Wednesday, May 7, 2008

SIMOLIF is a Joyfully Reviewed Recommended Read!!!!

Simolif has been chosen as one of May's Joyfully Reviewed's Recommended Reads.
Reviewed by Tanya

Simolif, his brother Jebaral, and their adopted sister Tiron, along with twenty-eight other members of the Runinos species, escaped to Earth seven years ago. They escaped the Arra species who were holding them hostage, and now are living a cautious life on earth. As they are shape shifters who only have to return to their true form at night, they are able to work regular jobs during the day, though they are stronger than most. The life that Simolif has chosen on Earth is as a contractor.

While originally they all thought they were going to remain alone for their lives, not being in captivity was enough, they have since found that there is a possibility they will find a life mate among the humans. In fact, Jabaral and Tiron have both accomplished this. So Simon now has hope. That hope increases with the knowledge that his mate is near when he takes the construction job next to the planetarium of a local college. You see, not only is shy Professor Sarah Drumman an astronomer, she is also his life mate.

When Simolif saves Sarah from a brutal attack on campus, they become instant friends and eventually lovers. But will Sarah ever be able to accept Simolif in his “true form,” which will be needed for the couple to become life mates? Additionally, will Sarah’s tenure presentation potentially endanger all of their lives on Earth?

Readers should be aware that there are erotic and sexual scenes that do take place between the main characters when one is in a non-human form.

Fantastic Sci-Fi story is the first thing that comes to mind when I tell people about Simolif. It is a stand-alone story, but is the third in a series that I hope continues on for a long time. I loved how the author linked science together with the aliens that are on Earth. Ms. Mooney has created one of the most interesting alien groups that I have seen in a long time. Her writing pulled me in and the scenes that she created all seemed plausible to me. I highly recommend this story for those who like Sci-Fi Romances. It is also why I have Joyfully Recommended Simolif.

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