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From Texas Authors of Romance Fiction, Please Welcome Carolyn Gregg

The Texas hill country gives Carolyn Gregg plenty of reason and space to concoct her wide range of erotic fiction. From contemporary to fantasy, her works can be labeled anywhere from sensuous to a heat factor of plus five.

Where does she get her ideas? "I never know when something will strike me out of the blue. I saw some vegetables at the grocery store the other day, and BOOM! Now I'm working on that one."

To see what she has out, or out soon, please visit her website at www.CarolynGregg.com or you can friend her at her My Space www.myspace.com/CarolynGregg

The Pearl of Passion
A scorching erotic fantasy
by Carolyn Gregg
from Red Rose Publishing
Heat Rating: explicit

Livvy Truitt is a self-confessed nympho. But she's also a woman savvy about the dangers of dating in this day and age. Which is why she gets her jollies as often as she can via her toys.When her current favorite suddenly conks out on her, and the local sex shop doesn't carry anything that interests her, she follows a friend's advice and orders a Pearl of Passion from a new and distinctly different shop online.She soon finds out her pretty little vibrator is more than unique. It's also possessed. And when the president of the company from where she bought it tries to get it back, Livvy comes to discover the true meaning of the words "satisfaction guaranteed".


It was Friday, and Fridays were always a reason to celebrate. But even better was the FedEx package Livvy saw propped against her front door when she walked up to her apartment. Now she could screw herself all night long if she wanted, and to hell with having to wake up to the alarm clock the next morning!
Once inside, she threw her purse and keys on the sofa and went over to the computer desk where she knew she kept a pair of scissors in the top drawer. She barely glanced at the A-Lad-In logo with its magic lamp in the return address area
Amid the bubble wrap lay a silk cocoon. No, it was a carry bag. "Oh, how cute!" she exclaimed as she lifted the pearl-colored bag from its nest. An envelope with her name on the outside was underneath the vibrator. Livvy picked it up and pulled out the slender sheet of vellum, thinking it was instructions or a packing receipt for her order. It was neither.
Dear Ms. Truitt,
Enclosed you will find your Pearl of Passion. We are sure you will find it exceeds your wildest dreams. The Pearl is also waterproof and guaranteed with its enclosed battery for one full year. However we ask that you do not place your Pearl in the microwave or oven. Or that you store the Pearl in the plastic manufacturer’s case.
If for any reason you are not satisfied, please contact us via email and we will try to rectify the situation to your ultimate satisfaction as soon as possible.
Thank you for your
patronage, and please come back again to A-Lad-In to try another of our superior products.
It was signed by a scratched signature she couldn’t read, but the byline underneath it read President, A-Lad-In Products.
A previous sentence drew her eyes back up the note. What did it mean "in the plastic manufacturer’s case" ? She glanced back at the silk-bagged object now nestled in her lap. Damn, but it almost felt as if the thing was starting to make itself at home! There was the slightest vibration, but Livvy passed it off as a figment of her imagination.
In fact, it was time to let her imagination take flight.

A hilarious, sassy contemporaryby Carolyn Gregg
Available Now from Red Rose Publishing
Erotic/ Contemporary, erotic humorous
ISBN: 978-1-60435-124-8
Price: $2.99

Test models? Are you ready for the fun to begin?
When Charlotte Skye was suddenly thrust into the position of CEO of a company that makes condoms, she discovered her late daddy’s company was about to declare bankruptcy. It fell on her shoulders to come up with some new and innovative products that would revitalize sales. All she needed were actual men to do the testing.
Guy Stenson desperately needed the money, and word was this unusual job paid top dollar. But to model and test condoms?
How hard could it be?

EXCERPT: (rated PG-13) (Warning: Content has been edited to PG13 status.)

The testing facilities were in the same building as the offices, instead of at the factory, which was fine with Guy. Being in the same proximity as the president of the company meant it was very likely they could bump into each other. Or, if he was really lucky, she might come to check out how things were going. He hoped his intuition that this woman wanted to personally keep her finger on the pulse of every detail proved true.When he had gotten back to the apartment last night, Guy had checked the internet to read up about Skye Blue Condoms. Now he had a better grasp on what was going on. The business was sinking fast on the stock market, which could only mean it was heading for bankruptcy. No doubt Miss Charlotte was determined to keep her father’s company from going under. And apparently she was hoping to introduce some new lines that would prevent that from happening.As soon as he exited onto the sixth floor, the woman behind the counter greeted him and asked for his name. She slapped the requisite IRS tax form in front of him and handed him a pen. Less than a minute later, a young man dressed in a lab coat came to take him back to a small room. It was one of many rooms lining both sides of the hallway. Inside was a sink and counter, and a padded examination table. A small cabinet sat on the wall above the sink, but otherwise the room was bare. The orderly indicated a manila folder sitting on the counter. "Just follow these directions. When you’re finished, you’re free to leave. Just be sure to leave the folder here.""I don’t have to punch a time clock or anything?" Guy asked."The receptionist keeps track of your time in and out. If you have any questions or concerns, and need an actual person to assist you, you can punch the button on the wall, and someone will respond."Need an actual person to assist him? How assist? How much help does a fella need to put on a condom?
Amused, Guy nodded, and the orderly left. As soon as the door was closed, he went over to the folder that had his name neatly typed on the tab. There were two sheets of paper inside: one contained a list of instructions, the other was for his responses. Direction number one answered his first question before he could utter it.The product you will be testing is located in the cabinet above the sink. There are also some aides in the cabinet if you need help preparing yourself."What the...?"
There was a small cardboard box in the cabinet. Next to it was a package of moistened towelettes. There was also a small pile of magazines sitting on the next shelf. Guy pulled one out to glance at the header. Hardcore mags. Well, they could remain in the cabinet for all he cared. He had something better that would get him hard, and in no time flat.In fact, he was already at half-staff as it was. He opened the box to see what was inside.
Fruit flavored condoms.Guy stared at the red packet lying in his palm. Not for actual use as a prophylactic."Not for...what the hell." What was he supposed to test it for? Leakage or taste?A soft knock at the door interrupted his train of thought. It was a good thing he hadn’t dropped his pants yet.
"Come in."Glancing back at the little plastic square in his hand, he looked up to see a familiar figure slip inside and shut the door behind her. Then lock it. At first he didn’t know if he needed to ask her to leave, or if there was a good reason for the president of the company for being there. Either way, just the sight of her, and the whiff of whatever cologne she was wearing, was enough to send him from half-mast to full, rigid attention. Dammit, she was like a magnet, and he was more than ready to attach himself to her.
"Good evening, Guy.""Hello." He started to ask her why she was there, then decided it wasn’t important. It was her company. He would play the new employee role and see how far it got him. And pray she was coming up to bat, and looking for a four-run homer.Guy waggled the condom at her. "Fruit flavored?"Charlotte sat down on the examination table. "We looking into a line of fun items. Play toys that aren’t actual condoms, but which imitate them.""Yeah. I read the warning that it wasn’t meant for actual use. So what’s the purpose of them?"
"Did you read your directions?""No. You came in before I had the chance to," he told her, giving her a tentative smile.
She smiled back, disarming dimples and all, but didn’t remark further. Guy snorted and picked up the paper.
You will be testing the product for fit and comfort. Also for taste."For taste?" He almost laughed. A second glance into the box revealed a whole rainbow of colors: pink, red, green, yellow, gold, and brown. Lifting one of the brown packets, he wagged it at Charlotte. "Dare I even ask what flavor this is?"

Winter’s Fyre
An erotic Christmas fantasy
by Carolyn Gregg
Available from Red Rose Publishing
Heat rating: explicit
ISBN # - 978-1-60435-046-3

Shelby Fyre owns Fyreside Inn. It's a respectable bed and breakfast, except for one thing. There's a strange man appearing in her shower, in her kitchen, and in her bedroom.
The only problem is...Shelby lives alone.

Excerpt: (Warning - PG13 content)

"Can you give me a description again of the guy, in case I might see him around?" The man pulled a small spiral notebook out of his jacket pocket.
"Umm, young. In his late twenties or early thirties. Dark hair. Blue eyes. About your height."
"What was he wearing?"
The deputy’s eyes grew larger. "Pardon? Nothing?"
"Not a thing. He was bare as the day he was born," she told him.
"Can I ask what he was doing in your bedroom, uhh, naked?"
The vision of the stranger bringing himself to the point of ecstasy threw a hot rush of embarrassment into her face. "I-I-I guess he was getting ready for bed, and he happens to like sleeping in the buff. Hell, I don’t know, Dennis. I saw a naked man and bolted." She gave a nervous giggle. "I didn’t stop to ask him who he was or where he came from."
"That’s all right. Look, I’ll put the word out and we’ll be sure to keep our eyes open for this guy. Unless he kept a change of clothes nearby, he may be out there in the snow freezing his balls off. Either that, or he’s sought shelter elsewhere because he sure isn’t in this house anymore." The deputy gave her a friendly pat on the shoulder and looked her in the eye. "If this guy shows up again, don’t hesitate to call us back. Got that?"
"Sure," Shelby answered as the deputy went over to where the receiver was still off the hook. He spoke a few words into the phone before hanging it up.
"Well, I’ll go file a report. Have a Merry Christmas, Shelby."
"Thanks, Dennis. You, too. Tell Vicky ‘hi’ for me."
"I will."
She watched him traipse through the snow and get back into his car. It wasn’t until a blast of cold air came through the door that Shelby closed and locked it. Immediately her eyes slid back to the hallway. She needed to change into something warmer, plus get some socks over her frozen toes. But that meant going back into her bedroom where that guy had—
Ohmygosh! He did!
Her legs were already taking her back to the bedroom before she was aware of her actions. Her daddy had always claimed that a good defense was a good offense. And, hell, she wasn’t about to be frightened out of her home by some pervert!
The room was empty, as she half-expected it to be. Stopping beside the foot of her bed, Shelby glared at the walls around her. "Hey, you! You bastard. Show yourself, you prick! What in hell were you doing in my bedroom?" She waited, listening. Believing she was as prepared as she hoped.
"Guess you’re too chicken to face me again, huh? Now that I’ve seen your dinky dick and what you have to do to get any action!" she taunted, and paused again.
Still nothing.
"Okay, Shelby. You gave it the old college try. Maybe you just imagined the guy in here. Maybe that’s why he vanished when he tried to touch you." Talking aloud had always helped her get her thoughts in order. This time it was helping to chase away the last of the tremors.
Mentally squaring her shoulders, she turned to go into the bathroom when a figure loomed in the doorway. Still naked except for the fluffy blue towel draped around his middle and an angry glare on his face.
Shelby gave another little shriek, threw a hand over her mouth, and literally fell back onto the bed in shock.
"I’ll ignore that dinky dick remark if you’ll tell me what the fuck you’re doing in my bedroom," the man demanded.
The comment rankled. Immediately Shelby retaliated before she had a chance to think. "Your bedroom? Since when?"
"Since I bought the place!" he raged.
He hadn’t made another move toward her, but it irritated her to see him dripping water all over her hardwood floor. On top of that, his towel was slowly heading south. Shelby tried to ignore it. "What do you mean, you bought it?" She let out a nervous albeit angry giggle when he had to grab the towel to stop its descent. "This inn has been in my family for nearly thirty years, buster! And I’m not about to sell it!"
The man looked confused. Good for him. "Then explain to me how I was able to purchase it a month ago and move in. And why are you—" His words suddenly stopped, and that paleness creep back into his face. "Oh, shit."
"What?" She watched as he glanced around, then turned to look behind him. Since he didn’t seem to mind the puddle of water gathering at his feet, Shelby was of half a mind to jerk that towel right off of him, and bend down between his legs and...mop it up.
Nice going, her little devil praised her with a shit-eating grin. Let him. Now that her initial fear was over, she was getting to appreciate the sight of those bumpy abs and wide pecs. Not to mention the bulge starting to show in the center of the towel. The blue towel.
Blue towel? Wait minute. She didn’t have blue towels like that one. Not any solids ones, anyway.
She started to mention the fact when he stopped examining the room, and his eyes bored directly into hers. "What day is this?"
"Day? Christmas Eve. Why?"
"What’s your name?" he almost growled, and the sound sent a little shiver through her as well as pricked her anger.
"My name is Shelby Fyre. This is the Fyreside Inn. And you, Mr. Jerk Off, are trespassing!"
She started to stomp out of the bedroom and head back to the telephone when the man made a move to stop her. She threw up her arms to ward him off—
—and he was gone. Again. Just like that.

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