposuction, boob job, and laser eye surgery. That way when your book becomes a best-seller, and you go out on tours to promote it, no one will recognize you from the photo on the back cover.

3. Cultivate a green thumb. Plants are your friends. They’ll also clean the stuffiness out of your work cubicle.

2. Reward yourself for all your hard work! Writing a book isn’t easy. Jump the gun a little bit and pretend you’ve gotten the contract. Better yet, start going from door-to-door and take orders for when it’s released!

1. Pray they accept it.

1 comment:

Angelia Sparrow said...

Hmmm, interesting advice.

And here I'm just wasting my time writing the NEXT book while waiting to hear on the contract.

I could be going to Ireland and gargling Gaelic!
(I speak about a dozen words of Scots and Irish Gaelic including one obscenity)

Ah well, back to the PTSD vet in love with the double amputee.