Friday, June 27, 2008

Some Things Just Don't Add Up

If you've watched television in the past couple of months, you've probably seen the commercial. Several older women, many with noticeable gray hair, are standing around wearing nothing but a towel.
It's a commercial for a drug product for women who have gone through menopause, that's supposed to help them fight osteoporosis (bone loss) and breast cancer.
The part I don't understand is when the announcer then rattles off the side-effects and warnings to those people thinking of taking the drug. The first of these is not for women who are pregnant, or who are thinking of becoming pregnant.
MENOPAUSE means the woman's body no longer has a mensus. She no longer produces eggs. In other words, she's past being able to become pregnant.
To me, the commercial is doing fine until it gets to that part, and then I become totally bumfuzzled.
If it's for women who've gone through menopause...
Ack! Forget it.

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