Monday, June 30, 2008

Goodie Bags - Yay or Nay?

Book signings and conventions—prime places places for authors to advertise themselves and hopefully sell a few books.

Many authors give out freebies, mostly bookmarks and pens and such. Some go a more expensive route and fix up goodie bags. On the small end of give-aways, these bags can contain myriad items: bookmarks or thongs, candy, stuffed animals, notebooks, pens, miniature flashlights, postcards, and even discount coupons. The possibilities are endless. And everyone who wants one can have one.

But are they worth the time, effort, and $$?

There’s been a lot of comments made about goodie bags on several email loops I subscribe to. Bottom line—are these freebies more likely to make a reader buy your book? Are you able to recoup the money you spent on them?

What’s your take on them?

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Diana Castilleja said...

I don't think the money will be recouped, but it's marketing and marketing is expensive. I like doing the bags, and I hope eventually they will pay for themselves with bringing new readers but right now, I'm realistic.