Sunday, July 6, 2008

Mooney Does Movies: "Hancock"

I loved Hancock.

There. I got the most important stuff out of the way.

Have you noticed Will Smith loves the sci-fi genre? Good news for us sci-fi fans! Okay, given his past couple of outings in this genre haven’t been too successful (I, Robot and I Am Legend - but, hey, I dug Legend! And I have the book, plus the Price and Heston versions.) But this guy punched all my buttons when it came to this movie:

The super hero has human faults - check!
Humor and pathos - check!
Believable powers - check!
Neat special effects - check!
Tongue-lucious black suit - oooh, check!
Plausible origin of powers - check!
Ending I can live with - check! check!

The supporting cast is equally superb. Jason Bateman plays a PR man who takes on Hancock to try and improve the man’s beleaguered image. Charlize Theron plays Bateman’s wife who has a secret.

The first half of the movie deals with Hancock coming to grips with gaining a more positive image with society. But it’s the second half that has critics either howling or approving, and I’ll tell you why (without spoilers).

If you are a lover of romance, a romantic at heart, or if you believe in the power of love being able to right all wrongs, then this movie will find a special place in your heart.

My truest test of any movie is the simple question, "Is it a keeper?" In my humble opinion, Hancock is most definitely a keeper. (I can’t wait for its release on DVD, which I hope will contain a few extra goodies.)

One more thing - don’t leave the theaters right as the credits start to roll, or you’ll miss a neat tag scene.

My rating? Keepers always get a full moon.

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