Sunday, May 30, 2010

Book BooBoos

To continue what I remarked upon yesterday:

If you're an author, and you spot a very obvious (plot) error after your book's been released, what would you do?  What can you do, if anything?

Readers, do you just go on and forget about it?  Or do you notify the author/publisher?  Do you tell others about it?

Reviewers, do you comment about it in your review?


Diana Castilleja said...

Mine wasn't a plot issue, it was a misused word. Unfortunately, it wasn't caught and it's out there. Oh the shame! LOL (I plan on correcting it for the print addition. Maybe I'll do a contest to see who can find the change. ;) )

I did catch a couple of errors in another book before it hit any major sales, but it was on all the sites. I told my publisher about it. She thankfully (and with much adoration for the effort) changed the mistakes and reloaded it. (I think it was around 8-10 sites that had the book.)

If the mistake is detrimental, I would change it. If it's saying she ate breakfast at midnight intead of at eight... Even New York isn't perfect.

JMHO. ;)

Angelia Sparrow said...

I wish I knew. I have a couple of very good books that have real problems that neither my editor nor I caught until after they were out.

I will definitely correct them in print or reprint.

Linda Mooney said...

Considering it was a fellow teacher who discovered it (much to my embarrassment), and I've gotten no other comment about it, I'm going to assume (yeah, I know how THAT might pan out, LOL!) no one else has caught it. But you never know. And you're right, Diana. Even NY makes mistakes. :)