Thursday, July 10, 2008

From Texas Authors of Romance Fiction, Please Welcome Diana Castilleja (Diana DeRicci)

I am pleased to announced that I will be writing for a new publisher! I'll be writing some spicier works under the name of Diana DeRicci with Liquid Silver Books!

If you have enjoyed the emotion, suspense or the fantasy of my original writing but would like to venture on with somethinga little more grown up, please feel free to visit my new site!These works will be kept separate since the content is wellabove what most of my readers would normally expect. The stories themselves are still monogamous and homogeneous(try spelling THAT without errors!) but due to the heat and language of the story, it has been decided that the division would best suit the stories to avoid any confusion aboutindividual content.

I will still be writing under my name, Diana Castilleja, and have several releases in the works for 2009! I've been a busywoman!

I'm very happy to be branching into this new spectrum of writing and hope that you, my readers, enjoy it as muchas I did writing them.

Diana Castilleja / Diana DeRicci
Best Selling Author

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Diana Castilleja said...

Thank you for putting me up Linda!