Saturday, May 8, 2010

Comfort Food, Comfort Clothes, Comfort Read

I've noticed several blogs mentioning "comfort reads" - books they go back to time and time again just because they give the reader a nice, warm, fuzzy feeling at the end.

So I went to the readers on my email loop and asked them which of my books they felt were comfort reads.  (Normally, I don't ask such brazen questions, but curiosity was eating me up.)  Below are some of the responses:

Mel:  That for me would be Runners Moon #1. I can read that book over and over and I never get tired of it. I always leave it satisfied.

Jo:  For me, HeartFast is probably the one I like best and the one that draws me in the most.

Cris:  Sandeflay.  I'm on my tenth or eleventh reading of it.

Sherry:  Does "Castle's Keep" count as a book? or just a great story? Because it is a definite "comfort read" for me, with lots of warm fuzzies, and very easy to reread from time to time. Keep 'um coming. Thanks for all the warm (and Hot) fuzzies.

And for me personally?  It's my BATTLE LORD'S LADY saga, plus I have the advantage of having 2 sequels already finished, which I can wallow in after finishing the first book. 

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