Friday, May 16, 2008

Sometimes You Just Have To Let Go

Does this happen to you, fellow author?

You write your story.
You edit your story.
You edit, edit, edit, edit, then send it to a critique partner, who finds more stuff to edit (like those pesky missing words.)
You put your story aside for a while, and concentrate on another story.
You go back to your first story, re-read, and re-edit.
You finally get up the nerve to submit the book.
Book is accepted, but now it’s time for the Editor to edit.
You are sent back your book for more edits (and by this time you’re totally sick of your story.)
Book comes back a final time for final line edits.
Book goes to press.
You get your finished copy... and, DADGUM! WHERE THE HELL DID THAT MISTAKE COME FROM? (misspelled word, missed word, wrong word – take your pick)

If you’re like me, you wish you could Go Back and Fix that mistake, but at some point you just have to let it go.

And pray a reviewer doesn’t catch it and mention it. (wink!)

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