Tuesday, June 24, 2008

"An ATM for Books" - POD of the Future?

On my recent trip to Chicago, I passed by countless little bookstores cum newstands in the airport. You know the kind, where you can grab something to keep you occupied during your flight. Or, more likely, during your long wait at the gate.

Of course, they're nice to browse. But they all have the same thing wrong with them. They all carry the same stuff. The same 100 books, and most of them in hardback.

(Excuse me? HARDBACKS? For the airline passenger to schlup around after she finishes with it, in the event she wants to keep it? Or has to worry about how much weight's in her suitcase? Never mind. That's a whole 'nother blog.)

Anyway, I had commented to my friend Denise that the TTWWADIs (pronounced tuh-WAH-dees, and meaning "That's The Way We've Always Done It") needed a major industry overhaul. In short, people needed a source at Every Airport where they could browse a catalog like Fictionwise or ARe, pay for the download, and upload it to their e-readers or laptop.

Or, in the case here, be able to browse a bookstore or catalog for an ebook, and have it converted into a paperback While U Wait.

I kid you not, the Expresso Book Machine has come about, and does just that!

Rather than me explaining it all to you, go check out these websites. In the meantime, I'm going to see if they're already listed on the NYSE.




Diana Castilleja said...

I've heard of these. The only draw back I see in them is the investment factor for the machine.

I know one of the bookstore chains was looking into adding them at stores, but I can't remember the details.

Should be interesting to see how this comes about. Especially if they do put them in at airports and the like. How well they'll be received, that kind of thing.

Linda Mooney said...

Actually, from what I can gather, it may go either way re: investment. I think the company is either looking for backing so THEY can put the machines in various locales, or opening it up to a franchise sort of business.

Either way, it would certainly open up a whole new world for readers, don'cha think? :D

Unknown said...

Thanks for posting this. I had heard someone talking about it at a writer's meeting, but to see it in action was unbelievable. Very cool.

Anonymous said...

If this is truly as economical as they say think of the impact it can truly have for we readers!!!!

They can put them in Wal Marts,etc. and grocers and instead of trying to find our faves in used stores we can get them wherever we want.

I don't think it will replace our e-books in any way,but since most of us can't afford a good portable reader books are still our best bet.

Lee Plumb said...

Wonderful!! I love technology.

Anonymous said...

Hi Linda,

Most interesting! Love the idea and hope it opens new worlds for readers and writers alike.

Recently ran into another option that I thought interesting. Haven't found out their commission rate but here's a link that might interest you....


Thanks for the insightful post.