Thursday, May 29, 2008

My Greatest Wish as a Writer

I get asked all the time what I would like to accomplish as a writer.

"What’s your ultimate goal?"

I’m easy to please. I would like to sell books. I want people to like what I write, and want to read more. I know my publishers would be happy.

But personally? It goes much, much deeper than that.

I want to walk into an airport and find someone reading one of my books while waiting for their flight. A total stranger.
Or go into a store and see someone at the register purchasing one of my books. I know I would burst into tears if I ever witnessed it.

However, my ultimate dream is to be invited to a meeting with a bunch of readers who want to discuss my books. Like a book club. People who want to pick my brain about my characters and plots. People who get as excited about my works as I do.
Sounds dumb, I know. Farfetched. Some people I know would even call it ridiculous.


I have no one to talk to about my work. No one willing to listen to me discuss what I’m working on.

It would seem that writing is a very lonely profession.


Jennifer Johnson said...

Hi Linda,
Do you not have a critique group? That's who I discuss my writing with. I love those gals. Or, if you want to try something on line, I'd be glad to be a bounce ideas around buddy with you. Or lament about characters, think up a plot twist, etc.

Linda Mooney said...

I had a few people I used to talk to. But a lot of my stories were too extreme for them, so I stopped talking about my work.

I live 2 hours from any good-sized city. Same for any RWA group.

I love small town life, but it does have it downside. LOL!