Sunday, June 24, 2012

Six on Sunday - X-TROLLER

Six paragraphs from X-TROLLER, an erotic sci-fi, futuristic, time travel, post-apocalyptic romance novel.
Now available from Whiskey Creek Press Torrid!
Also available at Amazon and All Romance eBooks.
* * *
1. Straightening up, she locked onto Eli’s face and stared at him eye-to-eye. “I’m from here, but from the future. The near future. Your future. And trust me, boys, if we don’t manage to stop these things now, you won’t live long enough to see it.”

2. Stepping away from the brick wall, Eli swung behind Dwan and aimed his weapon overhead to provide back-up. At the last split-second he saw the supposedly dead creature lying inches away reach up with a razored claw. In that particle of time, he knew that if he tried to fire at the mutant or at its claw, he could either miss or not stop it in time. Without thinking, Eli dropped his gun and grabbed the slimy, cold arm as its claw connected with the back of Dwan’s calf. Lifting his knee, he slammed the appendage over his thigh, breaking the claw into two pieces. Separated, the sickle-shaped claw stopped short of cleaving into her muscle. Eli threw down the broken leg in disgust and wiped the mucilage from his hands onto the backs of his jeans.

3. He watched as she mulled over his offer. Strangely, he found himself hoping she would accept. No, scratch that. He was sending her little mental vibes in a nonsensical attempt to persuade her via telepathy. For some reason he couldn’t quite understand, he needed her to stay with him tonight. Stay within seeing distance. Within breathing distance. Close enough to perhaps touch.

4. A few strands of hair were plastered to his glistening forehead. They splayed upward, feathering over and almost into his eyes. Dwan reached out to brush them away when Eli grabbed her by the wrist. The glitter in his eyes became a smoldering look. Before either of them could understand what was happening, she felt his thumb caress the skin above her pulse. Down, over the vein, then up into the palm. Slowly, provocatively, it tickled as it sent intense currents through her bloodstream and straight between her legs. She took a shaky breath, and his other arm pressed against her back and shoulders, trapping her. His eyes remained locked on hers, his gaze burning into hers.

5. He felt like he was being torn apart, and there wasn’t a damn thing he could do about it. Or do to prevent it. There was pain now, but there would be more pain to be felt in the future. If the pain he was suffering today because of what that creature had done to his arm wasn’t enough to cause him misery, knowing Dwan would have to leave him would be the final blow. He had been fighting his feelings ever since last night, but no amount of denial would negate the fact that he was falling in love with the warrior woman who worked so seamlessly beside him.

6. “I got less than two months to find the answer, Dwan.” He stopped and turned to stare at her. At her lovely face with tousled hair that fell onto her shoulders in a thick tangle and down around her perfect breasts. Suddenly his throat closed up on him again, along with a prickling warmth that rose into his face, into his eyes, and a tickling sensation that drifted into his nose. “And I’m losing you today,” he barely managed to whisper. “God knows how I’m going to survive that. But while you’re still here, we have to find the answer, or else we’re going to lose everything. Dammit, Dwan! I’m not going to my nonexistent grave without a fight! I’m not—” His voice gave out, leaving him unable to finish. A tear rolled onto his cheek. He clenched his teeth as he fought the desire to let it all out. Dwan flicked away the single teardrop with her thumb and leaned in close enough to kiss him.

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