Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Mooney's Mailbox: Regarding WIPs

(Reposted in part with permission.)

Hello, Linda,
I was at your blog today and I noticed the names of some books over on the side where you have them listed with percentages. Are these new books? Where can I get them? Please let me know.

Dear Reader,

Many thanks for stopping by to check out my blog! Those percentages are my WIPs (works in progress). As you can see, I’m aiming for a 60,000 word count on each one, which is considered novel size to my intended publisher. (If you ever see anything smaller, more than likely it’s intended for an anthology.)

You see, publishers go by word count, not number of pages, since some authors single-space while others double-space. And the size of the font being used can also make a big difference. So publishers look for a "true word count". I like to write novels, and if I keep them around 60K in size, it increases my chances of going into print.

If you’re curious as to what each book is about, then I’ll let you in on a little secret. Click on the title. :D

Thanks again!


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